Ming Dynasty, a book, a temple, a mini hunter, and accidentally happened this kind of thing.

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Ming Dynasty, a book, a temple, a mini hunter, and accidentally happened this kind of thing.

2021-12-05 12:05:43 28 ℃

Speaking of dogs, I believe we will not feel strange, as man's best friend, in our daily lives often see. But also plays a lot of important useful to human action, just work with dogs will be divided into drug detector dogs, sled dogs, guide dogs and hound, and so on. A story about a hound is described in the "Strange Tales" Today we are among the main speakers.

Shanxi boundary there is a guard nave, the nave Wei was born in a large local. His substance is very large, it can be said that if fame if he did not test, then we should inherit the family home of the family property million consistent. Wei nave not want to be ridden home chores, determined to leave the family and moved to a temple inside to survive. Born son of a family facing the Methodist hall inside the temple bugs, mosquitoes, fleas or something simply can not stand, let alone sleep peacefully. So, every morning, every hall guard wore a black eye in the room reading. Nevertheless, health nave still not moved back home to live plans. In this way, Wei hall inside the temple lived for three months in a row, the body actually becomes more robust, and can be considered a blessing in disguise it.

That day at noon, Wei face as usual hall of the monks eat something special for the version of the meal for him to do, to pay more a piece of shallot onions leaves only twenty-three tofu plus millet gruel. At the beginning he was not stand this kind of food, then waving a piece of paper and wrote Meng Zhang Baixuan old man's "labor of their bones their body skin hunger", posted in the room, and then his eyes looking at the side of eight characters eat spit side, after three months today he has been able to enjoy the taste of them. After eating Zhaifan, health nave stroll back to the room for a nap in the temple, he was in bed, eyes closed face of time, has been rustling sound caught his attention.

He looked outside and saw a little warrior, his head stuck in the chicken tail hair, stands about two inches long, he rode a grasshopper the size of horses, arms strapped falcon flies above size. Pull high gas expensive walked into his room. Then start going around in circles in the room stop and go back and forth for several laps, being fascinated when Wei hall to see, suddenly came a man, dressed exactly the same, and before the people. His waist wearing a small bow, holding the hands of an ant-sized hound, after a while, walking, riding, sparse to hundreds of individuals. They all strapped eagle on his arm, holding hands inside all dogs. As long as there are mosquitoes fly over, these people will hawk to attack, leaving no one to live. Those Beagle then jump on the bed, the walls inside specially for fleas and other bugs to eat, even if it is hidden in the nook and corner of the bedding and bed bugs fleas did not let go.

Wei nave pretending asleep, squinting steal it seems, saw the eagle and the dog on him prowling. At this time a man dressed in yellow, the crown of his head a flat day, a look that is king of the people on the other bed, small flea fly people put into what's dedicated to him. Later, Huang Yiren a car on the left, little people hurried behind him and leave together. David got to see the nave, found a beagle in the corner, then grabbed keep around. This puppy does not eat rice and other foods, eating special catch flies fleas, Wei hall it was very popular. Later a nap when the Beagle secretly climbed his body, Wei nave sleep a stand that where there is something wrong, look to the next body, the Beagle has been crushed. Never to live mosquitoes on the wall.

Beagle loyal to catch mosquitoes guard hall to catch insects, but because the results are too close near the guard nave was crushed to death, can be said to be a very sad thing. This story tells us, relatively petite stature raising animals when we must be in a cage, if asleep will run into a stand, and then crushed to death in a do not pay attention to the cry cry no place to go. What about the writing of Mr. Ghost Story "Strange" inside story on the Beagle recorded on a first come here, see you next.