A battle affecting the financial system of China's two thousand years

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A battle affecting the financial system of China's two thousand years

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In June 2nd (133 BC), Hanwu Emperor Yuan Guang (133 BC), a battle that happened in Ma Yun (now Shanxi), decided to go to China in the next two thousand years.

One party in this battle is the army of the Han Dynasty. The main planner is an official name called Wang Ru, and the other is the Millennium of the Huns. Compared with the end of the Han Hung, the battle of Ma Yun is very smooth, and the two sides do not even have substantial contact, but it has become the first piece of Domino brand, which has caused one. The field affects the big changes in China's finance.

This battle thoroughly destroyed the trust of Hun, and the two sides fell into the endless war. The war has destroyed the health of Han and the early health, forcing Wu Emperor to establish a special financial system. This new system has been delayed for two thousand years until today, it still affects our lives.

The cause of this battle and the following.

In 202 BC, after the end of the end of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang took out, ending the Split of the Central Plains and established the Han Empire.

After Liu Bang unified in the Central Plains, then the Huns had a war. Who knows that the emperor of the Tai Han is, but the grassland tyrants, Liu Bang is surrounded by the Xiongnu group in Bai Dendama (near the Datong, Shanxi), almost caught a captive. Since then, the emperors of the Han Dynasty have maintained peaceful gestures, and they will use and relatives to pick up the Huns to avoid war. The woman is not a real princess, but looking for a girl from Liu's family, and the Emperor recognizes the daughter and marry the Huns.

However, the above policies have arrived in the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, which has aroused more and more arguments. With the increase in economic strength of the Han Dynasty, "Yes and Wars" has become a fierce discussion between Junchen.

In the first year of Yuanguang (134 BC), the Millennium of the Huns did once again asked and relatives again, and Emperor believes that this is a time to change the policy, so they call the group of ministers. The two poles of the debate are represented by two people. The party is the first side of the Han An Guo, the party of the main battle is the big battle.

Wang Qi's origin is Yan Land, that is, now in Beijing, Hebei, bordered with the barbarian. He also serves as a strong military action for the southern Fujian, and is a firm main battle. He believes that the Huns are still happy, and they often have to abandon their words, making new troubles, so it is better to refuse and pro, ready to fight. And the Han Dafu, the Han An Guo, believes that the land of the Xiongnu is too poor and vast, if you want to fight, you need to spend a lot, even if you win, there is not much benefit, you don't have to continue and pro-policy.

The Han Dynasty implemented the central bureaucratic system of Sangong Jiqing, Yu Shi Dafu is one of the three mons. It has the power of the official, and is one of the most voice officials of the court. And the big array (earliest known to the class " The transaction is directly related to the area where he is responsible.

One is three cents, one is a direct tube official, and the words of the two are inconsistent, and it is not difficult to see the difference between the imperial court to the Huns' attitude toward the court.

This time, the opinions of the Han An State of Yu Shi, accounted for the wind, and the martial arts promised and the Xiongnu and pro. Han and Huns have maintained a year.

In the spring of the second year, a life in the horse, called the rich, seeing the big row. He believes that the Xiongnu has just fallen with pro, which is reduced to the Han Dynasty. At this time, it is the best time to attack the Huns.

Nie Yu's words were unable to match the views of Wang Hui. He took the opinions of Nie Wei, so the court has launched a discussion. The Emperor Wu first set up the discussion of this time. He said that the court not only has a large number of gifts, but also gives them a lot of gifts, but the Xiongnu attitude is arrogant, repeatedly crisps, some people recommend using the force to learn from them, please discuss availability.

The main arguments are still carried out between the His Han An Guo and the Daliang. The two sides of the lip guns, you come to me, "Han Shu" lists the three rounds of the two sides arguing until Wang Hui fourth, the emperor is decided to use force.

According to Nie Yu's plan, he secretly escaped to the Xiongnu minister, after the trust, to the suggestion: He has the head of the horses, put the Xiongnu into the city, capture the city.

If you believe in Nie Wei, put him back to Ma. Nie Yu cut down the head of a dead row. In addition to the city, the Month of the Xiongnu thought that this is the head of Ma Wei, and go back to march. Leading 100,000 cavalry to Ma Yong

At the same time, the Han Dynasty dispatched 300,000 Han Dynasties ("Historical Record" record is more than 20 million), and appointed the guard Li Guang to the generals, Taipu Gongshun He is a light car general, the big line is aunt The generals, Taichhong Dafu, Li Yisi for the generals, these four generals, by the Hanano Guo (He was appointed the army of the army).

The Hanjun people ambushed in the valley around the horse, once they were alheng, Li Guang and others hit the weight, and the rest of the horses were fighting with their large teams.

If the military action is successful, the 100,000 cavalry of the Huns can cause a fatal blow to the Huns to compete with the Han Dynasty.

However, the progress of military actions is not smooth.

The Huns licked in the process of entering the army and found bad signs.

First of all, the Huns attacked Macques without long-term occupation, but the landlord. On the way to the road, there is still Shangli, the Huns has begun to grab. They found that although there are many cattle and sheep on the road to rob, they did not even encounter a shepherd. At this time they just passed a beacher, ordered to occupy this kind of bonce. At this point, there is a small official in Wuzhou just on this beache, he was seized by the Huns, which provided the Han army's plan. Single or retreating in the call. The ambushed Han army got the news of the Huns retreat, and quickly chased it up, but because the distance is far away, did not catch up, only to evacuate.

The only chance to contact the enemy is the troops of the big way. He led 30,000 horses responsible to intercepting the Huns. Just when he led the army to kill the enemy's heavy troops, it got news: the main force of the Huns has retired, and it is necessary to meet with the heavy force. After three considerations, he believed that 30,000 people were unable to compete with the Huns' main force, so he raided the army.

This battle is the end of the Returning of the Huns and the Unresses of the Han army. Due to the use of a 300,000 army, a large amount of grain, the Han Dynasty is anger, and it is necessary to punish the Wang Rong, who is firmly defended. He determined that Wang Qi was retired. Unlike other generals, Wang Quan can catch up with and attack enemies, but he chose to retreat. In the military law, he retreated as a sin of the dagger.

Wang Fu defuls that his horse is too small, it is impossible to compete with the Huns' main struggle. His retreat is the 30,000 people of the Han army. However, in the dark, he served as the prime minister, and he hoped that Tian Wei said that he said. Tian Hao himself did not dare to see the emperor, and then find the Emperor to talk: Anti-Hun's is the most determined person is Wang Rong, and he is equal to the sorrow of the army.

However, Wu Emperor did not move, insisted that Wang Hui's nematic retreat made the Han army lost the win. For face consideration, the Han army urgently needs a victory, even if it is only a small win, it is much better than anything.

The whole incident ended in the killing. The macada ended.

Since the battle process is free, and because of the missing time, no killing of the enemy, why did this battle is a turning point in Chinese history?

The reason is that this campaign marks the thorough deterioration of the Han Empire and the Huns. Since then, the Xiongnu never believes that the Han Dynasty, does not expect peace, and the two sides have made a fierce battle, even if they want to stop.

These evil battles have to be lost for both the Hannie. The Huns have little population, the war is consumed, and it has also been split in the interior. It is finally in the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty; and the impact of the war gives a large number of Han Emperors, it is the imperial finance collapse. In order to cope with the financial crisis brought by the war, Han Wudi had to abandon the loose financial tax system in Han and other financial resources. As a result, a special set of national monopoly, the national intervention economy was established, and this financial system continued for two thousand years until today still exists.

A small battle has changed the Hannamu relations, which in turn changed the financial structure of the empire and affected China's two thousand years of economic development. So far, we are still under the influence of the results of the battle.