A generation of Xiongao Cao Cao has a special hobby, so that the woman is suffering, and many people are now like!

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A generation of Xiongao Cao Cao has a special hobby, so that the woman is suffering, and many people are now like!

2022-01-11 12:09:41 23 ℃

Friends who like history know that the most controversial people in the history of these three countries have been with Cao Cao. History has always been negative for his evaluation for a long time, and his image in the drama has always been treated with white face. The face showing; but with the development of the times, people now have many 中 中 的 评 的, although now, there are many positive comments, but this negative sound is still a lot. However, seeking truth from facts, Cao Cao is able to take the lead in completing the unity of the North when he is deputable, and it is true that he is very capable.

Since it is a character, there must be its own character. As Cao Cao is also very distinctive characteristics and personality, it seems very contradictory but truly on his body. For example, he is a long-term number of heroes, such as the rigor of the world. Under the conditions, it can be implemented, which solves the food's food and reduces the burden of the people. For example, he is wide to treat people. At that time, Jia Yu helped Zhang embroidered to play Cao Jun wolf, and after defeating Zhang Six, Cao Cao did not I killed him at a moment, but left him in his own committee to hee.

But he also has a lot of shortcomings, such as his biggest shortcoming is a good color, and the color is better than a lot of taste, so that the women who pay attention to the name at that time are unheastered.

When he said that he is a hero, there is no big name, and there is no big deal. If you don't know how many beautiful people think about him, he doesn't look at it. In, because of his strange hobby, it is like collecting stamps, accounting for those of those prisoners or widows. Here, two more famous examples will know.

Let's talk about the story of him and Guan Yu. When Liu Bei listens to Lu Bu in Xuzhou, the result made this guy to occupy a well-old site. At this time, Liu Bei went and Cao Cao watched Lu Bu. Just when the city pool is about to break, Guan Yu puts forward a request to Cao Cao, which is that there is a war of Qin Yulu, which is called Qin Yulu, has already ran forward, and there is a beautiful man in the family. Guan Yu wants Cao Cao to give him this beauty. This two armies are in the use of people. Cao Cao is not hesitant to promise the small request of Guan Yu. But after the city broke him, he went to see how this person can attract it. The result is that it seems that there is beautiful, he will not give Guan Yu, and immediately accept this woman. Resultant.

There is also a time because of grabing a woman Cao Cao can be almost lost, there is a Zhang embroidered that he has surrendered him, but he heard that the woman of people is very flavor, forced to account for this woman, and the result The result is actually an anti-water, let Cao Cao have a little longer, and it is almost lost, but this war makes himself one of the best two major bodyguards to die, but also tied to a son. The life. In addition, he was still a daughter-in-law of people when he was fighting with Yuan Shao. I didn't expect this time his son Cao Yu came to be strong. This time, his Cao people can't grab it with my son. He had to admit it.

In fact, if he wants to take a woman, there will be many women, but he wants to play a woman who plays someone else playing, this time, the woman who has already had chase at the time. It is a bitterness, but this has also become the topic of modern a wife and wife control.