Chairman Mao, a big poem, the whole article only two sentences, inspiring countless future generations

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Chairman Mao, a big poem, the whole article only two sentences, inspiring countless future generations

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During Chairman Mao Hunan Changsha school, he wrote the famous "Qin Yuan Chun Changsha", the end of the sentence: "? Does anyone remember the stream water, the waves stop Feizhou"

Fifties, "Chairman Mao's poems nineteen" was published, Chairman Mao had personally "splashing into the water," the word as a note in the poem, and referred to the school when the youth, who wrote a poem, and later only I remember two "residual sentence."

This is the "confidence Qigu · Life": self-confident life two hundred years, you would be splashing into the water three miles. This poem continues the consistent features of Chairman Mao's poems all, written soaring, swallowing air miles.

Verse also contains the story Kunpeng "Happy Excursion" in the "Happy Excursion," which said: "Peng Ming of the believers in the South also, water hammer three thousand miles, Tuan soared ninety miles."

This "Peng" is the "Kun" illusion made, Li Bai wrote in the "Qigu · Li Yong," he: "The Dapeng with the wind, moved nine miles." Here the "Roc", is "Escape" in the "Roc."

Poet by "Roc" splashing into the water three thousand, and then soared to express the author for their own future will be crowned "extraordinary achievement" of self-confidence. But why say "confident life two hundred years it"?

Confident life two hundred years, it would be splashing into the water three miles

Modern science tells us that normal life is the very period of about 150 years old. But because of disease, the number of a person's life is usually but a hundred years.

But the era of Chairman Mao in which a teenager, there was a man named Weiqiao Qigong masters and philosophers, in his book "towards the abolition food" theory holds that people can live two hundred years.

Self-confidence is a prerequisite for successful people, whenever a person wants to be successful in one area, we will have to do their own thing, and future achievements made possible to produce a sense of confidence.

When Liu Bang had not fortune, to see the Terracotta parade, said:. "A real man when the case" Emperor Xiang Yu saw the guards of honor when it bluntly: "He can be replaced."

No self-confidence, they will not have ambitions, no later compete in the world. Later, Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu, established the Han dynasty. To the prosperity of the Han Dynasty, who would say that his little credit for it?

However, in the Bamboo Grove Ruan says this: "no hero, tension, Shuzi fame." Ruan mean, Liu claim to fame, but because of the mountains tiger, monkey, said King Bale.

Sixties, when Chairman Mao gives the letter, he referred to this problem. Chairman Mao said, Mr. Lu also said the same thing in those days. For ideas giant historical figures, always have their own point of view, I will not parrot.

Because self-confidence, dare to make their voices heard. So Chairman Mao boyhood, will write the sentence "confident life two hundred years" as.

But at the same time Chairman Mao said, he was not always so confident. Sometimes, Chairman Mao is not confident, he will doubt yourself.

So after Han Li Gu often recite the "known, in fact, hard to associate", to remind ourselves that man must have self-knowledge. Chairman Mao said he had some tiger gas man, but there are also some monkey air. But the gas main tiger, monkey, supplemented by gas.

Tiger is the king of the mountains, because of the tiger gas, there will be a talent competitiveness in the troubled times of determination and will. Monkey is the mountain spirit, Chairman Mao said that they have monkeys gas, which is modest to say their success has a certain element of luck.

Monkey but if not, it takes luck, and there is absolutely no chance with the king's throne. People in mature years, before a mission, may wish to bold some of the wild. A little more aggressive motivation, believe that their own strength.

Wait until one day fame, or has made some achievements, do not be complacent. More should do some soul, to review at any time. So Chairman Mao said he often wrote to a friend, referred to "people come singly."

All things are constantly in contradiction of moving forward. All things, quite the contrary. We say that a person has a good self-confidence, self-confidence is not bad. But sometimes too confident, it will become bad.

So where Chairman Mao also proposed a view worthy of attention: a person's self-confidence must be based on "self-aware" basis. Know your strengths and strength, knowing the amount of pounds, it will not become "blind confidence."

For example, a person empty say that they have confidence in the next two to three decades, has become a richest man, but he did not focus on relevant information, not to start a company. You do think about your eyes closed, you can become the richest man?

1916, when a teenager studying in Changsha, Hunan, Chairman Mao issued ambition, wrote "confident life two hundred years," has for the future transformation of China, put forward the "spirit of civilization and barbarism of its physique" point of view.

Or at the time of Chairman Mao has calculated that two hundred years of history left to their own contributions of time, is a completely adequate. As long as every effort, exhausted time in this life, one day be able to achieve "splashing into the water three thousand," the Kunpeng ambition.

These two residues of Chairman Mao poetry as "Qigu" was first used in 1992, "Chairman Mao thought the book" in the officially published. In fact, there are a lot of poetry in the classic famous, they are in the form of "residual clause" to be preserved.

Among them, the "Near Water Tower First Since the Spring Festival" in the Song Dynasty. Just but Su Lin's "residual sentence", it was originally written two sentences, no complete poem. Meng Yu's "residual sentence" was originally complete, and later he left two sentences, he was passed by Lushan Launi to the young Su Shi. After Su Shi grew up, I took these two residual sentences to fill the words, and I became the "Dongxian Songs, Ice Miduce, I saw now."

The "Seven Ancient · Self-confident Life" written by Chairman Mao, which is also a complete poem. But later because of the time, other sentences were forgotten, leaving only these two sentences.

However, Chairman Mao did not have a complete poem like Su Shi, which is probably determined by the characteristics of poetry creation.

Writing poetry is emotional, once the transit is moved, it feels wrong, then it doesn't mean if it is barely write. The Tang Dynasty Jia Island has a "post-question poem", talking about poetry creation, poems say: "Three years have two sentences, a tear stream."

It can be seen that poetry is very written, and the famous sentence is rare. If you want to write a two sentences to perseverely hit the people's heart, how is it, how is it? Therefore, Chairman Mao's "Seven Ancient Confident Life", although "residual sentence", but has been widely loved, it is not difficult to understand.


Chairman Mao's poems, always with a high spirit, very encouraging. We can see that in his "Seven Ancient · Self-confident Life", it seems to describe a history of tide, fighting in the stream, and go forward.

In the world of poetry, Chairman Mao is youth forever. He and him wrote these handed down the names will always incentive, and the generation of Chinese youth, who is struggling.