After taking success, why is it not a Guanyin to send Tang Yan to Dongtun Tang, is it because I am busy?

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After taking success, why is it not a Guanyin to send Tang Yan to Dongtun Tang, is it because I am busy?

2022-01-11 12:09:54 35 ℃

(Snail look at West Journey 6024)

Text / snail

The only project participating in Tang Yan reincarnation is to take the scriptures in Xi Tian. The person in charge of the project is Guanyin. She complies with the purpose, responsible for arranging the personnel, then set the weight card in the middle, and finally help the golden scorpion into a Buddha, in order to Prevent the middle of the chain, Guanyin also personally started from Lingshan to the Eastern Tang Dynasty pointed Tang Yan, but after taking success, the person who escorted Tang Yan suddenly became eight gold.

Does Guanyin are in the top of the project?

There should be no one more in the three worlds, and she started from Lingsha River, Foling Mountain Cloud and Wuxi Mountain in the Sandsha River, Fulling Mountain Cloud Cave and Wuxi Mountain, followed by She and the unilatement messenger to the Eastern Tang Dynasty, I specially brought the land temple in the past one night, revealing this project for the land, and the mutant asked them to help with the scriptures, she took Jinlu and Nine ring tinner The street is called, causing Li Shimin's attention.

After the Tang dynasty, Guanyin was not idle. She rushed everywhere, holding the phone. I gave a lot of fairy, and I hope they can extend the hand of assistance, even if there is too old old She is also unreciring, how is the three Tang Mao, and it is always difficult to make the nine nineteen or one. I have a successful Tang Yan, and Tang Yan has been successful. She has not forgotten the eighty-first difficulties.

From the performance of Guanyin, I will be responsible for one day, she will be responsible, Tang Yan is only sent to Eastern Tang Dynasty, yet is not officially sealed, so Guanyin has no way to get out of this matter, but When Tang Yan back to East Tang Dynasty, the escort was indeed replaced by eight big gold.

The eight big gold just took Tang Yan to Dongtun Tang. Several people came to half-air, and the King Kong of Kong Kong was pumping. They didn't want to further, the remaining road was left by himself, and the eight gold couldn't go. They left, they left, but three people took their faces, and the teachers had a few times to live with Master to Li Shimin.

It can be seen that the eight major gold just escorts Tang Yan, which is completely a difference, and there is no more deterrent. If these words are Guanyin, it may be another ending.

So, why is Guanyin not willing to escort Tang Yan?

Some people say that Guanyin is Japan, how can I go to be a driver? Can Tang Yan they return to the East Tang Datang to use the flight model, which will not consume too much time, this reason is not established.

The real reason is also very simple. When I went back to the Tang Dynasty, I went to the East Tang Dynasty. I painted the Wu Daoli next to Li Shimin. If she went to Eastern Tang Dynasty, it is inevitable to renew the event, and the eight big gold is different. They will not be delivered at all, but they don't have to worry about being drawn, so they are not lazy, and Guanyin is also very relieved.