China's only "six-star will": a ragor of the son, a major general, his wife is now 102 years old

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China's only "six-star will": a ragor of the son, a major general, his wife is now 102 years old

2022-01-11 12:09:43 43 ℃

Six-star will

Speaking of the rank, except for the rank of the open country of my country, people's most familiar probably a five-star in the United States. With the US cultural works, the highest military rankings after the World War II were well known in the world. However, China has a special "six-star will", his name is Hong Xiaozhi. He is the only "six-star will" in China, and his wife is now a little old, and the son will lead the governor.

The reason why Hong Xiaozhi is called six-star is because he has been taught twice. China's arms shoulder is three Venus. Two of Hong Xuezhi adds the shoulder, which is six Venus, so he is called "six-star" by many people in China.

Hong Xiao Zhi's experience

In 1928, Hong Xiaozhi joined the armed team led by the Communist Party of China, and later was edited into the red one army. He started from the strongest soldiers, and then he was promoted from the squad leader. He was already director of the Political Department of the 92nd Master of the Red Thirty-One Miller. Because the ideological and political work and logistics work, Hong Xue Zhi has become a "firefighting captain" during the war of the anti-Japanese war. From participating in the Bandal War, I have been running in the country all over the country, and the light is in 1940, he will be behind Graduated military school cadres brought to the front line, across six provinces.

In the period of the War of Liberation, Hong Xue Zhizhi is a fight in Liaoning. In the period of the anti-US aid DPRK, Hong Xue Zhi made a good job of logistics work, became the logistics commander of the China Volunteers, managed dozens, the life, ammunition replenishment of millions of volunteers.

After the war of anti-US aid, Hong Xiaozhi served as the minister of the China People's Liberation Army, and was granted the rank. By 1965, my country has been in accordance with the Soviet Union, and it is believed that the army has a level, which does not comply with the Equity of the military officers and equals, so that the army will be canceled.

By 1988, in order to let the troops adapted to the modern battlefield and operational way, my country decided to resume the army, so Hong Xuezhi was once again taught again. The rank of Hong Kong's science is still. At this time, the people in the same year either transfer into local work or because of the retirement of age, so Hong Xuezhi became the only figure that China was awarded twice.

Hong Xiaozhi family

In addition to their own strength, Hong Xuezhi is very powerful. Ms. Zhang Wen, was joined the Red Army in 1933, but also from the Red Army of the Red Army, which is all the way, and she and Hong Xue Zhi are married in the long-term trip. Ms. Zhang Wen is a born in July 1919. Today, she has gone through 102 years.

Hong Xiao Zhi and Ms. Zhang Wen have eight children, three men and five women. The five daughters have three ordinary life, and the long-lasting women have been involved in the medical field. At the 402 hospital, the three daughters are involved in the field of scientific research, become a material expert. The three sons of Hong Xuezhi lived in ordinary life, and the eldest son Hong Hu was from the government, and when he was governor in Jilin Province, the Hong Leopard from the Junan, was awarded a rank rank in 1996.