In fact, Dai Dai is just a deputy director of the military. This talent is being righteous. He is still buried in Babao Mountain.

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In fact, Dai Dai is just a deputy director of the military. This talent is being righteous. He is still buried in Babao Mountain.

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Speaking of the military, most people think about Dai Dai, which seems to be binding together.

The military is not the only special agent of the Kuomintang, but it has developed very quickly under the leadership of Dai Dai.

However, this brilliant is abundant after wearing a plane crash, and the inheritance of Mao people is not as good as him, so there is no big improvement. Some people will also evaluate when the War of Liberation will be, if Dai is still alive, the CCP will not easily win the world.

I don't know whether the military has achieved Dai Dai, or Dai Dai has made a military. However, there is a cold knowledge here. In fact, the Secretary of the Director has another person, and Dai Wei is only a deputy director. And Dai Dai has been killing the Communist Party, but the Director of this military has been secretly rescue the Communist Party, and finally buried into the Babaishan Revolutionary Cemetery.

Seeing this, is it very strange to clearly Dai Dai has the greatest power, why is it a pair? To understand this, you have to start from the origins of the military.

After the "September 18" incident, Chiang Kai-shek has a sense of political power is not so stable, so it is necessary to strengthen ideological construction in the army, and there will be a group of death to be loyal to himself to do something.

Therefore, under the planning suggestions of the Huangpu Students He Chan, Deng Wenyi, Kangze, Guyongqing, Yan, Zheng Santin, Zeng, Liang Gan, Xiao Zanxia, ​​Tengjie, Dai Wei, Hu Zongnan and others, imitating the Italian Black Shirt Army Renaissance.

The Renaissance Agency has a "specialist office" institution, specializing in intelligence assassination activities, which is the predecessor of the military, and Dai Yi is the Director of the Special Affairs.

In April 1937, Dai Dai, the party department and Xu En Zeng were consolidated as the "National Government Military Commission Survey Bureau", and the bureau is under the jurisdiction, and Xu En has been responsible for party affairs. The second is still in charge. intelligence.

In 1938, Chiang Kai-shek once again reorganized the intelligence department, and a reorganization was directly expanded into the National Government Military Commission to investigate the Statistics Bureau (ie, the military).

Due to the great improvement of this power, Dai Dai did not become a director, with main two.

One is too shallow qualifications in Dai Wei. In the front, there is a ruling self-revivement society. The veteran of the revival society is basically the first four in Huangpu, and the Huangpu Sixth Students in Dai Dai seem to be a congenital generation. If he is a director, it is difficult to serve the public, so it is difficult to work Expand.

The second is that Chiang Kai-shek wants to absolutely control the special agent. He knows that wearing the ability, but because Dai Dai is too capable, do not give him too high status, avoiding the situation in the future.

Since ancient times, the most direct method is to give the money to the official, Dai Dai himself is a pair, what can he come to buy people?

Therefore, Chiang Kai-shek took He Yaoyu to make a military director and strikes each other in August 1938.

He Yaozu was born in Hunan Ningxiang in 1889. The family is very insufficient. I started reading from 6 years old. The idea is very open. At the age of 16, I think that only from the army can save China, so I have admitted to the first phase of Hunan Army Primary School. Many young people are this idea.

In 1919, He Yaozu entered the Wuchang Army Third Middle School. At the end of the year, he was publicized to Japan Zhenwu School due to excellent performance. He met Mr. Sun Wen in Japan, which has been affected, and since then, he has been actively dedication to the revolution. In other words, He Yaozu is the National Party Elder Level.

In the Northern Expedition War, He Yaoyu is the Second Division of the National Revolutionary Army. He commanded a party, and the department was repeated. Therefore, it was raised to the 40th Armaine.

Unfortunately, in May 1928, since the Jinan tragedy was deprived of military power, it was basically in place.

Although in 1938, He Yaizu is not a military, but the qualifications are there, so they will make him as the Director, no one will come.

So why did He Yaoyu will be able to bury the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery? Look at that he will understand the contribution of our party.

He Yaozu and the Chinese Communist Party, Xie Xi Xi is a friend with friends, so he is more understanding of the idea of ​​the Communist Party, and has always advocated to get along with CCP peace.

In April 1937, He Yazu served as Director of Lanzhou, and the chairman of Gansu Province. After our party, he immediately sent Xie Xi Xi to establish an eight-way army office in Lanzhou. During this time, He Yaoyu released a lot of progress and the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China.

After he served as the Director of the Rong Director, although there was no implementation, it was still able to touch the confidential document, so when he went to the Communist Party and the victim of the victory was held, it was a clear bid! He has repeatedly informs my party, indirectly saving a lot of my party.

In November 1942, a Soviet plane who delivered a drug to Yan'an was buckled in Lanzhou by Chiang Kai-shek, which is especially precious to my party, and can save many soldiers' lives.

After He Yaoyu got a news, he immediately released the Lanzhou Airlines Station with the Chiang Kai-shek servant. When Chiang Kai-shek heard that the plane took off after the plane took the anger, he immediately left the position of He Yaozu's servant from the room.

However, the people of He Yaoyu are very good. Many people are asked for him. Chiang Kai-shek has helpless him to re-appoint him as the mayor of Chongqing.

When the Mayor of Chongqing, He Yaugu is still close to our relationship, and provides a great convenience for our party.

After the end of the anti-war, Chairman Mao came to Chongqing, and He Yaoyu sent people to strengthen the security measures of Chairman Mao and others. And He Yaozu also arranged a meeting with the same trends, and the Hunan fellows in Hunan have more than two or three hundred people. They are all famous in Chongqing, which greatly strengthens Chairman Mao's situation.

It can be said that Chairman Mao and others can be safe during Chongqing, or have a bit of congratulatory enthusiasm.

This time, Chongqing negotiations, Chiang Kai-shek is just a time to fight for civil war, and have never considered real peace. When He Yaozu took this, it was no longer willing to work with Chiang Kai-shek. In December 1945, he resigned from Chongqing Mayor.

In 1947, He Yaoyu joined the "Sun Wen" National Alliance, who adhered to Mr. Sun Yat-sen, anti-Jianglian as the purpose of "Sun Wencian National Alliance", and since then, he has always cooperated with people from all walks of life to carry out anti-dictatorship of anti-dictatorship.

On August 13, 1949, He Yaoyu jointly published 44 people in Hong Kong and Long Yun and Liu Fei, "We have a statement of the Chinese revolution in the current stage" statement, saying that from this to Chiang Kai-shek completely determined, comprehensively reaches the CCP. Chiang Kai-shek saw this power-on, and immediately transferred the military specialist to assassinate the old Director of the past.

Fortunately, I have a good idea, send people to protect the He Yazu, secretly sent it to the North China People's Liberation Area, when He Yaoyu arrived in Beijing, Chairman Mao, Zhou Chairman set the banquet, as a gift of Chongqing.

Since then, He Yaugu has served as a member of the Zhongnan Military Committee, the Director of the Central South Administration of China, and also elected the second, third, four central government of the Central Committee, according to his contribution, this is what he should.

In July 1961, He Yaoyu died of Beijing, ashes was buried in the Babaishan Cemetery.

Moral support from many, scant support. The new China can set up, although there is a brave battle in the party, selfless, but there are also many party members.

As He Yaozu, this kind of person who is in the Kuomintang is in the Kuomintang. In accordance with the situation, he helped me the party, the rewards received and the punishment to be accepted is completely than, but he still did not hesitate to do.

From this point of view, even if he is not a Communist Party member, the thoughts are the same, it is for the country to have a better future. So He Yaoyu is also a person worthy of our respect!