Liu Bei is an inconspicuous little soldier, surrender Cao Cao, a flight of the sky

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Liu Bei is an inconspicuous little soldier, surrender Cao Cao, a flight of the sky

2022-01-11 18:08:04 21 ℃

In the three countries, the prostitutes competed in the same way, and the situation in the Warring States Period was a bit similar. Smart princes know the importance of talents, so a generation of Xiongao Cao Cao in the 15th year of Jian'an (210 years), Qin Xiao Gong sent a "seeking order", I want to recruit more talents. In fact, Cao Cao's own class has been strong enough, but he is always like a thin ice.

At the beginning of Cao Cao, there were Xia Hou, Xia Houyuan, and Cao Ren, Cao Hong, etc. It is still an entrepreneur who runs around Zhang Fei. Sima Huo has shook his head to this, saying that the talents under Liu Bei's hand is not enough.

Said wearing, Liu Bei not only "universal unhappy is not half-way", "startup time is also a big trunk than Cao Cao, the fruit of harvest is more impossible to talk to Wei Guo. Just mentioned above, Cao Wei also leaked talents to Liu Bei, Jiang Wei is a typical example. There is another small soldier who looks into the eyes. After surrendering Liu Bei, it saved the fate of Han Han several times.

Therefore, Liu Bei's illness in the white emperor, Zhuge Liang Fu Zhan, I wanted to realize the ideal of Shu Han, and I didn't say that the old man who followed Liu Bei was in the world. The old, dead, and urgent Zhuge Liang's hair is a lot, and finally the people who have passed the Zhuge Liangnawa Expedition, actually Wei Guowei will Jiang Wei.

Cao Cao did not pay attention to Wang Ping, maybe Wang Ping's preruption silently, and according to history books, Wang Ping did not know a basket, he usually gives him a book, then understand the meaning. However, this does not affect Wang Pingjian's work industry. After the beginning of the horse, after the street pavilion, it is Wang Pingli to pull the tide, planning the true version of the empty city, and the drums and the Cao Wei's general.

Some people have continued to find various reasons to speak to Liu Bei, since then. Although Liu Bei knows that it is good. One day, a young man named Tian Yu also came to Liu Bei. Tian Yu is a fishing, he followed the soldiers, he followed the soldiers, although he was not old, but there was gallbladder, and Liu Bei was very valued, and he said to him many times: "I will have a big event with Jinger."

At the same time, Tian Yu was in Liu Bei, Liu Bei's cause has not improved, and Tian Yu also heroes useless. Liu Bei's position is that other Sima, Tian Yu can only be an inconspicuous squad. Seeing Liu Bei is difficult to become a big event, Tian Yu decided to change the master. He is euphemistially invited to Liu Bei, claiming that the mother and hometown are poor, they need him to go back to the filial piety. The two don't do this.

Wang Ping advised that he didn't listen many times. Afterwards, Wang Ping was right, Ma Yu was taken, Wang Pingheng in order to discuss General. After that, Zhuge Liang sent a soldier, Sima Yi made Zhang Wei to solve Wang Ping, who knows that Zhang Wei still does not occupy half of the silk. In addition, Wang Ping also sent a soldier under Wei Yan after the death of Zhuge Liang, and then he was so compensated by the general of Anhan, Anhan Hou, Hanzhong.

Cao Cao attaches great importance to Tian Yu, appointing him for the prime minister, let him participate in the military, the military country, and later served as the position of Shuyang Taishou and other positions. The more you do it. At that time, Cao Cao had a heart-catching question: Zhongyuan North Xinri, Wu Hui, Xianbei, etc. These nomadic troops are all colorful cavalry, come to the wind and fierce, strong combat power, let Cao Cao deeply painful.

After the Wei Di Cao Fang was in the position, Cao Shuang was holding the power. In order to establish a martial art, he took the army to the army, and Wang Ping refuted the mistake of giving up Yang Ping, less than 30,000 The troops held the Hanzhong, killing Cao Shuang with Fishan, and saved the peace of mind. However, after 4 years, Wang Ping also passed away, and the Han people did not reverse it.