Yu Wi, a generation of male and heroic "Chibi"!

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Yu Wi, a generation of male and heroic "Chibi"!

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Yu Wi, located in the Yuncheng District, in the Yuncheng Basin, since ancient times, the military must fight, near the party area and threaten Jinyang, far from the Taihang straight into North China Plains, threatening the hinterland of North China There are also regions such as Yucheng, and it is also an important bridgehead in Hedong. It is the esopha offending the Eastern Attacks. Since ancient times, they have been military heavy land. During the Warring States Period, this is the military zip saw in Wei Guo and Qin State for decades. During the five generations of the Tenth National Times, it is also a crucial area of ​​Liang Jin.

Since the year of Wei, the Six Town Uprising, Hirosong gradually controld the Northern Wei Dynasty, and Lu Zhao was in a fell swimming in the Northern Wei Dynasty. Subsequently, Gao Huan took off the Sir Zhao Zhao, in Hebei, and then launched a battle with Erjui. Lu Zhao repeatedly defeated, escaped back to Jinyang, and was shed by Gao Huan, and he was killed by Gao Huan. The first generation of the Northern Dynasties was held in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Yellow Battle

Yu Wentai took this chaos, and after the troops of the merger, I entered the main customs, I won the land of the king of the Guanzhong Plain. After another, the filial piety is dissatisfied with the control of the Gao Huan, and it is turned from Luoyang. Go to Guanzhong to vote, and Gao Huan has a good time to see the emperor, followed by Duyu City. Yu Wentai welcomed filial piety, and then, he would be the emperor, and Yuandu is Changan. Since then, the Northern Wei is divided into two, that is, East, Western Wei. Gao Huan and Yu Wentai respectively pressed the power, and since then entered the situation of the northern double hegemony.

And there is also a big decisive battle between Dongxi Wei, and the two sides have been handed over to each other. Gao Huan's great advantage in his hand, always occupied the active battle, but did not smash this hard bone, after the next north, the northern Week buried.

At the battle of Wei Duan, the battle of Shayuan's battle, two times, Yu Wentai's West Wei defeated Gao Huan's East Wei army, after the stability of the Guanzhong, the West Wei began to extends outwardly, and Wei Dong did not preparation , Occupying the Guanhe Tianli, expanding the forces to Hedong, which is the west of the Yuncheng Basin downstream of the Weihe River. Wang Si Zheng in the West Wei East Road discovered that the jade wall back against the mountains, and as the watershed and the geographical position of the Weihe River downstream and the geographical position is extremely important. So, under the allowable city of the West Wei Dynasty, in this city, I created the first fortress in the West Weizhi in the Hedong area, and a military name that made Zhen Xionguan can only hopes to sigh.

Yushu ancient battlefield

The jade wall is built on the Emerapet. The platform is composed of loess. It is the wallery that the Fenhe and the water river are rumored. Most of the cliffs of about 50 meters, the area is 6,000 square kilometers, and there are two thousand meters in the middle of the Mountain and King Mountain in the middle. mountain peak. After the jade wall was built, it was like a thorn in the throat of Hedong. It was like a throat, and he wanted to pull it out later.

So in 542 AD 546, Gao Huan launched two attacks on the jade wall twice. Calculated that the East Wei gamble gambling, with the West Wei, a big battle, meaning that it is born, take the jade wall It can always be the West Wei Lock in the Guanzhong, as in the spring and autumn period, Jin State blocked the Qin State. And if you can't take the jade wall, the West Wei, the West Wei, will have to recognize the two countries of the East Wei and Western Wei, and the absolute initiative of the East Wei lost their attack and defense.

West Wei occupies Hedong

1, the first jade battle battle

The first jade wall battle occurred in 542, in general, it is considered a testistic attack on the fortress of Yuhu. The Eastern Wei is the main way, the main force is from the south of the Weihe Valley, and the army has more than 40 miles, and the soldiers are in the city. Western Wei has Wang Sichuan to be stationed in Yuxi, Wang Shengzheng, is the builder of Yufu Fortress, it is not too much to attack the talents, but it is a famous name, and later guarding the Temple of the Temple. Murong Shaozong did not take it down, but was drowned in the water.

Gao Huan arrived under the Yuxi, seeing the jade wall is difficult to attack, first want to persuade Wang Sheng Zheng, but it is refused, but it can only be able to attack the jade wall with the unsatisfactory preparation. Wang Szzhi rely with the land, with the bow and arrow, and the Gao Huan continued to attack nine days, but the endurance was very small, and the casualties were not small, and it could have a great difficulty for the mountaineering siege. In the unfavorable situation, Gao Huan can only choose to retreat to temporary, hopper standby.

Gao Huan

Wei Xiaowa

2, Yuxi Bai City War

After four years, Gao Huan made a sufficient preparation for Yuhu. Western Wei, Wang Sheng, who is good at defending, has been transferred to Henan, and the city will be replaced by Jinzhou thorny. Due to the shortage of the end of the Nort-South Dynasties, many details that have been unable to query, can only calculate the army of Gao Huan's dispatch of more than 200,000. Wei Xia width is sleepy, the army should be far less than the East Wei, may also be 450,000.

Gao Huan lapse of four years, jade wall battles, like four years ago is no longer generally helpless. After a comprehensive siege jade wall, first with Gao Huan trained archers military pressure to the feet of defenders, then take diversionary tactics, siege day and night in the mountains north of the city from the soil, the so-called mountain of soil, that is, people outside the city walls at the base soil, The effect is natural moat can be achieved by getting the essence. And Wei Xiaokuan to do is to stop East Wei Dajun natural bulldozers Hill. Gao Huan surface onslaught north of the city, but to arrange a small force to work in the south. Because jade wall is located in the loess areas, so it is suitable dig, dig Gao Huan so secret, going to be a steal, while Xi Weiwei Xiaokuan is the top star, but also a long time to find this out, so to dig trenches, irrigation smoke etc., eventually succeeded in preventing the Eastern Wei of tunneling program.

Siege jade wall

Yellow Battle

A total fail, Gao Huan decisive change of plan, the East Wei dug embankment, prompting the Fen River diversion, intended to make Western Wei army without water without war since the collapse. Wei Xiaokuan face of this move is also no good way, but to keep looking for a place wells, groundwater Fortunately, the last successful play, the immediate solution. Gao Huan then he made the Siege, and then using fire attack, the results have been Wei Xiaokuan overcome this. Then, Gao Huan resorted to a trick, authentic burning column method, so that the ultimate success of the walls collapsed, but Wei Xiaokuan the face of a flood of East Wei Dajun gap, there is also prepared in advance, in the multiple vertical gap in the fence, success Dong Wei Dajun blocking the attack.

Gao Huan storm more than two months, has failed to break the jade wall, their own army also suffered heavy losses, hundreds of thousands of army casualties four percent. And Gao Huan unfortunately seriously ill at a critical time, a time of both intelligence sleepy, could no longer siege, only after the first onslaught, overnight retreat back to Jinyang.

Gao Huan siege jade wall, jade wall made from five directions Five Elements all aspects of the storm, to the extent that to do anything in the war since ancient times, basically can be regarded as the most comprehensive ever tactics siege warfare. Eastern experienced after the defeat, morale is extremely low, plus Shortly after, Gao Huan died. Eastern ultimately failed to bite off a piece of hard bone jade wall, after which the Eastern Wei, Northern Qi although there is a little advantage, but no chance reunification of the north, and finally hegemony and Western Wei, Northern Zhou, the last from the side by side down to leeward, until finally it was destroyed by Northern Zhou Dynasty.

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Qin Wei ending the hegemony of war and jade wall of the Warring States period ending quite similar, Qin ultimately won by the east region for decades, finally was able to take the initiative for Shandong six countries, is to get rid of the Spring and Autumn Period Jin completely suppressed in Guanzhong situation, the ultimate world domination, and laid a solid foundation.

This is a splendid enough offensive and defensive war annals, Gao Huan Qi meter 100, while Wei Xiaokuan is to deal one by one, the means to make out, the East Wei offensive all resolved. The significance of this war, far more than simple on the surface, If I have to say that the meaning of words, even compared with the Battle of Red Cliff Three Kingdoms period, generation Meng Huan Gao and Wei Emperor Cao Cao a year of destiny, in Caomeng Chibi stumbled, lost the opportunity to dominate the world, we can only accept the pattern of the third world. The defeat Yu Gao Huan in the wall, and ultimately can only sit back and watch the Western Wei foothold and gradually grow, Gao Huan also lost reunification of the north, even the last chance to unify the world.

Gao Huan life campaign, the identity of Wuchuan Bing households, in charge of the North eventually replace Erzhu Zhao Wei Chaoting, and laid the foundation for the founding of the Northern Qi Dynasty after, can eventually stop the lofty aspiration of life in the city of jade wall, and after less than one year Jinyang die. The Northern and Southern dignity in the end, leaving only life's most sorrowful scene, in order to break the military rumors, Gao Huan Qiang Cheng ill, wide open in the army feast, and so as Having sing "Chile Le Song": "Chile Chuan , Yinshan. sky blue canopy, cage cover fieldwork. Green and wild and vast. wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep. " Captains also chorus, then quite a sense of poetry spear Cao Cao's sad.

The jade wall, but it became a real generation of male main Gao Huan life of "Red Cliff"!