The most depressed people in Southern Song

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The most depressed people in Southern Song

2022-01-11 18:08:27 30 ℃

When I was a child, I thought that it was only a weak scribble in the Southern Song Dynasty, and later understood, what is "a word". In the Southern Song Dynasties, it is absolutely worthy of the title of "The First Male of the Southern Song Dynasty".

When it comes to the abandoning, we will think of "Drunken Lantern to see the sword, dream back". Unlike other poet words, it is not imagination, this is not imagination, this is not an imagination, this is not a written word, using the present, writing words, writing the word is a secondary business. While reading, it is not forgetting to exercise, and it is estimated that "eight abdominal muscles" have been practiced early. He really became famous for the first time, and it is martial arts.

How high is the martial arts? He has led the team of fifty people, killing 50,000 gold tie big camps, not only retreat, but also caught betrayal, returning the golden country, and sent him to the Southern Song Dubei, the first show.

This strong, there is no doubt that a sensation is caused. Xin Qiji is famous, and also received an olive branch from the Southern Song Dynasty. Just he didn't know, this Wenwu is Shuangquan, the first half of the young people are happy, in the realm of dreams, returning to the soil of the day, but after the country, it is in the dilemma of life.

In Southern Song, we can see a strange phenomenon. It's hard to listen, that is, "Emperor is not in a hurry" - Yes, the emperor didn't take serious things, you have these poor people, one, what is the heart of others?

Modern people will refer to the idea of ​​the loyal patriotism of the ancients, especially the idea of ​​"learning civil weeks, newspapers and emperors", and will always have some era of diaphragm. After all, modern people, especially young people, even resignation is very "wonderful", don't want to do it, let's go, in their eyes, a large part of ancient intellectuals are bound by their own nets.

I have never had something. He is not only a literati or a military. Others don't understand, just worry about the country and worries, and I have to worry about the military. The emperor drunk dreams, adding to false peace, the Southern Song Dynasty, as if it caught in a dream, no one is willing to move, even if they are slowing into the sludge.

"Today, there is a drunk", from the name of "Lin'an", we seem to see the irony: It is a temporary tranquility, who told you to call your sleep?

He can't learn Tao Yuanming, from a small to big, and the education that is abandoned is unfolded around the Song Room. Although born in "enemy district", there is a wish of the big Song Dynasty since the abandonment. He can't put down.

Su Shi said, "Life's knowledge", true, it is the so-called "bigger ability, more responsibility", let Xin Qiqi's death in the Southern Song Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty, the flexible gentlestorm, lonely and painful, I am living into the most depressed people throughout the Southern Song.