Why is Yongzheng to implement "Sori Die Decomes"?Later file, watch a crying once

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Why is Yongzheng to implement "Sori Die Decomes"?Later file, watch a crying once

2022-01-11 18:08:49 30 ℃

Written / Zhao Libo

In the third month of Yongzheng, after the funeral of Emperor Kangxi, it began to be very busy. On this day, I received a memorial to ask the monks of the Royal Sorrow, who had a memorial, and the music of Shaanxi Leishais. It is this incident to let Yongzheng set off the biggest "unsaccible density" of the empire.

Yonggong portrait

What is "the people"?

According to the content played, when the Ming Dynasty Yongle Emperor won the world, he resolutely supported the officials of the Emperor, and Zhu Xi was successful, and his wife and women were punished into the teacher, and served as Officials, generations of generations, long-distance business. These numerous generations are miserable and humble, and they are like this "original sin", they are can't afford to be seen, they are soaked, and they want to jump out this "music" local government and will not allow, from this Licking the object. Yongzheng looked very good after playing the newspaper, and said that this proposal is very good. Order the routing. The minister and the discussions agreed to agree that the instructions of Yongzheng said: "The pressure is good as the, the former DPRK. I have a custom, I have a ritual and shamefulness, and there is a thing of the injury." In addition, Yongzheng Not only in Shanxi, Shaanxi's "Sanmin" issue, and orders to conduct overall inspections across the country. If there is similar "民", it will be allowed to "be good". "宪 录"

Yongzheng instructions

In response to the city of the city, Yongzheng first shot, exempt their household registration, the good people from the lilies, and select the masterpiece of music, and act as a teacher of the teacher, engaged in special performance. "The Example of the Qing Dynasty" makes the original birthplace to completely change the accompanying bouthicket, which can be engaged in other normal industries. For this matter, Yongzheng insisted on long-term, in the seven years of Yongzheng, and Yongzheng changed the tutor to a vocal department and was managed by the Office.

Yongzheng personally expands the "spree people" range.

Yongzheng five years (1727), Yongzheng personally proposed the "World Servant" issue in Anhui Province, "should be opened as good, and the benefits will be rushed up, free to smell life, and in descendants." "On the Cabinet" I changed a "World Servant" issue in many generations, making them from insulted, and I have a friend who has a normal person's life. In his hard work, the Qing Dynasty hundreds of thousands of "people" have lived on the normal people. In just a few years, Yongzheng solved the problem of hundreds of years. Yongzheng is so urgently to deal with this matter, that is, this is a "prostitute", "urgent leather", to meet the political philosophy of his innovation. Second, Yongzheng's approach has got a huge praise, so that the "Dawn" of "the people" of the people ", the people were runny", and Yongzheng allowed them to completely "turn over". Only this one, Yongzheng "makes it in the sky, there is no one in the day, and the inert people's livelihood is coming, the death of the people, the death of the grass, that is, after thousands of people, we don't work. "Er Taotai"

雍 正 时 圣 圣

In addition, let Yongzheng quickly solved this phosparism and there is a major reason. It is also to Zhilian Pool, and widely windy. "" Qing Shi Zong Record ".

The sequelae of the people of the people, so that they will be completely solved during the road.

Although Yongzheng is very powerful for this work, it has reached the Qianlong period, and there is a rebound, and even Qianlong is further constrained and improving the difficulty of reducing the retention, and even such a account is not allowed to participate in the imperial examination, thereby triggeting further rebound. After the Minmin, the Minority Dragonfly has been renowned from the lie, and the people who got rid of humiliation. Most of the people were still safe. Suzhou's account should also encourage the bid of the spring. Ningbofu has not received a lot of shackles, and the contradictions are serious, and finally in the thirty years of Guangxu (19 04). The struggle of Anhui people and the 衿 has been dragging to the end of the Qing Dynasty, and he is stubborn to make a servant. If there is a week of Zhou, Zhou, who has a surname of Li, and Jiaqing's fourteenth year according to the Quality Cases, but Zhou surnamed Li surname is not compiled, still served. The road year (182 years), Li Yingfang, Li Yingfang, forced Zhou Xuechun, was acting as a blower, so that the people were committed.

雍正 行 图

The Qing Dynasty government is very harsh, such as the Qianlong thirty-sixth (one seven seventh year), stipulating the qualifications of the people, the people who have been rendered, "" The pro-branches are all clear, and if only one or two people and the pro-husband are still unpopular, it is not allowed to bewilder. " This affects the truly separated from the people. Therefore, a piece of paper or certain efforts, did not really save the people, and their finally separated the sea, not to rely on a person's gift.

This is because the liberation of the people is not the thing that a person's will can decide. It depends on the social situation. The people of the people are renowned from all, requiring society to provide them with new employment opportunities, but the Yongzheng era has not prepared this condition. When discussing the recommendations of Gul Qin, the ritual points to the employment problem of the inerter cannot be solved, and it is considered practical problems. This is also the case. Before most of the people did not have a new life, it was impossible to make a relationship from all, and therefore also let more people miss the blood policies of Yongzheng era.