Yang Guang has more absurd, he has set up a strange rule, which is particularly embarrassing.

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Yang Guang has more absurd, he has set up a strange rule, which is particularly embarrassing.

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my country's ancient feudal society, it is the monarch of social authoritarian rule, speaking solely by the emperor, the country is private. So everyone wants to kings, also there have been many dynasties, many of the emperor.

The whole feudal society appeared a total of more than four hundred emperor, they have enlightened ruler, one for political affairs of the country, there are headed, indulge in sex lure of money.

Mingjun natural to lead society towards prosperity and orderly society, headed, naturally, led the dynasty step by step to decline, replaced by the next dynasty. Talk about today is the king of the Sui Dynasty Emperor Yang Guang.

Said Yang Guang we are saying this is a headed, useless, except to indulge in sex, will not do anything.

But he actually has his own ambitions, have their own goals.

Yang Guang of power (political, economic)

He later boarded the throne, in the second year of the reign changed to "cause", determined to make a career out, to make their country more prosperous.

The great cause of the first year, Yang Guang on the set national policy for the imperial examination system, close embrace a lot of talent to serve their country. (Although founder Emperor Wen Yang Jian, Yang Guang but is designated as national policy, vigorously implement, so they put the credit attributed to the Emperor Yang.)

He also established a system of official hoon, so that everyone can change their destiny and life by learning.

In the same year, Yang Guang to convener of the Grand Canal, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang and continue down the road, which can make north-south and east-west and from each other, no longer isolated.

After the cause of three years, Sui gradually break Tuguhun, at Lo Khan, Korea, Central Asia, the Qinghai received throughout the territory of the Sui Dynasty. Creating a first nations to North Korea.

In addition, in the great cause of the first year, also built the world's first special economic zones - Yangzhou. Plus the Grand Canal, making economic exchanges east and west, eliminating the geographical isolation. Including the closure of more than 300 years the Silk Road also opened, strengthening the Central Asia, West Asia, South exchanges.

Emperor Yang too

But regardless of his achievements so much, but they are just beginning, and no serious effect. The treasury was empty, but he insisted on the construction of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, so we can only press people to build, leading to a lot of people desperate.

Coupled with his policies and not to appease the people, contrary to his dissolute bad reputation spread far and wide, to do something meaningful, the evil that he did to cover up.

So his reputation is getting worse, it becomes headed people at the mouth.

According to unofficial records, Yang Guang down the south, we all know that the ancient southern beauty, he chose a thousand boat on a beautiful, unified allow them to wear white clothes in front of the tow boat, for your entertainment.

He liked his life five woman, after Xiao, Cui and other women. But after the pet King Xiao Yang Guang from his mother, after all, after Xiao was his mother's people.

But his mother's extremely jealous, after her husband allowed to patronize another woman Yang Jian, Yang Guang Xiao naturally took care to treat, but after his mother's death everything is different.

Yang Guang began to enrich the harem, wanton Princess election, and raised him big plus. He saw the woman should become his woman. All day to find wine and music, fun, beauty.

He also has a wonderful work rules, that ladies must wear pants every day, no privacy, can be said to be very absurd behavior. And he also occupied his father's concubine Lady Xuanhua, his sister-in-law became his woman.

He debauchery is one thing for the government is cruel, we saw on television were the emperor was making things difficult for ministers, can not do politics the way they want. But the Emperor is not the same, the ministers are careful to act, to act to see his face, for fear of saying the wrong thing that life was not guaranteed consequences.

He lived a glamorous life, but it is exactly the opposite people every day, be able to live very hard.

Yang Guang's talent

Such an order on a woman's emperor, his talent can not be ignored. He loves to write verse in no way inferior to those of the famous poet wrote a poem, have their own characteristics, and some verses is known as the famous spread through the ages.

Such as his famous poem "Wildness" I believe we all heard this poem it. He describes the tranquility of autumn, creating a lonely autumnal. Like many poets write poems, autumn scenery, with a sad poem to express their feelings.

Yang Guang naturally to describe autumn, high positions, he will feel lonely, lonely. Lamented the fall of all things escape the law, only dying tragic ending, sigh things change, no one understands him sad, everyone fear him, no one can tell the pain in his heart. So this poem is very very touching, beautifully phrased, naturally, by the descendants like, spread so far.


If he does not so glamorous, then the people better, perhaps another scene a. Or maybe if he was not the emperor, will become a famous poet, that does not come to a tragic end.