The most blood of the puppet army, let the 500 Japanese army died without the whole corpse, and the Japanese woman did not survive.

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The most blood of the puppet army, let the 500 Japanese army died without the whole corpse, and the Japanese woman did not survive.

2022-01-11 18:08:16 18 ℃

In World War II, the Japanese invaded our country, evil in China, and killed a lot of Chinese people, then it makes a lot of people are very disgusted Japanese, in order to drive them out of China, they unite as one, began fierce resistance in Japan army, many revolutionary martyrs sacrificed on the battlefield, it is because of these military actions, leading to even more hateful behavior of the puppet.

These puppet for his own life, actually directly seeking refuge with the Japanese, the bayonet on his compatriots to really beast than, of course, finally, the fate of these puppet is very tragic, but not all are puppet in this way, some puppet is very bloody, in retaliation for the Japanese, the Japanese Siwuquanshi them directly to 500, and even Japanese women has not been spared, this is how it happened?

In July 7, 1937, Japanese to Japanese missing in China as a reason for the attack Wanping county, from the Sino-Japanese War completely started, but after the Japanese invaded Wanping County, our nation's troops do well prepared, so quickly destroy a lot of Japanese soldiers, may at the time of the transfer of troops out, a lot of the Japanese puppet troops sent to intercept.

Although these puppet troops defected to the Japanese, but also with a conscience, they also want the Japanese out of China as soon as possible, so we secretly let go of the Chinese military forces, then fired warning shots, pretend to be working with Chinese troops to fight, Since then not played, cause these Chinese soldiers fled, but the plan for the puppet, the Japanese did not believe it, directly ordered the strangling of these puppet

See the Japanese move, the then puppet captain was so angry and want revenge for his companion, so in one night, Zhang Qingyu puppet captain ordered the attack on the headquarters of the Japanese army, because the Japanese are not armed, so Zhang Qingyu really make a success, and also successfully caught the Yin Ju-keng is also a traitor, they will Yin Ju-keng after the killing, the Japanese also did not want to let go.

In the evening, these dismembered puppet almost all Japanese, in addition to men, Japanese women have not escaped this catastrophe, when all women among the high command have been brought into the army, and then do some time after all military women were shot, although these practices a little puppet is not authentic, but compared to Japanese and then, or better, out of a foul smells can be considered for the Chinese people.