418 submarine, the only survivor 40 meters under water, survived, after returning: Thanks to the biscuit

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418 submarine, the only survivor 40 meters under water, survived, after returning: Thanks to the biscuit

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On May 4, 201, the three submarine salvage boats sent by the Chinese Navy arrived in the vicinity of Bali, preparing to help Indonesia to salvage the "South Gara" waltling submarine in 53 people. The depth of the three salvage boats can reach 4,500 meters under water.

# 中国 海军 Arrive in Indonesia to help salvage crash submarines # 潜 失, is a heavy topic, and the navy has experienced the tragedy of submarine accidents. According to incomplete statistics, from the end of World War II in 1990, there were about 91 non-combat sink accidents.

In the cause of accidents caused by conventional submarines, the top three of the ranks is: collision, watering and unknown reasons. In the history of our army, there have been three submarines accidents in our army. It has caused major casualties in the top twice, and the third time has created a miracle in the history of submarine.

"418" boat only one person

On December 1, 1959, the East China Sea Fleet was conducting a "anti-submarine war" exercise in Zhoushan Sea, "Kunming", "Chengdu", "Hengyang", "Hengyang" 3 ship, "416" boat in the Submarine 22 detachment 18 brigade "418" boats met together.

The 418 boat is a Soviet M-class small submarine, which is the M-279 of the Soviet Navy. Later, he was transferred to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, renamed "National Defense-24", the junior number 204, and then changed to "418", affiliated to the East China Sea Fleet.

The technical level of this submarine stays during World War II and is only 160 tons. However, in the Chinese naval sequence at the time, the 418 boat still belongs to the "Jin Gui" technology weapon. It is necessary to know that only 8 submarines at that time are only 8 ships.

At 13:55 on December 1, 1959, the "Kunming" ship commander (the agent "shipwreck ordered as the head of the exercise or the" Hengyang "engine parking, and the" parking drift "near the submarine floating point. This action of "Hengyang", later became the incentive of the accident, according to the regulations, the water surface ship must not park before the sea area. This is to allow the submarine to monitor the sound of the water surface ship at any time to ensure the safety of the floating.

Because "Hengyang" engine parking, the 418 boat cannot be accurately grasped to the relative position of the two ship, which ultimately leads to major casualties.


After the parking is wandering, "Hengyang" has put three grenades underwater, which is a signal that will be convinced to the 418 boat. At that time, the communication means were backward, and there was only this original approach between the water-surface ship and the submarine.

After the grenade exploded, he was listened to the sonar of 418, so the reporter can float. In fact, due to the two ships, the boat long and all the water soldiers did not hear three-soundtable sounds. So, the boat Chang Zhang Minglong down Detail: Prepare the floating!

Soon, each class report: "It is ready." However, at this time, a mistake of the 418 boat has directly led to the occurrence of tragedy: all boats are not prescribed, close all water level doors.

After receiving the floating command, 15 atmospheric compressed air quickly injected into the water cabinet, sea water was extruded out of the boat, and the submarine began to float. However, the disaster also slowly approached the up - "Hengyang" huge hull, which is just above the 418 submarine.

After a few minutes, the command tower of the 418 submarine hit the head of "Hengyang" sharp.


Impact, a tactics of the UK Navy

Submarines are most afraid of collision, let alone 418 is already old.

With a harsh metal friction, "Hengyang" is cut into two halves of 418 ship bridges! When you are, the ravaged seawater rusters. Just 3 minutes, due to the second, the fourth water-level door is not closed, the three cabins 418 are flooded, and seven military officers and 17 soldiers, such as Yacht Chang Zhang Minglong, were killed on the spot. The 418 gradually gradually sinks to a 40-meter seabed.

At this time, there are only 15 people left in the first cabin, the sixth cabin and the five-blocks that escape to the six-block, and the other warriors sacrificed. The highest commander of 15 people is the Warm Sergeant Chang Wangfu and the electrician sergeant.

After 15 survivors insisted on 15 hours, oxygen was about to exhaust. At this time, the submarine depth table shows that they are located 8 meters under water, but in fact, the real depth at that time is 40 meters! Far exceeds the safe depth of direct escape. Diving medicine confirmed that if people quickly lift Shanghai face from the seabed, due to the mutation of the pressure, it will cause damage to the human organ, and the probability of death is large.

Wang Feiquan

Wang Faquan and Wang Bai believe that the sky has been lit up, and the oxygen will be exhausted to choose the cabin escape. Due to the failure of the depth gauge, they misgot: 8 meters of water depth is relatively safe.

So the surviving soldiers began to escape. Wang Haofei, who was trained by the Soviet Union, told everyone, after going out, first grab the boat, stop and stop. When everyone climbed out of the torpedo, Wang Faise finally came out.

He took the tool bag just found, holding a biscuit bucket. After the boat, he stopped for a while in the sea and then started to throw away the tools in his hand, slowly floating. As the body starts, the water pressure around him can't breathe, he felt that his body was pushed like being pushed, and he slammed the sea.

After being saved, he only knew that there were only one person in 15 people.

The "parking drift" of the water surface ship, and the underwater submarine "did not close the water level door", which is the direct cause of the 418th. Wang Faquan recalled afterwards: "The 9 people in front drill the hatch, I think there is only one person left in the cabin. If you don't have a rescue team, don't you hungry? I am from I found some biscuits and cans, bringing a tool such as pliers, wrench and sharp shark, ready to evacuate. But I felt terrible, and the outer seawater is dark. I hold the biscuits. I took a deep breath and drilled the hatch. When I came out, I immediately felt that my body was happened by a big hand. The eardrum hurts. Which is 8 meters!

"It's still a biscuit and can helped. It has a certain weight, so I am so fast, not as fast. I floated, I threw something, but the biscuit did not give it to throw. The weaker pressure is, I constantly call out the inflation air in the lungs, so as not to be injured in the lungs, but I don't dare to call out too fast, because it is fast, the air is not enough, people will die.

In the 15 people escaped this time, in addition to me, only 4 bodies were removed, and the remaining 11 were missing. "

418 Martyrs Monument

361 submarine

On April 26, 2003, the fishing boat near Weihai suddenly observed, and a submarine was already floating here for three days in water from less than 20 meters away from water. This situation is too abnormal, and the fishermen immediately report this situation.

When the Navy's search and rescue personnel rushed to the seas and found that this submarine was 361 Navy. All officers and soldiers have sacrificed all the battle positions, and the navigation log is fixed on April 16th, that is, ten days ago .

No. 361 belongs to the 035g regular submarine of our army, with a drain of about 2,000 tons, NATO code: Ming-Class, in 1970, from Wuhan Wuhan Ship Design Institute (701), China has built at least 21 more than 21.

What is incredible is that all officers and men of the 361 submarine have duty, but the submarine is intact. The sacrifice of the officers and soldiers, no one knows what happened at the time. This is the most serious accident since the Group's Navy, and the 361 is immediately towed back to the base and conducts an investigation of the cause of the accident.

After the collection of Navy multi-party survey and related evidence, the reason for the 361 boat crash was identified.

According to the survey, on the day of April 16th, the 361 submarine was in the way back to the base, the battery power was insufficient. So the submarine floats to the depth of the lens and begins to carry out the "ventilation state charging operation". 361 is a diesel power submarine, which provides power to the diesel engine and battery pack. When electricity is insufficient, it is necessary to start the diesel engine to charge the battery pack.

Once the diesel engine starts working, it will consume a lot of oxygen. Therefore, the submarine needs to be floated to the depth of the vision, extend the ventilator, and provide sufficient oxygen for the diesel engine.

Ingenious, in this 361 charging operation, the sea surface is large, and the sea water has poured into the ventilation tube. The ventilation of the submarine is in design, in order to prevent seawater inverting, there is an automatic shutdown valve installed. This valve will be automatically closed when the waves flour into the ventilation tube. The accident investigation team found that this valve 361 is just closed.

More unfortunately, the diesel engine that is running at this time is not stopped, still in a large number of oxygen in the boat.

According to the Navy investigation department, it takes only 2 minutes, and the diesel engine can consume all the globa oxygen. Therefore, the investigation team believes that the 361 boat also encountered this instantaneous severe hypoxia.

When people are in a rapid hypoxia, they will first have a phenomenon of gas, and they will feel that chest tightness and heartbeat are accelerated. If you last for a minute, people will lose their consciousness and shock symptoms. After the start of suffocation to about 3 minutes, it is basically unable to save.

When encountering this burst, the 361 boat is carrying out "silent" training, and has cut off all contacts with the boat according to the command, so the out of the boat can not find this accident in time.

So, in a short period of time, all the boat people died due to suffocation.

The reason why 361 accidents is first, first, the submarine equipment design is defective. For safety hazards when conventional submarines charging, the military people are very clear to prevent this safety hazard, but as long as the warning system with low oxygen content is installed and automatically cut off the diesel engine, but unfortunately 361 is not similar. system.

Second, the officers and men operate incorrectly. In the state of charge, the ventilator should always be opened. If the accident is found, the charging operation should be stopped in the shortest possible time, but this is clear that the boat did not do.

On June 13, 2003, Xinhua News Agency issued a message: The cause of the Navy's 361 boat crash has been identified, and the command is not affected.

The Central Military Commission made a decision to seriously deal with relevant responsible people. Ding Yixing, the deputy commander of the Jinan Military Region, Ding Yiping, the political committee of the Navy Beihai Fleet Political Committee Chen Xianfeng, respectively, respectively, respectively, with the disciplinary action such as administrative dismoving, deign.

The same day the Central Military Commission has also issued the Naval Commander Shi Yunsheng, the political commissar, Yang Huaqing, was dismissed. This is the largest number of senior generals in the military in the military since the founding of the founding, including two colors, two generals.

372 boat 14 minutes life and death

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2014, No. 372 Navy submarine being submerged toward a predetermined waters. Midnight hours, the accident happened. At that time, the vice squad to find a pointer towards cloud submarine depth gauge suddenly down significantly beating. He quickly shouted report: "! Off the deep" air command module suddenly tense.

Depth gauge display, submarine depth of about ten meters away.

After finding out suddenly deep, No. 372 boat commanders quickly take three suppression measures, but did not work, submarines and quickly fell down 30 meters. At this time, as the supreme commander of the No. 372 submarine, WANG Li clearly than anyone else, the submarine continued to fall deeply what it means.

He judged, No. 372 boat suffered a mutated form of the density of sea water "sea cliff." In this "cliff", the submarine because of a sudden change in water density and an instant loss of buoyancy, the rapid fall in the deep sea. Once you hit the cliff, it ominous.

No. 372 Navy boat is purchased from a Russian "Kilo" class conventional submarines, the sea voyage is to perform combat tasks. When they fall quickly to more than 3,000 meters under the sea, the submarine suffered a sharp increase in pressure, the main cabin damaged water pipeline began. The key moment electromechanical long and loud reports: "The main motor stop!"

The main motor park, means that the heart submarine arrest. No. 372 this time, it has lost momentum and increase force rudder speed ahead, the next may accelerate out deep.

Soldiers submarines have three fears: fear of a deep fall, second, fear of water, three fears fire. Today, the "three fears" in the "two fear" overlay, the situation is at stake. At this time, No. 372 issued a directive: "damage control Alert!." Moment, each cabin ringing, the whole crew are the fastest speed toward the battle site.

Wang Hong Li

In this case, depth gauge display has been hidden deep close to the threshold. WANG Li decisive commander ordered: "emergency blow to all main ballast tanks gas!"

Emergency blow off is a last resort to prevent submarine deep.

After receiving the order, the crew had just 20 seconds to complete the instruction, but has no sign out of deep relief. This shows that the high-pressure gas is not blown into the respective normal ballast tanks.

WANG Li immediately and quickly issued a series of passwords, commanding officers and accurate completion of dozens of operations. Finally completed a high-pressure gas supply emergency action. To this point, they've done all we can do, leaving only wait.

Starting out deep to now, only three minutes later, but it is suffocating three minutes.

From the depth gauge point of view, they have a depth of more than 372 boats over 20 meters maximum potential depth since the column. Full boat officers and soldiers have closed nearly valves and switches, operating dozens of instruments, without a mistake.

Wang Hong Li in combat position

Finally, after a few times keel crunchy, No. 372 finally staggered start floating. WANG Li decisively ordered: "Do not stop, direct floating, floating attention to controlling the attitude!"

A few minutes later, the boat was finally breathing heavily No. 372 floating on the sea surface to the dark.

This time, 372 boats, because the main cabin has a lot of water lost power, but Wang Hong Li did not flinch, led the officers and men together to troubleshoot the device. They then relying on a motor powered by the aircraft, after a stopover advance ocean again, created a miracle in the history of the Navy submarine.

After the Second World War, navies in the event of "cliff" after a successful self-help, and may be in the PLA Navy boat No. 372.

August 27, 2014, the Central Military Commission for the Navy and 372 boats Wang Hong Li Kee merit. September 2, 2014, ceremony was held in the South China Sea Fleet, the Navy commander awarded medals and award certificates to 372 WANG Li and submarines.


China's submarine force is an elite force, first proposed by the Soviet Navy hands, one on one training together. The force was full to the Soviet Union, and Soviet submarines soldiers eat, live with the training, and then return home owned by construction, it can be said to be completely cloned Soviets. In such a way to grow, Chinese submarine forces on the one hand inherits the advantages of the Soviet Navy, it also inherited the neglect of underwater rescue weaknesses.

After the No. 418 submarine accident, the Chinese navy and work hard in 1960 to "underwater rescue, salvage," as a special task. Starting this year, the Navy at Hudong Shipyard has built a helium-oxygen lifeboat No. 930, No. 922 Zhonghua Shipyard built the salvage ship, and No. 946 offshore lifeboat. This series of specialized vessels in service, the protection of Chinese submarine combat capability has played a positive role.

925 Oe level


925 "Yongxing Island"

In experienced three major accidents at sea, especially after substantial growth in national, is currently in the field of underwater salvage, the Chinese navy has been growing rapidly, and with the United States to become the world's largest two "underwater salvage power." The country sent a small fleet consisting of three rescue boats to Indonesia, it is the manifestation of this ability. (Applause.)