Sanfu is a few decades, why do you want to die?Hanwu Emperor: Don't hate

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Sanfu is a few decades, why do you want to die?Hanwu Emperor: Don't hate

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Born men have no happiness, giving birth to women, no sanctal! - "Wei Queen Song"

Sanfu is full of warm, it is a legend, but helpless ending is sad, in a few decades, her destiny is closely related to the son and family.

The bomber is expensive, the honor and disgrace, the sanquen is not very unfortunately, the emperor will be in the same way, sometimes it is often only in the reverse of the moment, for the sanctar, glory, death But no one is asking, and it is not awkward.

Sanfu can jump from a small singer to the queen, this is an incredible thing, this is a lot of reasons, we will not let go of the details first.

But it is undeniable that this is not sluggable with the appearance of the sanquen.

How is the sanqu in a step from the singer to the Queen, which is indirectly from the help of Queen Chen Jiajiao.

"Golden House Tibet" This is the entanglement between Hanwu Emperor Liu Chee and Tao Tao (Han Jing Di Sister Liu Yu) and his female Chen Gan.

Emperor Wu Emperor Liu Che Eti, and less princess Liu Zhen's promotion, Liu Zhen, the power of the people attacked the calculation, and the Han Jingmi was in the period, she wanted to marry Gillian Liu Rong, but suffered Rejection to the prince of the borief of the prince,

Under angry, I gave a daughter to Liu Che, and I tried to promote Liu Jut when I was in place.

After Liu Chuan, Chen Jiajiao became the queen, but he could have not given the Hanwu Emperor to have a half-woman. .

At this time, Pingyang Princess grasps the time, cultivating some women in the government, and the emulatory museum Tao Gong Lord will dedicate it to the Emperor Wu Emperor.

Sanfu is the leader, an accidental opportunity, Han Wudi and Wei Shu, the story of the two is also launched.

After the sake sakes, the Sanfu went into the palace, and he attached great importance to the Emperor of Han Dynasty, and the status was jumped, and the pet was heard.

At this time, Chen Queu is also increasingly unsatisfactory, until the witch is abolished, then, the son of the son of the son, Liu is being established as a prince, and she has been established. For the queen.

Chen Antian is in the sanctal, it is an indispensable "leader" of her successful road. Chen Jiajiao has successfully promoted the upper position of Sanfu.

If Chen Jiajia can put low gestures and the Han Dynasty, it may not cause the original ending.

The road to the guard is a favorite, and the strong family behind him is inseparable.

Military strength is crucial to a country's strength and stability, and the Han Dynasty's life is great, and it is also obvious for military attention.

In many military talents, the younger brother from the sake of smelves and the exterior of the outside will prominently.

In the war of fighting with the Huns, the two can beat the Xiongnu, the extension of the territory can say that it is a sweat work. Although these credits are from self-reliability, they can get important and sneakers. It is also a thousand relationships.

Under this joint relationship, the status of Sanfu is also further consolidated, which is also an important reason for the shackles of Sanfu.

Why did you choose your own final destination in a successful life?

In the relationship between the emperor, one glory is full, and it is damaged. Sanfu finally selected his own, and his son Liu was directly related.

After born, Liu was born as a prince. This is a bright future, but how lasting changes.

After the Han Dynasty had another son, he gradually and Liu was discouraged, and his Weiqing and Huo went to the mountain were separated from the mountain.

Also instantly let Liu have isolated on the championship. This is the most competitive advantage in many emperors.

After that, Jiang Commun killed the "sin of the witch", and the sin of desire, why did not have any words, when it was forced to the desperation, Liu was against the war.

But eventually, due to weak strength, it was stagnied, so big reversed behavior was in the Han Dynasty.

Back in the palace, the sashil is also difficult to escape, so she choosed her own after the seize. The reason is not only the fear of accountability, but it is desperate to Han Dynasty.

Liu Yandu, the former year, Han Wudi completely, with the feelings of decades, and took a killing of the family of the Wei's family. After the family members were killed, the sanquin at this time is cold, life No love, living is also suffering, can only be free from suicide.


Sanfu's life can be described as a destiny, as the second queen of the Han Dynasty, with him for nearly 50 years.

But this is the end of the Han Wudi's distrust, and the killing of the family is also killed, and the sanctal is hurt, and finally desperate.

After death, it is only a grass burial, and the feelings of decades have not changed the last burial! I don't know if the Hanwu Emperor regrets whether the sanquin and his family are, whether the emperor is defending the emperor!