Zhu Xi did 22 years of emperor, why didn't you have a half-woman?

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Zhu Xi did 22 years of emperor, why didn't you have a half-woman?

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Since its inception, Ming Cheng Zhu Xi has not born and half women, causing many people's curiosity and guess, why is Zhu Xi parked on the road of "generation"? Before this, Zhu Xi had already had 9 children, but Zhu Xi as an emperor, such a result is in the emperor of the past, barely calculate it.

According to historical records, Zhu Xi has a total of four children who have seen it in the record, the smallest child (Zhu Gaoqi) was born in 1392, but the smallest child died in the past, then Zhu Xi is still Yan Wang. In this way, Zhu Xi did not be born in 32 years since 32 years old, not because of the emperor's 22 years after the birth, why is this?

Zhu Xi port

Zhu Xi's maternal and Korean tribute

In history, Zhu Xi's maternal mother is a mystery. His mother is the horse, but it is not a child after the horse. His maternal mother is now giving birth (one said), because Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Xiaoling, the Ma Queen, the prince Zhu Biao's mother, Li Wei, and 碽 碽.

This 碽 碽 rarely see the historical materials of the Ming Dynasty, her family has not recorded, and the early morning (it is said to be killed by Zhu Yuanzhang, in order to give the child to the horse). Now a lot of research guess, Zhu Xi's maternal should be Korean, this is Zhu Yuanzhang unwilling to see.

Zhu Yuanzhang has banned the Korean tribute to the Korean tribute, but when Zhu Xi gave the god of God, it was publicly requiring North Korea to provide Korean beauty. This probably worked with Zhu Xi's birth. Women see if they can be pregnant.

"Fish Lu Zhi's chaos" exposed Zhu Xi can't give birth to the end

Zhu Xi has to have a lot of North Korean Gonggong to enter the hometown. There are many people who have been sealed as a pee, such as: Qigui, Li Han, Shun Ren, Zhaoyi Li, Yu Lu, beauty Cui Wait. After the death of Xu Queen (Xu Da), the hometown was mastered after the death of Xu Queen (Xu Da). The palace of the Korean woman can be very powerful, and it is black enough.

In 1410, Zhu Xi took the right and expensive north, and did not expect to die, the death of the Diko, Jia Lu, another North Korea, Lu Wei, was poisoned, and this Zhu Xi is angry. All the palace women kill all, about 800 people.

In 1420, this Ju Lu and a fish's palace woman and a eunuch were diet, and he was told by others. This is not, the palace girl and eunuch have nothing to eat, this Zhu Xi's scorpion and eunuch food are big. Lu's and fish are dead, and Zhu Xi is anger to thoroughly investing this matter. The palace girls have biting each other, the more I get a big more and more, and finally more than 2,000 people have been killed by Zhu Xi. This is the so-called "fish Lu's chaos) caused by food.

In the record of Li's North Korea, record such a fact that "Li Dynasty Record" is recorded:

"Or there is a face of the emperor: your own Yang, so the young temple is a temper, why is it?"

This is a dialogue that I tried the Korean palace woman, meaning that Zhu Xi's own impotence, and thus there is a sin of eunuch. The temper here refers to the eunuch of castration.

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that Zhu Xi does not give birth to things after 32 years old, and the records of "North Korea Record" may not be all.

Zhu Xi pro


The author thought that Zhu Xi did not give birth to three points:

First, Zhu Xi is a director of the Dynasty, the defending of the North and Northeast of the Dynasty, and riding the battle, which caused the physical problems, mainly fertility.

Second, in addition, the "Jing" is more difficult, so that Zhu Xi is in a state of psychological and tight, and this psychological tension has never put down, leading to a large landslide in fertility, and cannot give birth. more serious.

Third, Zhu Xi has never put down the strategy of going to the northern Mongolia, and he will die on the way to see Mongolia.

In the records of various historical materials, Zhu Xi is tempered, and the murder is like a hemp, "Fish Luzhi" is involved in the murder, reflecting his anxious temper personality, which is the key to infertility.