What is the cause of the tragedy of the Guangdong Turkish big body?

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What is the cause of the tragedy of the Guangdong Turkish big body?

2022-01-11 18:07:42 33 ℃

The so-called "Tuger Building" is to refer to the battle between the local people in Guangdong and foreign guests, and the natives and guests have a fierce struggle and conflict because they are not the same race. Also known as "Targes Conflict", "Tu" Treasure Event.

The Tuer's large body has happened in many locations, which is more frequent: two wide areas (Guangdong and Guangxi Province), Xianglun District (Hunan Province and Jiangxi); secondly is the Yangtze River Delta region (in the north of Suzhou and Zhejiang) , Northeast region (there is only a small area).

Since the Ming Dynasty has occurred since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, such conflicts have continued to the end of the Qing Dynasty, which can be described as large and last time. Among them, the highest frequency of the Turklower is in the end of the Qing Dynasty, and time can be counted from the 1940s, until the end of the 19th century, that is, the history of these sixty years from 1840 to 1899. Location is Guangdong Province. This venue is called "Guangdong Tuer Big".

Every war will bring a certain impact. Property, even endanger life safety, whether it is a heavy injury.

Human life is only once, the loss of life, the imbalance of ecology, environmental pollution, and economic instability, etc., which have caused huge damage to each family.

The reasons why the native people and the guests are all species, and they are different. However, an important reason whose most ancient people's conflict is to invade the living homes, living in living, certainly not prone to conflicts. Therefore, one of the main reasons for conflicts is the competition for resources. If you return to the end, it is still around the word "interest", everything is because of the interests, including money, rights, etc.

The root cause of Tucharhea fighting in Guangdong is that the population growth, the survival pressure is too large

Everything has two sides, first talk about the profit growth. First of all, once the population grows, the labor force will increase, and the labor force can promote production. It will increase the promotion. This is an inevitable trend; second, the increase in population has eased the serious phenomenon of social aging. Can ease social pressure.

The population growth has a certain drawback because the resources on the earth are limited. As the population increases, the per capita resources will cut, the social development will imbalance, and too many people will lead to excess labor, unemployed population meeting Increase, so that the gap between the rich and the poor will pull it.

Hakka ancestors have a strong security and aggressive organization in the whole family, and men have strong security and aggressive organizations in the process of immigration. The "Hakka Warriors" from the small exercise can meet the migration and complete the migration.

Of course, Guangdong's indigenous people are not provoyed. It is famous for the history. It is not only for foreign guests, but there is a strong bullying between the family, the phenomenon of larger race bullying. Hakka has a bit fear.

The important reason for the domestic landlift of Guangdong is: the government's political corruption

Major historical events are inability of the 1840 Qing government. After the first opium war failed, a series of treaties were signed, and the land loss of the country, the people of the country, the disaster, and the disaster. Bring huge damage to the poor people. Continued was the aggression of the strong aggression after the Outburning of Taiping Tianzhi in 1851.

After the failure of the Second Opium War, most of the government's indemnity was borne by the Cantonese, and many years of civil war plus foreign aggression, which exhausted majority of wealth in Guangdong Province, and the gold and silver in China, the army is short, military is uniform , Make the Qing government and weakness. Guangdong Province is also a long-term turmoil, so that the migration of the guests and the dissatisfaction of the natives, and send together.

Other reasons for the Big Downtown, Guangdong is: racial discrimination

Guests, customs, etc. of native people in Guangdong Province, including language, customs, and more, and so on. The language of the native thinks that the language "is very horizontal" is "noisy". Although there are also learning local soil, it is not a native, and it is not a native.

The natives and their customs and habits are also very disgusted. Even the funeral etiquette of the guests, calling "weird" funeral, guests believe in Feng Shui, everything looks like to see how Feng Shui, then make decisions, this A tangible native is not satisfied, thinking is superstition.

The land is not the same race, although there is no difference in the difference, but because of the differences between the language customs, the natives of the native people are "critical and unreasonable ethnicity."

Guangdong Tuer's big buck is hundreds of casualties, and the corpse is wild, and it is terrible. Reflected its historical background. It seems a simple migration, but it is a great race battle.

Summary: The race battle is linked to the interests, and the tools between the natives and the guests are nothing more than their own interests and rights. Nowadays, the natives and guests have been peaceful. Some of the natives are married to the guests. Cantonese has also been popular, and the Hakka dialect has not been welcomed.

But the spirit of Hakka is still worth admire, the guests are likely to love the masses like Cantonese, everyone welcomes, with a long history and uncomfortable position.