Liu Watch has 4 major fierce, one person hits Zhang Liao, three people can fight Guan Yu, one person is odor

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Liu Watch has 4 major fierce, one person hits Zhang Liao, three people can fight Guan Yu, one person is odor

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During the three countries, there was a pure land. This land is the Jingxiangji-gun founded by Liu She. Because Liu Tang has soldiers, plus extraordinary rules, Jingzhou is a very prosperous governance by Liu Tuo, and it is a rare pure land in three countries. It is a lot of literati, counselor, and even many martial arts. Liu Form.

For Liu Tang, he is also the joint guardian of these counselors and military commanders, and can guarantee this pure earth in Jingzhou. However, this land of Jingzhou has gradually been income from Cao Cao because the death of Liu Tuo, the internal soldiers, and the military commander will also be divided by Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan.

According to historical records, Liu Wei is present in Jingzhou, Jingzhou still has 50,000 Majest 50,000, the water army is 80,000, and the money is also supported for more than a year. At the same time, the size of the ship has more than 7,000. Readers, you may wish to imagine, so many soldiers, money food, there are warships, even if they are only competing, they are enough to make Cao Cao to be difficult.

It is unfortunately, Liu Wei can't waste these universal resources in Jingzhou. If Liu Tang is in the world, I am afraid that Cao Cao is hard to entertaine. Others don't say, Single is the four major fiercements under Liu She 's hand, it is also difficult to make Cao Cao's struggles. Who they all? One person hurts Zhang Liao, three people can fight!

The Liu watch is so able to do so, do you really have three people fight? This is not fake, don't believe you look at their name, how is the record?

Which three people can fight?

First place: text

The literate is called the most loyal general of Liu Tuen, but this person is not only a full civilance, but he is also extremely loyal to Jingzhou. After Liu Wei announced the surrender, the literature is always unwilling to leave his house. Later, Cao Cao personally summoned the literature and asked him why he went to see the new owner. Text hires to answer: "I am waiting for the city, what is it coming?", Later cultivated by Cao Cao.

Then Cao Cao gave a literature army to let him continue to manage. After the battle between Chibi, Cao Cao appointed the text to be a Jiangxia, let him defend against Guan Yu, Sun Quan and others.

I have just finished the year, I have been in the year, and I am in the end of the year, and the three horses are fighting in Hubei. Guan Yu was called the invincibility of the world, but at the time, it was awe-ins. And in the later Hanjin, successfully attack Guan Yu's weight, but also destroy the battle of Guan Yu, can say that the face is light.

In a lot of attention, it seems that this thing will not happen to Guan Yu at all, but in history? He is a teach by a text. This is very embarrassing, but for the literature, this is the best case for refreshing personal records.

"Three Kingdoms · Wei Shu 18 · Wen Hire": Attack Yu Yu is more important than Hanjin, burning its ship in Jingcheng. If you don't read historical records, you may not believe that many people don't believe it, but this is indeed a real historical event.

So when is the task of attacking? From the records of "First Biver", it can be inferred that this thing is that before Guan Yu defeated Mai City, that is, it is very likely that there is a big arrogance, with one person's strength to face Sun Wu, Cao Wei two When the country is the strength!

Second: Huang Zhong

In 192, Huang Zhong was taken by Liu Tuan as Zhonglang. What does that mean? That is, when Liu Bei got Huang Zhongzhi, Huang Zhong has been nearly 17 years in Liu Tu account, but Huang Zhong is always idle because there is not much war under Liu. Therefore, there are very few people who know Huang Zhong's name.

Until the battle in Chibi, Liu Ban gang Yu immediately attacked Changsha, and Guan Yu found that the old Huang Zhong is indeed a talent. However, Huang Zhong at this time is already more than 50 years. If you lose in 17 years where Liu Tuo, Huang Zhong is also a Talents of the World. Unfortunately, this has become an old.

However, as Huang Zhong said: "Lian Po 70 has more yong", Huang Zhong is not divided into the battle between Changsha City and Guan Yu, even Guan Yu said that if he can defeat Huang Zhong.

And Huang Zhong still has a skill, that is, the first level of probe is like a probe, which is clearly seen from the middle of the boy, and Guan Yu is not good at arrow.

In other words, if Huang Zhongzhen wants to shoot off Yu Yu, it is not difficult to shoot. Perhaps Huang Zhong finds himself a life. After 50 years old, it is still just a passion, there is no size, and the world is not in the name of the name, so he is in the hands of Guan Yu, and later Huang Zhong shifts Liu Bei.

At the battle in Hanzhong, Huang Zhong killed Xia Houyuan, and was booked by Liu Bei, which is not willing to go to Liu Bei.

Third: Gan Ning

There is also a general general under Liu Tu, it is Gan Ning.

In 194, Gan Ning comes with more than 800 people to travel Liu, but Gan Ning is not working in Liu Tang for a few years. It may be up to 10 years before and after, and when I am attracting talents in East Wu Shuquan, Gan Ning decided. Going to Sun Quan.

Why are you going to go to Sun Quan? The reason is also very simple, because in Gan Ning's view, Although Liu Tuo is "one of the Eastern Han Dynasty", this person will not succumb to military, sooner will be destroyed by each pass.

In this way, Gan Ning gradually came to Sun Quan account.

From this, Liu Tu once missed a member, and whiten made Sun Quan a big and cheap. Later, Gan Ning was reused by Sun Quan in Dongwu! Because Zhou Yu, Lu Mun recognizes Gan Ning's talents, so in Sun Quan, Gan Ning directly has advanced.

In 215 years, Guan Yu is on Jiangdong Tiger, Gan Ning accompanyed the Damukuu Su Sui Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu.

Guan Yu was full of momentum, claiming to play upstream shallow water in the middle of the night, and his hand did not work. And what about Lu Su? Very taboo Guan Yu, if Guan Yu is really hit, then the consequences are not playing. At this time, Gan Ning took the initiative to ask: "Refers to you only need 800 people, let Guan Yu hit the river's plan, if you don't work!"

Lu Su immediately agreed to Gan Ning's request, allocated to Gan Ning 1000 soldiers, and Gan Ning quickly came to the upstream area to set up, and the military camp has been established on the shore. Guan Yu came upstream with a soldier at the time. He didn't expect himself that he would have been defeated. Gan Ning has already prepared, only have to retreat, two Tuan Yu, joint Liu Bei, and Sun Qigang branch Jizhou County.

Gan Ning's martial arts is strong enough. Sun Quan said that he has no Ya Yong, which is in Hefei, and it is also a descent of Sun. In Sun Quan's view, Gan Ning is also at least the general of Zhang Liao.

It is not difficult to see that the text hiring, Huang Zhong, Gan Ning, they are all rare generals under Liu Sheng. Just, Gan Ning follows Liu Tang for 10 years, Huang Zhong follows Liu Tang for 17 years, and the literature and follows Liu Tang 8 years, but their triple is not too big.

In fact, in addition to the text hiring, Huang Zhong, Gan Ning three fiercely, Liu Tu's account has a fierce, but this person is in history, who is he?

Yes, he is the fourth fierce, Wei Yan, who is going to say, Wei Yan.

Fourth: Wei Yan

Wei Yan, at first, the general of Liu Tu account, in the "Three Kingdoms Romance", once returned to the Wen Wars, the literature and hiring stop Liu Bei to enter Jingzhou, and Wei Yan is to force Liu Bei and the people enter Jingzhou. From this two, the two players before the city gate, and finally because Liu Bei retreated to the Jiangxia, Wei Yan will retrieve it with the literacy. So Wei Yan has to invest Han Xuan, with Huang Zhong jointly assisted a boss.

Anyway, in short, Wei Yan is indeed a gentleman. Just like the article, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan is not reused at Liu Tu, so Wei Yancai has kills Han Xuan's move, which is seen by Liu Bei, and then officially went to Liu Beiying account.

After joining Liu Bei, Wei Yan's record is also quite rich, and the war of Chuanchuan will kill the enemy. The battle in Hanzhong is excellent in performance. In the end, Wei Yan also was also held by Liu Bei Tiger to Han Zhongzhong, sitting in Town, China, mainly defending the North of Cao Wei.

However, Wei Yan's personality is so proud, and it actually stupidly counterattack Yang Yi after the death of Zhuge Liang. From this, Wei Yan was killed by the court, recorded in historical materials, although Wei Yan did not rebellion, but did not go to Cao Wei's meaning, but she took the troops to attack the compatriots, no matter what you hate with Yang Yi privately This is also in line with this publication.

Wei Yile hit the behavior, sitting on his reunion, and finally suffered from the tribal. If Wei Yanan is right, it is impossible to settle again. For Han Han, I am afraid I have to rewrite history. However, it is because Wei Yan, Wei Yan, who has taken the soldiers and counterattack Yang Yi, and is thus suffering thousands of years!