Han Di Liu Xie Zen gave Cao Yu to do it?I am very happy in my later years.

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Han Di Liu Xie Zen gave Cao Yu to do it?I am very happy in my later years.

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From a historical point of view, the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty is actually a very chaotic one year: what is the official, all the factions, and the 挟 天子 is all actually happened to the princes.

The emperor who is held is the Han Dynasty Liu Xie, and the person who holds him is Cao Cao. The emperor of Liu Xie is also "more difficult".

After all kinds of turmoil, after the Zen let the emperor, the Liu Xie and the lady have lived on a quiet and self-lived life. This situation is very rare in ancient last emperor, then how do he spend this life? ?


Han Di Liu Xie was born on April 2, 181, because the kings of Wang Meiren were killed, poisoning, and the Han Lingdi worried that Liu Xie was in the hometown, and he quickly sent Liu Xie to Dong Daihou. Han Lingmie looks at this and the children who are very like, will be named "Association". Since then, Liu Zie has grown up on the support of Dong Dai, as "Dong Hou".

I haven't waited for the Liu Xie to grow up, the Han Lingmie has been seriously ill, and when it is a prince. He Queen and the Han Ling also have a son, called Liu, and the age is still more than Liu Xie, but the arbitrarily acting a big behavior is far less than the young bodies Liu Xie, Liu Defested a light floating, and there is no emperor of the emperor.

And Liu Xie grew up in Dong Dai, and the small age of the small age, he was very popular, and he was deeply loved. He is not a scorpion, and it does not meet the rules of the Prince. In this way, the Han Lingmie has been hesitant to hesitate to do not deal with the prince candidates.

He is six years, April. Han Lingmili, the general of the generals, the elderly, Liu Zi, for the new emperor, is for the Han Emperor, Liu Zi Zong is sealed as the King of Bohai, and later replaced it as Chen Li.

Originally thought that Xiao Liu Association would stay away from the court disputes like this, and celebrated the rest. I didn't expect a huge change in the court. The spirit of the spirit of the spirit, all sent a wind, and the "outer trend" headed by the general general, the inner martial arts headed by Zhang Gui, began to compete for the power.

After being killed by the official, his ministry and the Si Lirian school Yuan Shao also took the soldiers, Yuan Shao also moved Dong Zhuo to save the soldiers, and the official hurt.

On the occasion of the chaotic, Zhang Guihe holds the Han Emperor and Liu Xie, escaped from the palace, just step on the face, encounter Dong Zhuo, which has three thousand iron rides. Dong Zhuo.

Where did Han Emperor have seen such a scene? He was scared to move, and he did not send. His insider and the Wen Chen did not dare to bother, and I was afraid that I lost my life.

Dong Zhuo asked the Han Di incident, and the Han Shaoi didn't say a complete, and only 9 years old Liu Xie showed a complete temperament. He answered Dong Zhuo. The problem, the cause of the whole event is clear, and even the behavior of Dong Zhuo does not understand the number of gifts.

Soon, Shang Shu Lu Zhi gave the army to catch up, killing the official Zhang Yun, paragraph. Liu Xie and Hanmidi were taken back to the palace.

Dong Zhuo very much appreciated Liu Xie, and the Directors who thought and adopt Liu Xie were the same as the same division. It also rationally also told the Liu Xie, and wanted to rely on the new emperor to control the power, so he decided to abolish the Emperor, and Li Zhu is the emperor.

傀儡 生 生

Dong Zhuo has been in charge of the army. The strength is not to be underestimated. He forced the Shandi Waste Siki Liu Hong. He is self-satisfied, the next day, the Han Di is abolished, and the Chen Li Wang is the new emperor, it is for the emperor, Liu Agriculture. In this nine-year-old Liu Xi Deh, the position of God, and is also destined to start the career of not peaceful.

Because Dong Zhuo is in turn, it is done, doing a bad thing. The state-of-law and Kandong princes are extremely dissatisfied with this, and we plan to fight troops to resist Dong Zhuo. In the three years, under the design of Situ, Dong Zhuo was assassinated by his part.

After Wang Yun success, because of his own idea, he can't forget the situation, and he can't stand the situation, and he was killed by Dong Zhuo, and Dong Zhuo Ministry will control Li Wei and Guo Wei.

Who will make a step? Li Wei, who was originally cooperative, Guo Wei two people allocated each other, not only did not reconcile, they also sent troops to mutual attack, but the inner fight continued, Chang'an City people did not rose, and tens of thousands of deaths. In the second year of Xingping, when Yang Feng and Dong Cheng were sent, they escaped from Chang'an and rushed all the way. Yu Jian'an arrived in Luoyang in the autumn of Jian'an, when Zhangzhou Mu Cao greeted him, Liu Association Cao Cao as Sik, and as he moved to Xuchang.

So Liu Zie has fallen into Cao Cao's hand, it has become a new emperor, but the people who have been pulled behind. Since then, Cao Cao Qi Liu Xie issued a order, and I want to achieve a wish of the world.

Although the Liu Xie did not control the power of the emperor from the first day, he would not mean that he would be willing.

With the age of age, he accepted the best of Cao Cao, so he made his first strive: he let Dong Cheng designed to kill Cao Cao, Dong Cheng shouted helping the hand Liu Bei, species, Wu Zilan, prince service, etc. to discuss countermeasures, The result is scheduled to expose, Cao Cao kills Dong Cheng, only Liu Bei runs out.

Just killing people is not enough, Cao Cao still wants to kill Dong Cheng's daughter - the Dong Gui people in the Harbor Palace.

Let's discourage the Liu Xie to discourage Cao Cao to not help, or watching Dong Gui, who has been pregnant, was killed.

After the Queen knew this matter, the day was awkward, she wrote to her father, I hope he can take over, kill Cao Cao. But I didn't dare to do it after the volush.

Cao Cao was soaring, and some people gave the Liu Xie to analyze the political situation. After Cao Cao, he will kill it directly. Afterwards, Cao Cao saw Liu Xie's attitude, Liu Cozen, and indoutioled: "Jun Ruo Can supplement, thicker; 不 不, hanging! "Cao Cao heard that the rebellion of Liu Xie was a long time for a long time. In the 19th year of Jian'an, the assassination of Fu Queu was exposed. Cao Cao took people directly to the palace of Liu Xie, asked him to abolish the Queen.

If you don't wait for Liu Xie, I will take it out to write a good written book in advance, and I will have a victory after Liu Xie's queen, and the Queen is closed, and even the two sons who will take her with Liu Xiangxiong. More than 100 people were killed.

Liu Xie has no powerless, his own life is difficult to preserve, this is the shame of the emperor, and the biggest sorrow.

Cao Cao experienced this policy, he was afraid, but he could not directly gopened, but also rely on the Liu Xie to make the princes, so he had to strengthen the control of Liu Xie.

After killing two ladies in Liu Xie, in order to facilitate control, I will marry the three daughters, Cao Xian, Cao Hua, and I will forced Liu Qi Li, Cao Jie, for the queen. In the year, Cao Cao was promoted to Wei Wang.

Enjoy the privilege of "playing unknown ministers, suffering from being At this step, Cao Cao is a completely empty space of the Liu Xie, the son of Cao Cao, the car service, the flag, the ritual music is in the sky, even his ancestral temple also refers to the regulation of the royal temple, Cao Cao's son is The book is sealed. Although Cao Cao, Cao Cao, although there is no name of the emperor, it can actually have an emperor.

However, even if Cao Cao has not paired, his ambition may even want to leave his son. In the twenty-five years of Jian'an, Cao Cao died, his son Cao Yu relaxed.

Due to the pre-paving of Cao Cao, the situation has now been stable, and it has arrived "time", the waste is replaced, and the people are.

In December, Cao Yu was forceding Liu Zhin to let the emperor, and I still played a "name" in front of the people.

First, let Liu Xie take the initiative to put forward the Zen to let the emperor, and he will resign again, so that you will not carry the name.

After the Zen, I don't ask the political affairs, and I am in my later years.

Liu Xie did enough emperor, promised to let Zen. Cao Yu also kills Liu Xie, but also sea Yang Gong: "Feng Emperor is a mountain, Yu 10,000, located on the princes."

Liu Xie took Queen Cao Festival to the mountains, stayed away from the pilgrimage of the sly and bloody wind.

Unexpectedly, there was an individual talent of the Liu Association here. Liu Zhuzhu is not good in a small body, and he has learned a superb medical skill in the palace for a long time.

When I first came to the mountain, I saw the people's life and the poor, the food is not enough. Liu Xie took off the luxury costumes of Mountain Yanggong, integrated into the people, for them for free, Mrs. Cao Festival is also very diligent, husband and wife often go to Yuntai Mountain Drug. The people are respectful for their gratitude to them, respecting them as "Longfeng Doctor", respect for parents.

In addition to medical treatment, Liu Xie also opened a school. At the beginning of Huang, the Liu Xie couples see the old school building of Shanyang. The child does not have a good reading environment. The children of the poor are even more reading. So they built a school, hired teachers, announced that no matter the children of the rich, they can accept education, and the children of poor people also have a chance to read.

During the Changshuo, Liu Zhanzhi, the leader of the mountains and the people of the mountains went to the peak of prosperity. He gave the mountains to the well, everyone loves them, and Liu Xie found himself real value.

After more than ten years of recuperation, the people of the mountains lived on happiness, the people were prosperous, and homes.

The people renamed Liu Xie as "adults", renamed the Queen Cao Jie as "beauty", respecting his two for parents, brings to "big", "beauty".

Over time, the folk did it, and the time of contemporary focus (Shanyang) also said that his parents were called like this, and they can see how much influence.

In the past year, Mrs. Liu Xie and Mrs. Cao Festival lived with the people, helping people to solve the sleep, and the children and grandchildren enjoy a lot of life. He often goes to the hundred rock game around, and appreciate the scenery. For the "Han Dynasty". I don't know how many times the emperor is happy, live more than Cao Yu time.

Wei Mingdi Qinglong two years, Liu Association is separated, and the etiquette of Han Si Zi is buried in Zen. The number is filial piety.

Shanyang people cry, and the long team is funeral, in order to facilitate sacrifices, but also specialize in the mountains of Shanyang. Moreover, many mausoleum will be stolen by the future, only the Zen Ling of Liu Xie's Zenling is complete because there are people's guardian retention.

The life after Liu Zhin is really aware of his own meaning. He is also the most happy people in many deaths.