The pig's eight ring is degraded to the virtual just just that he turns so simple?In fact, it is related to the monkey!

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The pig's eight ring is degraded to the virtual just just that he turns so simple?In fact, it is related to the monkey!

2022-01-11 18:08:25 22 ℃

Welcome to the poetry song, appreciate the poetry, let's talk about the interesting things in the "Journey to the West", purely entertainment, does not represent academic research!

This article is the 019th issue of the Westward Journey

These two days of Xiaobian have been writing pig eightfits. I am thinking that this year is just a pig year, and then Xiao Bian also likes the character of pig's eightfits, and then write a story about pig eightfits! Everyone looks at the official melon beverage mineral water back!

In the previous article, we analyzed that the pig's eight ring was sealed as "net messengers". The first person is the problem that the people who are looking for. Xiaobian is also open, and it is also an income of many information. Understand this matter, the little friends who want to know are paying attention to me.

After finishing the outcome of the pig's eight rings, we will look at the pig's eight-way start.

The opening of the pig's eightfits is still more advantageous, because the love of Yu Emperor is often accompanied by the secretary. Yu Emperor is afraid that the secretary is unreliable, and he also seals his "Tianbun Marshal", and it is in charge of the 80,000 Water Army of Tiand. The red man around Yudi, who is in the world! It can be said that the start of the pig eight games is quite smooth!

But the good scene is not long, "Tiaolian Marshal" is more than a few glasses of wine, he drinks too much! It's too much to sleep, but he is not, I don't want to find 嫦 (from this point of view, 嫦娥 is definitely the true love of the Marshal Marshal, I don't know if you have experience, when you drink more, It is often wanted to call the girl to be the most memorable person in my heart.)

Tian Bon Marshal made the tricks, nor did the heart of the sister. It is the same as that, I have been listening to it. I was hit a small report to Yumi, so the "Tianshu Marshal" directly dropped from the heavens to the pig circle, and we didn't study when he was the back of the head and the brain. First, anyway, he has become a fat father in the handsome guy.

Everyone will definitely think, or if he is toned, he will not be degraded. If you blame him, he shouldn't drink, and it will be drama! Is it just because he is the martyrdom that is not so simple? The careful readers may also pay attention to the Pig Ba Rings once said in Gao Lizhuang and Sun Wukong:

"Hey! You are in the martial arts, when you hit the disaster, I don't know how much I have, come and deceive this today!"

Pay attention to the phrase of the pig's eightfrange "I don't know how much I have, I will come here again!" Why is it tired, bully him!

Obviously, this sentence is awkward!

Even when Sun Wukong is big, he is not met with the pig eight rings, and it is not tired! Maybe the problem is in the big mountain palace of Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was big in the same year. Yumi's descendant

But far in Lingshan's Buddha boss, the Buddha will descend! Yu Emperor is very angry, but also feels no face! His gas does not hit one place. At the time of the pig, the pig is still the Marshal Marshal, is the most effective secretary next to Jade Emperor. When we open, we have already explained!

Such a strong secretary is in the boss, there is no way, this is not like, the official is basically finished! In addition, Jade Emperor is also angry in the unhappiness of the gods.

Yu Emperor is very angry, the consequences are very serious!

The pig's eight rings he was looking for a unlucky. After the Anteni Conference, he drank some wine and went to the sister. Yu Emperor was in the air, and he wanted to hear this pig after learning this. Life.

Therefore, the big martyrdom of Sun Wukong is the important group of him being caught. It is also no wonder that the pig's eightfay will talk to the monkey. It is not just that he turns it so simple!

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