The Jews were all accepted by the Middle East, but why did the World War I have been slaughtered?

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The Jews were all accepted by the Middle East, but why did the World War I have been slaughtered?

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As the most famous wandering nation in the world, the most famous labels have been "good at business" and "rich". However, after the Jews of Jews in the Middle East, Jews added a label on the basis of "rich": "good war".


This is true. From the moment in 1948, the population is only a few million, the land area is not enough 30,000 square kilometers of small Israel, which has launched many war with many Arab countries in the Middle East.

And the result of the war is even more popular. If the two parties of the war, if it is simple to compare strength, it is not enough to describe it. Israel so far, the population is not more than 10 million, and as the Jews of the main nation, there are millions of zones.

And their opponents Arab countries have 400 million people and thousands of square kilometers. At the same time, these Middle Eastern countries are extremely rich due to extreme oil resources contained in the Middle East.

Therefore, even if the industry and technology strength is not as good as Jews, the Arab countries in the Middle East are not inferior to the Israeli army.

However, in such a contrast of extremely disparity, the resources and population of the Arabian national zero-headed Israel have achieved the victory of war again and again.

Three Middle Eastern War

The most exaggerated thing is that 5 Middle East War, Israel is still a victory. Israel not only defeated the Arab coalition in the military, but also expanded to the territory in the victory of the war again.

Today, Israel, with millions of people and poor and small land, not only becoming the unsuved military power in the Middle East, but the Jews also created the amazing industrial and scientific achievements on this desert.

Although behind the 5th Middle East War Israel's victory, there have been support for Western countries such as the United States. However, the Israelites can win the powerful comparison of the Middle East war again and again, and the Jews are enough to fight for a good battle, and it is also extremely critical.

It is strange that the Jews have become a slaughtered lazy laze in Europe in the Middle East and playing all the unveired people in the Middle East.

In the 1930s, Hitler leaps to become German rulers with powerful capabilities and incitement capabilities. The Titler's platform also means that the situation faced by the Jews moved down.

Nazi Germany largest layout

Because Hitler, which has strong perspective, began to crazyly crowded the Jews. This kind of anti-still thinking is completely achieved in World War II.

At that time, Germany, Germany, not only set off the second world war, but also launched the attack on most countries of Europe, and Hitler also began to the Jews of the Jews on the European occupying area.

According to statistics, in just a few years, by 1945 Nazi Germany destroyed, the Germans were over 5 million in the concentration camp slaughter Jew.

At that time, the Jews in the world had only 15 million, that is, in just a few years, Hitler killed one-third of the Jews in the world. Nazi Germany's fierceness of the Jews massacre, is also known in the history of the war of human thoughts.

However, when millions of compatriots face the murder of the Germans, when the entire nation faces the crisis of life and death, the Jews in the Second World War II seem to be very weak. It is more short of Germans.

Nazi Germany concentration

Millions of Jews seem to have no resistance to the neck of the German's butcher knife. This seems to be very different from the Jews who are brave and good in the Middle East.

Why did the Jews face the slaughter? Is it because the Germany is too strong, is it unable to resist?

It doesn't seem. At that time, the Germany was strong, but also swept in Europe, but in the non-native region occupied by Germany, the resistance of the local nation has always been able to stop.

At that time, whether it was rapidly surrendered by France, it was the earliest Eastern European countries, including the Soviende area that has been fighting, and the guerrillas against Germany have been very active.

The most cattle Yugoslavia is also a miracle that created the enemy war in the German. At that time, the Yugoslav Communist guerrilla leaders, not only in the enemy, but also stronger.

By 1943, the Yugoslav guerrilla not only has 250,000 huge strength, but also has built more than 130,000 square kilometers of liberation areas, accounting for nearly half of the total population of Yugoslavia.


Even the Yugoslav guerrillas fighting behind the enemy, but also built its own armored troops and civil works.

Therefore, although the Nazi Germany during the World War II, it is not a battle, for the rule of the huge occupation area, there is no closure of the rigid seam.

Then, when the butcher of Nazi Germany has already extended to the Jews, the Jews face the slaughter even when the surrender is not available, why didn't it be as heroism like their consecutive generation, hit a hit?

First of all, it is also the most critical, Jews's heroic warfare is actually relative.

After the founding of the country in the Middle East in 1948, the Jews consisting of the Israeli army in the local area, the invincible, showing unparalleled attack power and combat power.

However, the Premise of this "invincible for the world" of the Israeli army, in fact, is a strong country in the Middle East. Arabian countries

After World War II, although the Middle East is as independent like the vast majority of colonial colonial areas in the world. However, due to many reasons such as history, religion, culture, including the Middle East, the unique natural environment mainly based on the desert, so that although all countries in the Middle East are rich, there is no country to successfully establish their own industrial system.

Moreover, since most Arab countries are not in military dictatorship, they are monarchy, so the level of education and cultural levels in these Arab countries are also lacking.

Therefore, with mining oil, the Middle Eastern Arab countries are all wrapped around, rich in effort, and bought a strong army with these sputum.

However, due to the low quality of the Arab national army, high-quality talents are seriously lacking, equipped with the Arab national army in the world's most advanced conventional weapons, but there is no ability to manipulate these advanced weapons.

Israeli territory

Two Iraq is the most typical example. In 1980, Iran and Iraq broke out, this war has been 8 years old, the fierce casualties of the two sides, the heavy casualties have created the most in the Middle East countries.

However, this casualty is more than a million big blend, although the two parties have advanced weapons, the two sides eventually become a big rotation. Some people even describe the two Iraqs to "use a modern weapon to play a medieval war".

Therefore, although the Arab countries in the Middle East are rich enough, equipment is also sufficiently advanced. However, due to command level, high quality talents, the weakness of the military combat will, these countries are very worries.

Their combat power is far from making the power of the advanced weapon of the equipment. And this is the most important reason to play the brilliant results in the 5 Middle East War - the opponent is really too dish.

And it is worth mentioning that even if it is facing such an opponent, Israel is not smooth. In fact, all the Middle Eastern War, the United States not only stood behind the Jews, from the soldiers, from the weapons, even, when Israel, in the face of unfavorable situation, did not hesitate to interfere.

Two Yi War

Therefore, Jewish Israel is invincible in the Middle East, and some extent can also be described in "there is no tiger in the mountains".

The Jews consisting of Israeli military combat effectiveness is not weak, and equipment is also very advanced. However, this army did not really have more than the world's big country and strong country, and did not pass through the truly cruel battlefield. Therefore, the Israeli army truly faces the combat power when the world's first-class military power is doubt, and it is also necessary to make a discount.

Second, the Jews have a small proportion of Europe at the time, and is a veritable minority, and does not have the conditions for establishing a base.

As we all know, the Jews are a wandering nation. In 2000, the Jews lost their own country. After the world began to wandering, the Jews did not have their own homes.

The Jews in Europe are also true. At that time, although the Jews were all over European countries, they have always been in the identity of heterogeneous and ethnic minorities.

The proportion of the European Jews has always been a minimum of population in various countries, accounting for only the zero head of the country. Such a nation that is very small and distributed is extremely dispersed. Even if there is a heart resistance, it is simply unable to gather, let alone establish the base.


Again, the Jews during the World War II were actually unwelcome in Europe, so they did not respond to the base of the masses.

Why can the Nazi Party in Hitler? In fact, it is largely, from Europe, which is very popular, and very common.

Therefore, at the time in Europe, Germany although the most powerful country, this did not mean how friendly in other countries.

Due to the many reasons such as religion, nation, wealth allocation, plus Jews consistent greedy images, the current situation in Europe is: Most European people have a relatively resentment of Jews, at least close.

Although this attitude does not reach the next step forward, for most Europeans, Jews are obviously not so welcome.

Therefore, it is a minority, and is not supported by the local people. What is the opportunity to resist the Jews?


Finally, the Jews during World War II did not recognize and strong leadership. This makes hundreds of millions of Jews, have been in a piece of shared sand, and there is no situation in the group, which further increases the difficulty of the Jews.

Although the Jews and wealthy is known for their business, it is still a very small number of Jews, in fact, the rich man is still a very few, most Jews are still ordinary people.

Due to the wandering in the millennium, the Jews lived too much, so although there were Jewish international organizations such as Jews in the Second World War II, it didn't have the ability to lead all Jews, and they didn't receive most of the Jews. Accreditation.

More importantly, when Nazi Germany set off an anti-moisture, the Jews rich in the richness of the rich will find ways to immigrate, leaving Germany and German regions. Most of the rest are no money, no position, and universal ordinary Jewish people. Have the opportunity, and the Sworms who have the strength also have immigrants, and there is no one in the ordinary Jewish people in the sand. Naturally, there is no chance to arouse the slaughter of Nazi Germany.


Why is the Jews after the founding of the People's Republic of China? One of the key factors is because the Jews at the time are no longer a piece of shackles, but have a country that belongs to their own country, they have the goals and directions of struggle and sacrifice. But during the Second World War, the Jews throughout European wandering obviously did not have such conditions.

In fact, when millions of Jews were slaughtered, although most Jews did not have the opportunity to fight against German slaughter, they were not all.

At that time, there was a Jewish figure in the guerrillas and anti-fascist sports in the German occupied area. In 1943, the Jews in Warsawa faced a riser when the Saurus of Germany was launched.

The Oswegin concentration camp that slaughtered millions of Jews

Moreover, even after being associated with Germany, although the Jews who were forced to work in Germany, they were still trying to resist Germany's rule. For example, to make the Jews of the German shells, they often sneak the shells.

However, although the Jews who were killed in the World War II did not resist, it was generally, this kind of resistance was weak. For huge continental continent, it was almost ignored for Nazi Germany.

This situation has occurred. On the one hand, because the Jews are not popular in Europe, even universally accepted, there is no masses found that on the other hand, the Jewish nation is difficult as a wandering nation, there is no motherland and unified leadership core, it is difficult to carry out Effective resistance.

What's more, the power of Nazi Germany is strong, far from the "War Five Slag" Arab countries can be compared. Therefore, under the joint role of various reasons, nearly 6 million Jews were launched by Nazi Germany in just a few years, but they did not receive much resistance.


On the contrary, after leaving the terrorist land of Europe, the Jews of the Jewish, the Jewish, the Jewish, the mid-Middle East, and the madness of the madly slaughtered, and the Jews of the pain, soon, she quickly "heroism" Week.