The old man claimed to be the child and the son of the eagerness, and the surname was buried for many years.

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The old man claimed to be the child and the son of the eagerness, and the surname was buried for many years.

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It's Herch Yangyang, the name of the legend, but it is not a dusty sand, it is natural.

Those who influented social development, time changing, also precipitated in the long-lasting years of history, and finally can't afford the waves, but those stories are still here.

The Qing Dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in my country, which is destroyed, indicating that my country has entered a new era, new historical development.

As the Emperor of the last generation, in the history evolution, playing the most important role, but also a tragic color.

As the emperor, the Emperor enjoys the rich, and he as a fashion, the emperor of the wind and rain, and it is not worthy of himself.

Today, it is still concerned about his all kinds of rumors after he die, and more people claim to be the child of him.

This person said that this has been embedded for many years. I just want to low-key to the end, but I can't help but show it, just to clarify.

According to 溥 溥 自己, he has no fertility, then what is going on?

溥 溥 is born in the late Qing Dynasty, it is in the endless period, there is a strong enemy, there is a sense of worries, and the rumor is floating.

He has three three rounds of life, three times to the emperor, but also three times, repeatedly fled, and he helped the countries, but they could not obtain foreign aid.

溥 溥 3-year-old landing, from now on, the road of sorrowful end of the emperor.

溥 溥 基 基 基 是 是 段 存 作为 作为 存 存 存 存 作为 存 作为 存 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 般 作为 般 般 般 作为 权利 到 权利 权利. 权利 权利 权利 权利

Even if Cixi died, he made his father to regenerate, but the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty is complicated, and his father and son can't really control the DPRK.

After the exploration of the 1911, the six-year-old 溥 溥 is rushing to the emperor, the Qing dynasty is over, and Yu Yi has also become a king of the country.

In July 1917, Zhang Qunband has tried his military and supporting a thin instrument.

In fact, he is also a lot of ambition Zhao Zhao, attempting to "天子".

However, this reset 溥 溥, but it is just a half-month "emperor", soon, in Duan Qirui, "retreat" again.

The Qing Dynasty is destroyed, and historical innovation has become inevitable.

溥 溥 不 甘 无 无 事,, 王 王 王 朝 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 朝 王 王 大 大 大 大

But it is difficult to know that there is still a matter of man's income, after all, the right to be hand-made and rich, even if it is lost, I still want to continue to maintain this honor and rich.

Therefore, the queue after the second "retreat", found the Japanese army, want to dance with the wolf, trying to restore the glory of "Love Xinjue Luo".

On September 18, 1931, the Japanese army launched the "Ninth Eight Eighteen Incident" and began to fully invade China.

At this time, the 溥 溥 has been colluded with the Japanese army. On March 1, 1932, he announced the establishment of "Puppet Manchuria", and the thin instrument tied to "Emperor" again, called "Kant Emperor".

Since then, Qiyi has lived in the surveillance of Japanese, until the War of the Anti-Japanese War, August 1945, Japan surrendered, and 溥 溥 has also been captured by the Soviet Red Army, and brought it to the Soviet Union to enter prison.

Until the Soviet Union was transferred to the Chinese government from August 1, 1950, and the 溥 溥 溥 溥 次 提 次 次 次 次 次 次 次 溥 次 溥 溥 溥 溥 溥 溥 溥

During the next decade, 溥 溥 溥 管理 战 管理 管理 管理 管理 管理 改 获 获 获 获 获 获 获 获 获 12 12 获 获 获...... 12. 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 获

After released afterwards, I was working in the Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, followed by work to the National People's Political Consultative Conference.

On October 17, 1968, Ziyi was died of with uremia, and the year was 61 years old. He turned into the Huanglong Royal Cemetery in the Qingxi Maushan after Babao Mountain.

At this point, it is ended here.

溥 溥 子 谜

Thin instruments have been married four times, and there are five women who are related to him. The most known is that in 1922, he also jealousy and embroidery.

However, from these historical materials, we can learn that these women have no birth to any son.

There have been rumors that the Queen is eager to pass through the guards, and have a baby girl, but it is killed by anger.

Moreover, 溥 溥 has personally "my first half" book, but not only recorded the life of his ups and downs, but also talks about him without fertility, and also embarrassing the scandals of the private guards of the sea.

This seems to have been confirmed from the side, and the incident of the baby girl and the born baby girl.

Even someone else, satisfying the world's curiosity of the "Emperor and Hao" court life, and specially published a book of "the last emperor and the post".

The book is talking about the court's secrets, especially the "emperor" and "resentment" of "posts".

Especially in detail the details of the self-contained guards, it is talked about the information about the "private life chaos" between the people.

From the information, and the 溥 溥 自己 亲 口 口 口 表 他 他 没有 没有 没有 没有 子 子 子 子 子 子.

From "Wild History", it also talks about the nature of the child, and the old man who is born is a baby girl, but it is a male, which seems to be, this old man is more like a speech. Non-commentary.

True and false "Crown Prince"

The old man who claims to be "溥 溥 与 容 之", called Wang Yibin, said that from a small raising his father, it is the man's hand, has been protecting him.

It was in the same year, but when the time was unclear, they were unclear, they were subject to the Japanese, and they were sneaked with their hands and sneaked him.

Moreover, in order not to cause Japanese suspicion, 溥 溥 deliberately released "there is no fertility" and "容 私 私" smoke bomb, is to cover the child's peace.

Wang Yibin also said that from the little parenting father, he must have a life of his life, such as a bottle, hidden surname.

However, he really can't bear to "smear", "smear", which is, for her, so that she decided to stand and uncover the truth of the facts.

Looking at Wang Yibin said that his head is a way, it seems quite reasonable, and some people want to pass DNA verification by comparing him with the hair, see if he said.

However, this idea is destined to implement, after all, the hair is stored in the museum, which is already precious, and it is not lost.

Furthermore, if this precedent is opened, after the source of "royal descendants", it requires how to deal with DNA.

Therefore, verify the true and false problem of "溥 溥 与 容", you can't.


As the last emperor, he has experienced the death of the old era. He witnessed the rise of the new era. He is also quite legendary.

People die as lighting, his work is not to talk about it, now the "royal descendants" appeared from time to time, but it is good to invest in the world, blogging.

For the words "Huang Prince", it is more like a joke, talking, it is not necessary.

After all, the Qing government has also been killed for so many years, and there is another meaning of "royal descendants".