The first "drug" in the big man, sacrificed 2000 girls exchanged the Han Dynasty 400 years

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The first "drug" in the big man, sacrificed 2000 girls exchanged the Han Dynasty 400 years

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Chen Ping


The late Qin, there is a rich man called Zhang negative.

The old man a lifetime of struggle, now in exchange for a houseful of gold and silver stands to reason that it should be a good enjoy life.

Zhang bothering children may have, in any case does not fit, it is his granddaughter.

It is not because he did not like his granddaughter, on the contrary, Mr. Chang was the granddaughter of a lot of trouble.

Attached to her husband found a five, but this marriage five men are dead.

Zhang mind to wonder: Bennett Mother of steel to Make it? Intuit hard life, right? After that who would dare to you?

A prophecy, hundreds of miles of a matchmaker Zhang heard that the girl turned away, there is simply no answer alone.


Zhang personally only, where there is large-scale activities weddings marriage shop opened, Mr. Chang have worked tirelessly to attend.

A purpose, to find a man to his granddaughter.


Heaven pays off, and finally at a funeral, Zhang found a target.

This guy called Chen Ping, looks very handsome, a find was a single dog.

So after the event, Zhang Chen Ping came to the end with his family.

All eyes see, Zhang suck down a cold lump:

This is where people live it? It is also too poor?

Thatched cottages right on you, even the doors are not directly linked to a piece of broken mat live together.

Suck even more is that this guy Chen Ping twenties who also followed his brother to live with a family dozens of acres of land he had never touched it hoe.

Do farm work? work to earn a living?

This life impossible.

If you are like most people see this estimate turned left.

But Zhang is Zhang, look quite sinister.

He could easily see Chen Ping family in front of a lot of ruts.

At this moment, Zhang Holmes possessed: Chen Ping though a pauper, but not an ordinary poor.

Very simple ah, a pauper how there are so many open car child's play come to him?

An often talk to children open car people together who may never how he was a pauper?

At that time, Zhang decided: this kid is my grandson up.


But this decision at a family meeting on a proposed, it was the collective opposition:

Father, you are not old and confused? Chen Ping, this kid keening famous couch potato and a poor one can pull down the county's GDP, which is you put our family's daughter pushed into the pit of fire ah.

But Zhang matter so much, he believed that Chen Ping will be able to succeed.

So at the insistence of Mr. Chang, a do not fly in the eyes of others out of the poverty reduction target and a broom star names combined.

Also strange, Chen Ping did not like his predecessors before several of the same stretch stare, hand, more and more strong.

Anyway, Lao Zhangren family money, Chen Ping is throw off the arm running all the way on the idle Star Splashed boulevard.

Tea cards is all right to make friends brag force.

"Tour Day wide"

On one occasion, the neighborhood gathering place, to divide the meat to area residents, we can usually have busy farm work, who has the spare time?

So, the task falls on the shoulders of Chen Ping.

Chen Ping does not live up, the use of skilled knife, quickly and accurately put a bunch of meat fair to the hands of every head of household.

We all have to applaud as Chen Ping: you can not see the kid there this hand?

Chen Pingqian virtual waved his hand: What is this thing? If one day I rule the world, huh .......

"Slaughter the world was flat, and as is the meat."

Meat points incident to Chen Pingxin heart rose, gradually, he no longer satisfied with the meat., Mediate neighborhood disputes these tedious little thing:

This is a big man all day with a bunch of old bitch child mixed ass future, my dream is to sea stars ah.

So, Chen Ping packed up toward the outside world off.


Chan migrant first station is defected king blame.

Can not long, Chan discovered that the king is a silly X blame the boss.

The more valuable advice to give him more he does not accept.

Follow this ass boss promising.

So, Chen Ping switched to the then most powerful but also more promising Chu large group.

Chu large group at that time when the family is Xiang Yu.

But soon, Chen Ping Xiang Yu also found that though a great skill, but too emotional, very difficult to get along.

So, Chen Ping can only continue to look at home.

This time, Chen Ping, Liu Bang is aimed at start-ups.

Liu Bang

Liu Chan resume after reading very excited:

This is my experience with similar too, right?

I am a poor peasant, you are forced poor; I quote of the year when the case is a real man [], [your kid's slogan is too flat to make the world slaughter, and as a meat carry on. ] It seems that we are destined to be together.

In this way, these two middle-aged men hit it off.


Watching their boss Chen Ping, the emotional balance to tilt the body, has been following some of the small partner jealous of Liu Bang began.

Guan Ying called the start of a crazy Pa Chan's black history to Liu Bang snitch:

Chen Ping This stock is not a good bird, you do not be careful, be careful injured.

Liu said: There was talk based on.

Guan Ying said: It is said that Chen Ping an affair with his sister-in-law, and this revolution people do not stand firm, constantly change jobs, you can guarantee that he ye faithful; even more exasperating is that he has charged his men of bribery, is a shameless guilty of corruption .

"绛侯, 婴 等 等 谗 谗: Chen Weiling family, stolen; Chen Wenping suffers from gold, gold and multiple are good, and the golden people have worse. So Han Doubted." Liu Bang called Chen Ping: You are talking to you. I don't care, I don't ask you before, I don't ask, but I have to explain your corruption bribery.

Chen Ping said: Boss, I will tell you a real story.

Liu Bang agreed.

Chen Ping is a "performance" in a tear of a nose: I came to our company to interview, it was a boat. I didn't expect to meet a black-hearted boat, I want to clean up me. In order to let him believe that I am a poor egg, I will take off my clothes to help him boater.

You talk, I am in this way, I am not corrupt, can I live? Don't my wife's baby eat?

Liu Bang was silent, and he took his hand to let Chen Ping left. He never said it later.


In May 203 BC, Liu Bang was trapped in Yanyang by Xiang Yu, and it was a fart.

Chen Ping gave Liu Bang out of his mind: "Please write a fraud to the overlord, and ask him to see him in the East Gate. We will find a way to introduce him in the west, north, and South. In this way, the king can rush out from West Gate. "

Liu Bang agreed.

In a short while, Chen Ping also led Liu Bang, and said: "" "" "

The next day, the sky was still not bright, and the Han army opened the east gate. Chen Ping sent two thousand girls, a group of out of the east gate.

South, West, North Gate Chu Bing, one listened to the east gate, all beautiful women, will strive to swim to the east gate, grab the beauty.

Then, the Junxin is loaded into Liu Bang, and the Han Wang car will drop to Xiang Yu.

The Chu army of the surrounding city has ran to Dongcheng to see Liu Bang, and the sound of long lives is over, the Yicheng of Yanyang is relaxing.

Liu Bang also took this opportunity to escape from West Gate under the night.

As for the 2000 girls and the credit, there is no doubt that I have become the soul of the Chu army.

The Han Jun hunger strike, is the two thousand people in the east gate of the woman, and the Chu is hit four. The general letter is king, fraudulent is Hanwang, and Chu, Chu is all old, the city's Dongguan, with the Han Wang, and dozens of ride out of the West.

On the historical book, there is only a few words for Chen Ping's policy, but it does not affect the poisonous spicy of this policy.


In 1958 BC, Liu Bang is so angry.

But as a big company's boss, I want to leave this world in An An quiet. It is not so easy.

Some people say to Liu Bang: Boss, you die, Fan Wei, it is estimated that you have to kill your favorite son Liu Ruyi, because he is worn with Lu's pants.

At this time, Fan Wei is fighting with the rebellious Yan Wang Lu, who will think so, is there still a knife behind?

Liu Bang heard the vision of this small report: Chen Ping, you and Zhou Bo together, collect Fan Wei's military right, then bring his head back.

After receiving this task, Chen Ping started a small abacus in his mind:

Is it true to kill Fan? His wife, but the sister of Lu (XU), in other words, Fan Wei and the boss are actually even.

I have to kill Fan, after coming back, even if the boss doesn't say, Lu Lu still can't fight with me?

Zhou Bo

Therefore, Chen Ping on the road said with Zhou Bud: Fan Wei followed the old man in the boss from the beginning, and the leader of the horses were ranked before, and it was relatives. Now, the boss will impulse him for a while, but if you repeat it again?

Zhou Bo is a rough man who is born. Which is so many flower intestines, asking Chen Ping:

Then do you say it? The task of the boss explains, it is not good, it is not good.

Chen Ping said: You listen to me, after I go, I will grab Fan Wei, then send it to the boss, let the boss do it hard to handle?

Zhou Boteds agreed.

So the two were fans, and they turned to Changan.

I just walked to the halfway, I heard the news of the boss.

Chen Pingxin is tight: End of the scorpion, the boss is dead, I have never relying on the mountain. I will definitely be a master right. Lu Wei doesn't know that Fan Wei is not dead. If she goes to her sister, I will tell my shape. Say that I killed Fan Wei, I have a few brains enough to have a woman who hacks?

Immediately decided, let the people put a prisoner and slowly walk, and he quickly rushed back to Changan to make things care about it.


Chen Ping has not returned to Chang'an, and there is a notice, so that he rushed to Yangyang to go with the baby.

It is estimated that this command is Liu Bang sent before the throat. Liu Bang also knew that he was killed, and he would never let Chen Ping, so he sent Chen Ping to Yanyang.

After all, I have a military in my hand. Even if I have to pay attention to Chen Ping.

Can Chen Ping did not do it in accordance with the legacy of the boss, but the horses whipped in Chang'an City:

Big brother, you are dead, I can't hold me in the future, Luhou wants to kill me, it is a minute, I must have the woman's thigh.

After I saw Lu, Chen Ping cried and expressed his pain and regret that he didn't see the last side of the big brother. He followed the report of his handling of Fan Wei.

Luhou is very happy: Your thing is still very beautiful, it will express it in the future, there is a lot in the heart, you will not treat you.

After Lu

Chen Ping followed a request: the big brother let me go to Yangyang, but I don't want to go, let me bring someone to guard the Inner Palace. Luhou said: Ok, you will be the sanctuary, responsible for the safety of the inner palace, and do my son's teacher, tutoring him.

In this way, Chen Ping did Taifu. ,

To be honest, Liu Bang is really because I believe in the small report of others to kill Fan.


It is very likely that Liu Bang knows that his son Liu Ying is a honest baby. If it is not necessarily to shock a stop, it is still to rely on his mother.

What kind of woman is Lu Wei?

It is a strong thing, after she has an emperor, plus Fan Wei is her brother, holding the army in his hand, and Lu Shi's foreign country wants to set off a spray, isn't that is not easy?

I have a hard-working Jiangshan, in the hands of surnamed Lu, I am not white?

So, first kill Fan, and then say it.

But Liu Bang thinks that his own younger brother Chen Ping is so no exercise, and finally the anti-water sells himself, put Fan Wei, and turned back to Lu.


Since then, Chen Ping mixed from the wind.

Han Hui Di six years, Dougang Cao Shen died, Wangling raised his right, Chen Ping as a left.

After two years, I wanted to be a king, Wangling said that I can't say it.

But Chen Ping said: Now you have the right to grip, you want to do it, why should I ask other people's opinion?

Luhou was so unsatisfactory to Wang Ling, so that he made Taifu, and Jian Chenping did the right-handed phase.

At this point, Chen Ping has reached the peak of life.

When you think that Chen Ping has been looking at Lu's horse, then you are too young to see Chen Ping.


There is a lot of people who have been alcohol, surnamed Liu and surnamed Lu.

Lu Zhang made Liu Zhang (Liu Bang Sunzi) to do the cargo officials, Liu Zhang said: Since I let me do a supervision, I have to act in accordance with military law.

Luhou said.

When I was happy, there was an estimate of the surname, I can't get it, I quietly slipped.

Liu Zhang chased what did not say, and pulled out the goods.

Liu Zhang

This thing looks a very accidental event, but the impact is very large.

Liu's surname has seen Liu Zhang dare to dare to dry. Slowly, it will be close to Liu Zhang. The minister in the face also shows that Liu Zhang is more embarrassing, and it has begun to see him.

In this way, the power surnamed Liu gradually strong.

Chen Ping is so keen to feel this change. He knows that the surname Lu's is not a long time. If you still follow the day behind Lu, wait until the day of the last name Lu's stadium, it is his own dead.

Now I have to think about how to go for the next step?

How can I get?

Of course, when I sold the big brother Liu Bang, I will sell Lu Liu, I will show it to the embrace of Liu's embrace!

Of course, if you want to look down on the surname, light I want to be alone, but also find a helper.

So Chen Ping also aimed his attention to Ziro.

If you want to pull the ally, you must have a bleeding. Chen Ping gave Zhou Big 500 big gold bars to Zhou Boyao gift, and gave Zhou Biped a grand birthday.

Zhou Bo has seen this scene when I have a big old, and I will take a chest to ensure:

Old Chen, there is something to talk.

In this way, Zhou Become Chen Ping's hand.

In 180 BC, Lu was died after Lu.

Chen Ping and Zhou Bai have joined his hand, killing the Ru's race with the Thunder, and to meet the Lord of the Lord, which is for Han Emperor.

Han Wenmi


After Liu Heng came to the stage, Chen Ping, who wanted to climbed, suddenly raised to retire, let Zi Boai replace himself.

This is a bit strange, this is not like Chen Ping's style?

In fact, Chen Ping is recruited.

Zhou Bo is a military person who can't do it for how to manage the country.

Several Liu Hengqi asked Zhou Big as a few government affairs, Zhou Bo is a sweat.

But ask Chen Ping, but it is like a stream.

So Zhou Bike had to hit the resignation: I still let the old Chen to do it, I will give it a hand.

I have to say that Chen Ping is too deep, too a cock.

Maybe you will say that Chen Ping is too innocent, but is there people such as such people since ancient times?

What they will always follow is: Where is interest, choose where to go.

For the sake of interest, what is loyal, moral, and is all standby.

Is this terrible?

Scary, terrible.

But this is actually human nature.

In history, Chen Ping's last paragraph is his own life summary.

Chen Ping said: "I have more conspiracy, it is the ban on Taoism. I am abolished, it is already awkward, I can't get together, I have a lot of trouble."

Chen Ping also knows that he has made too many deficient things in this life.