The Qiqi Guo Dynasty, I am very disadvorated - "The Second Royal Kingdom" South Han

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The Qiqi Guo Dynasty, I am very disadvorated - "The Second Royal Kingdom" South Han

2022-01-12 18:09:08 35 ℃

During the history of China's history, there was a deputy regime in today's two wide regions - "The Eunuch Kingdom" Nandan.

This kingdom has only gave history's greed and tens of thousands of eunuchs across the country. The reason is that its rulers believe that the scholars have a family, and they can't have a stateful thing. Therefore, it is reused eunuch, so that Finally, the national officials have become a unique "landscape" in Chinese history.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Qian was a history of Fengzhou (now Guangdong blocked the county), and the soldiers were over 10,000. After he died, his son Liu Yin inherited his forces and gradually expanded, and finally unified Lingnan, was sealed as Nanhai King. After Liu Yin, his brother Liu Yu hit, he rely on the base of the father and brother, in 19917, Liang Liang Shi Ming said in Panyu (now Guangzhou), the country, the country, and the country, Shi known as a South Han.

Since Liu Wei, he has begun to reuse eunuchs, the reason is to guess the officials of the official, all have a selfish, hard to be loyal to the Nanhan service, and there is a possibility. Liu Wei also believes that the eunuch is because there is no descendants, it can be said that there is no hanging, and there is definitely not to rebel, so you can use it.

But although Liu Wei reuse eunuch, but in the world. The number of eunuchs in the South Han Dynasty has more than 300 people. After him, his son Liu Wei is a very brutal ruler. While massacre, he sang the court, and the eunuch is heavy, so that the power of the South Han Dynasty will continue to expand.

It truly reuse eunuchs have carried forward, and it is the last emperor of the South Han. He not only inherited the tradition of the elderly Liu's reuse, and the officials who met officials must stay in the house, and the monsters who opened the science must also be castrated to report. The South Han Dynasty almost had a knife. After the effort, it finally got a great success, looked around, and the civil and military in the South Han has become a radio.

For this purpose, Nanhan also set up a castration mechanism to serve those people who need need. There are more than 300 organizers, and the department staff is ready, and the southern Han Dynasty is concerned about the "bureaucratic institution". Under the vigor of Liu Wei, under the cooperation of the castration institution, under the understanding of the Chinese bureaucrats, to the end of the South Hank, the number of eunuchs in the country reached 20,000 people, and it has become an eunuch. State. Up to the three-public, down to the county, no one is not the public. For a time, the father-in-law governed the country into a beautiful landscape.

It's a pity that it is not good, and the fate is more. In September 970, Song Director Panmei led the southern man. The lack of prepared, the South Han is collapsed, and there is no loss. By the second year in February, Liu Yu, who walked without the way out. Although the public is selfless, it seems that the level is solid, under the attack of the Song Jun, failed to play the role of the middle-flow column, and finally the same is the same as the east stream, and a generation of wonders actually into the singer.