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Wanjin King, newspaper giant, big charity ... How many foreign

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In modern times, all over the country and foreign businessmen gather together to "Double Hang", at each time, the business is gather, celebrity generations.

Recently, literate is exhibiting "Dream Shuanghang - Modern Merchant Business Culture Collection" specializes in listing a chapter "商 风范", focusing on modern times active in Shang and Down, Cangquan and South Taiwan Progress the merchant group, telling the deeds and spirit of their physical strength to make an excellent contribution to the people.

In these business circles, Nanyang Overseas Chinese Hu Wenhu is a collection of many famous numbers.

Hu Wenhu (picture from the network)

Wanjin Oil King

It is said that Hu Wenhu is the descendants of the Southern Song Ming Chen Hu Ji.

Hu Yu was slammed by Qin, and the descendants turned to migrate, and some settled in Yongding Zhongchuan. Hu Wenhu's father beat Qinqin due to his livelihood, go to Yangon, Myanmar, and opened "Yong'an Tang" in the "Yongan Tang".

During the Republic of China, Tiger Bao Yongsang Fuzhou Branch propaganda advertisement

In January 1882, Hu Wenhu was born, and the child was too bad, and the father beats did not have time to teach, so he was sent back to Yongding, and accepted Chinese traditional culture education.

After grew up, he began to follow his father to learn Chinese medicine and assisted the "Yongan" affairs.

In addition, he ran throughout the country and Japan, Siam (now Thailand) and other countries to investigate the Chinese and Western pharmaceutical industry, and seek famous doctors, ask for a Chinese herbal medicine about treating headache, abdominal pain, and purchasing related pills, medicines and medicines.

During the Republic of China, Tiger Shi Yongnang head pain powder manual

In 1910, Hu Wenhu expanded Yong'an Tiger Leopard, he was inspired by Japanese Ren Dan, and he hired many Chinese and Western medicine. After failure, I finally made "Wanjin", "Bada Dan" "Heada" "Clear Water" "Clear Water" 5 kinds of tiger launched medicine.

During the Republic of China, Tiger Shi Yongan Hall Headache Pacific

In 1923, the Tiger Bonded Yongan Hall was moved from Myanmar to Singapore to set up a head office. Later, in Fuzhou, the branch was set up in Wujiang Wanshou Bridge Head (then became Fuzhou Xinhua Bookstore Shop).

On advertising, Hu Wenhu is very means of means, there is often a lot of unexpected tricks.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, the Tiger Tiger Wanjin Oil Market has not been opened. He created his car into a tiger car. The shape is like a Chinese tiger. The speaker turns into a tiger's scream, pair on the streets, very pull, lead people Sidemmap; in the newspaper, it is often used to use the current news to make an advertisement, such as the advertisement in the newspaper, "advocating new life, must be oil."

During the Republic of China, Yong'an Tiger was standard million gold oil glass jar

During the whole day, Yongantang has sales outlets in 65 countries and regions around the world. The maximum output value is 1.2 billion, the value is 10 million gold. It is said that there are a few people to buy Tiger standard million gold oil to protect the value, Tiger standard million gold oil Gold is equivalent, so Hu Wenhu is called "Wanjin Oil King" and became the richest Chinese.

Newspaper giant

In the Niu Bow Street, Zhongping Road, there is a small white building, the door is closed, but it is a bright evening of the lights throughout the evening, because here is the "Star Daily" newspaper.

"Xingjing Daily"

The "Star Daily" was founded in 1947. It was the most advanced newspaper in Fuzhou at that time, and was the largest private newspaper in Fujian Province, founded by Hu Wenhu.

It is said that Hu Wenhu began to create a newspaper's opportunity because the cost of advertising in the newspaper is getting higher and higher. He thought that it was better to do a newspaper with his newspaper in the newspaper in others.

So, since 1929, Hu Wenhu has created nearly 20 galaxy newspapers such as "Xingzhou Daily" "Star Daily" "Star Daily" "Sing Tao Daily".

"Star Daily" during the Republic of China

His office policy is "serving national service, working hard for anti-Japanese", advocating freedom of press, and opening up.

Many famous progress cultural people, such as Jin Zhonghua, Yu Yuhua, Yu Daw, etc., have been edited, edited in Hong Kong, Singapore galaxy newspaper hall. Their articles have great influence in society.

The "Star Daily" and the Subsidiary links are very close. The total editor of Zheng Shuxiang used the "Star Daily" as a publicly legal status, and made a lot of work for the party's activities. It has actively role in overthrowing the anti-ruling of the Kuomintang.

"Star Daily" during the Republic of China

Big charity home

Hu Wenhu himself is connected, and the personality is easy. When living in Singapore, Hu Wenhu likes to buy vegetables in the vegetable market, chatting with the vendor. Every time I come to Fuzhou, he will always go to the hot springs, and Tang You Yushan.

Hu Wenhu also has the feelings of sadness, and has been investing in the provisions of the hospital, school, gymnasium and relief, and donate a huge amount of property for the anti-Japanese army.

Overseas Chinese Bank Hu Wenhu's Overseas Chinese Bank

In the 1930s, Hu Wenhu donated to establish thousands of primary schools; before 1938, it was 3627 for poor people.

In 1933, 600,000 yuan donated 600,000 yuan to set up Fujian Provincial Hospital. At that time, the hospital was in Double Hangzhou;

In 1934, Hu Wenhu founded Yong'an Pharmaceutical Fuzhou Branch in Taijiang, and then donated Wenhu Road, and now the Wenhu Primary School of the Taiwan Tuner and Fu Shang Middle School Wenhu Audao.

Fuzhou business primary school emblem during the Republic of China

During the Republic of China, Fuzhou senior business school school emblem

Hu Wenhu's criticism in the anti-Japanese war life and death, the donation of millions of yuan, became the most in the country.The 19th Road Army will lead Cai Yanzhen inscription "Hu Wenhujun, enthusiastic to save the country, urgent affiliate, exciting".Fuzhou National Corps Corporate Training Memorial During the Republic of China

During the World War II, the drug of the "Tiger Standard" brand is the most needed for front line soldiers.

During the Anti-Japanese War and the Anti-Japanese War, he also donated a large number of "Tiger standard" brand drugs. At the same time, after the anti-Japanese war, he immediately reported his name in his galaxy: the country is prosperous, people are responsible,At the time of comprehensively fight against the war, I am from the day of the country, and the rich people pay money, and struggle will force, and the destruction is better."

Hu Wenhu is passionate about public welfare, smooth and good, in this, the people are called Hu Wenhu as "big charity".

Hu Wenhu and wife (picture from the network)


Of course, Hu Wenhu's achievements are not limited thereto.