Who is Zhang Fei and Ma Chao?Ancient book records the history, scholars: Ignore is not in a level

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Who is Zhang Fei and Ma Chao?Ancient book records the history, scholars: Ignore is not in a level

2022-01-13 12:09:47 25 ℃

In 208 AD, Cao Jun south, Liu Tang was sick, Liu Yu surrendered, so Liu Bei can only escape. After Cao Cao learned, he sent Tiger Leopard Camp to catch up. In Changchunpo chased Liu Bei, Liu Beijun has been defeated, Liu Bei only took several dozens of people in Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun did not see the trail again, so Liu Beipai After Zhang Fei is broken. Zhang Feili on the sunny bridge, according to the water and broken bridge, Cao Jun was afraid that Liu Bei was soan. Tang Dynasty poet Yin Yuman praised him: "We will be eager to go,"

As one of my country's four famous functions, the story of "Three Kingdoms" is a wonderful abnormality, Taoyuan three singers, fire burning, etc., is fascinated by people, in the book, the courtesy, the military, the military The sword of the sword is fighting, and it is even more blood. Regarding the ranking of the three countries, the post-world stream came out of the "one Lu Er Zhao Sijianwei, the four-level five-horse six flying", which is also ranking on its mighty value.

So who is the five tiger will, who is more stronger in Zhang Fei and Ma Chao? The records in the ancient books can be described as subversion of history. After reading the scholars, they lamented that these two people are not at a level. In the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Zhang Fei's appearance is also very much, but the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an novel in novel. It is still a certain deviation with real history. In the righteous history, Zhang Fei's number of appearances is not much, and the battle that really lets him have only two games, one is in Changthu, and another is in the mouth.

The performance in Changchunpo, and there is no difference in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the "Three Kingdoms" records, it is also Zhang Fei, according to the water and broken bridge, and the Cao Jun 100,000 soldiers and horses, but also to death. A Cao Jun general. However, this record in the "Three Kingdoms" is exaggerated, even if it is a battle of Zhang Fei, it is true, but it will not be like the book. Blocking thousands of people.

Above the real battlefield, the individual power is not that important on the battlefield. Therefore, when we analyze history, we must carefully analyze the true phase of history. The evaluation of Zhang Fei is far more than Ma Chao, and the reason why the reason is caused by the scope of the three countries, and the author's pen, Zhang Fei is drawn very fluent, so we have The flying evaluation will continue to rise.

However, in fact, before this book was in the world, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao's historical status was completely reversed. In the truly described books of the history of the three countries, there is a very clear description of the social status of Ma Chao: "Temporary in the Tiande, the East and Wuwang (Cao) Wars", even in the Three Kingdoms, despite the description of Ma Chao Not much, but the title of Ma Chao is also called "Du Ting Hou".

This "Ting Hou" is an official position in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and there is no difference than Cao Cao Dong Zhuo. Simply put, Ma Chao's princes have been certified by the court, which can be said to be named. When Ma Chao was sealed as a pavilion, he was in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Liu Bei was still a broken settlement, did not develop, the status between the two was difficult to compare, even Ma Chao shouted to Cao Cao, this is also a contest between the princes The final horse super soldiers lost to Cao Cao.

Therefore, the true identity of Ma Chao is actually a level of princes, and Cao Cao is in one level. Just like Lu Bu, his force value can be described as no one during the three countries, and Liu Guan Zhang three people are all, but it is only supplemented. Such a martial arts superior person, for Lu Bu's evaluation, not him Make a military, and it is also treated him as a prince.

Therefore, Ma Chao is compared with Zhang Fei, both at all at a level. After the development of Liu Bei, Zhang Fei's identity is also a military commander. It is not a commander. As long as Zhang Fei is going to lead the soldiers, he does not need to be able to play himself, his task It is a general difference between the two people.

Ma Chao although he later gave birth to Liu Bei, he was brought to the identity of the princes, so Liu Bei did not only seal him as the general, but also gave him the official position of Liangzhou Mu. And Zhang Fei said that the relationship with Liu Bei is very intimate, but it is just that the military will be blocked. It can be seen that the status of Ma Chao is higher than Zhang Fei.

From the book, we can't make a detailed comparison of the martial arts and commanders of the two people. However, in terms of identity, Zhang Fei is far less than Ma Chao, and even the status of Ma Chao has to exceed many of our impressions.

When you understand the true history, you must avoid the disturbance of the novel's schematic, and you can't use things in the novel as a true history. In the romer, the author often makes a prominent description of the military's arms of the military, and we have ignored other aspects, but we can't have this one, but to consider the identity status of this person, and individuals Achievements, etc. This is also our historical enthusiast, studying the problem of real history.


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