Han Xuan Emperor cleaned the Huo Guang family, why still respect Huang, listed in Qilin Pavilion first?

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Han Xuan Emperor cleaned the Huo Guang family, why still respect Huang, listed in Qilin Pavilion first?

2022-01-13 18:08:23 19 ℃

Huo Guang and Huo go to the disease is the brother of the father, Huo go to the brother, Huo Guang is your brother, their father is called Huo Zhong. Huo goes to the disease is Huo Zhong, who is served in the Pingyang Houfu, and the sister of the satellist is born. Later, Huo Zhongyu left Wei Xiao, and married a wife to give birth to Huo Guang.

Huo Guang is the right to temparchy. Otherwise, when he is discouraged, he has cleared a variety, and the road is very smooth. At that time, he still let Liu Dengdeng. And when he is alive, he has been conscientious, but Huo Guang wife is too bull, and it is died in the emperor. Huo Guang knew that Huo Jia, did not consider the gap. After he died, Liu Wei cleared the relevant personnel.

Liu Wei is also a good thing, there is no almanac Huo family, but just kills all the thoughts involved, his wife and son want to conspire to mobilize himself as an emperor. However, the sanctan's dowry is a powerful, 2 God gods, 1 for the Han Room to be loyal to the minister, from Wu Emperor to Xuan Emperor, basically around the Guojo, and I think Huo Guang prefers, Liu Wei, another reason, he It is the descendant of the sanctan, and Huo Guang is the exterior of the sanct. He and Liu are the relationship between the brothers, Liu's grandson. In fact, after Huo Guang, Liu Wei did not want to intend to destroy the door. A ratio of the emperor of Xiaozong's emperor.

The legitimacy of Liu Qi success is because the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty recovered his room treatment, otherwise Huo Guang did not have a big thing to stand a "sinner descendant" that is not belonging to the room. Huo Guang became the first hero of Kirin Pavilion because Xuan Emperor was hertled, but Huo Guang itself is a success. There is only a small filial piety in history. Because Zhaoli has no pro-government, Huo Guang did not return to the Chow Emperor. The stable transition between Wu Emperor to Xuan Emperor is from Huo Guang. He established Liu Xing.

Dong Zhuo Li, the monk of Han Dynasty, is the chaos thief. Liu Yilong still squatted his minister, and the minister did not look good, and Zhou Bo, the Han Wenmi, also got to be killed, and I have to wear it. A 胄 胄 prevents the victim. Han Xi Demin is the first hero of Qilin Pavilion, but only the official name of Huo Guang, called Huo, Liu Xing, the enemy, but he is also unclear with Huo Guang.

Han Xi Wenzhi martial arts did a set, in the county county set parallel cohars, stabilized prices, military conquest the Xiongnu and use its internal contradictions in one fell swoop to solve the Xiongnu forces, so that they surrendered, Western Han Dynasty was welcomed During the period, it is no wonder that some scholars evaluate the Han Xuan Emperor is "Wen Zhi surpass Han Wen Emperor, martial arts (strong than) Han Wudi."

Huo Guang is decentralized, but it is also stable for the Han dynasty in difficult dangerous period, and he is not a traitor, the credit is not small, and the door is doing too much. The family is all degraded by the people, and the extension is also good. Liu Jia Jianzi has no conscience, and Liu Bang is also in Han Xin. Huo Guang said that it is a right minister, and a loyal minister, his family finally gave the right to the Quan Chen Cao Cao, Sima Yi took a warning: As the power of the power, it is not good at the end. For them, they can only enter the interests behind them.

Huo Guang can do this in that position, and it is already very loyal and perfect for personal opinion. How many people can endure this temptation in this position, and do not count countless, but as a Husband and father, he has a little failure and helpless, there is no tutorial family, leading to a series of tragedy behind. Its itself does not have much stains, capable, have power, faithful, so that this is the first to have a peaceful transition of the Han Dynasty, so as the entrance to the unicorn cabinet, the first, nothing.