Shiyou 3: The Republic of China "Live Lu Bu", the birth of a good color rebellion 6 times, and finally worshiped the brothers

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Shiyou 3: The Republic of China "Live Lu Bu", the birth of a good color rebellion 6 times, and finally worshiped the brothers

2022-01-14 18:06:05 26 ℃

During the Three Kingdoms, it is a dispute period and is also a chaotic period. As we all know, the time is made to make a hero. If the season, the time, the time is smooth, and it seems that heroes seem simpler. The Three Kingdoms period is always worthy of people, because many heroes worthy of people have emerged during that period.

First, Shiyou Three is similar to Lu Bu in many rebels, and some people call him "Lubb Bu" in the Republic of China.

Top now, people always have a fixed stereotype impression on a certain type of person or a certain type of thing. People often do not take into account a certain issue, which is also one of the reasons why the scribe impression is generated. For example, Lu Bu is a hero, but he does not in line with hero images in people's minds.

Things have two-sided, people are no exception. Although Lu Bu has a strong force, it is a bit of a problem, but it doesn't seem to hinder Lu Bu become heroes. Lu Bu has an individual saying that there may be no many people will know that this is called "three family slaves". This is said to fully reflect what is going on Lu Bu.

Lu Bu used to be Dihalon. After killing Dingyuan due to your greed, and turned to Dong Zhuo. If Lu Bu only has only one "弑 弑" experience, it may not be more accusations. But the day is not willing, Lu Bu will then kill Dong Zhuo.

Too much is mentioned by betrayal this topic, and behind the "betrayal" incident. During the Republic of China, some people repeatedly betray their boss, and they did not calmly turned to Japanese, just to obtain higher positions. The name of this person is called stone friends.

Second, Shiyou three non-stop betrayal and deported others, even did the Japanese walk.

Shiyou three people. It seems that there is no presence of benevolence morality. For him, rights and interests are everything about him. For the rights and interests, he can put down the Japanese as the dignity of the Chinese.

Shiyou is a very machine person. In other words, Shiyou Three is very good at speculating, seeing human eye. Shi You San was born in a poor family, in order to fill in his belly, he chose to be a soldier. After several twists and turns, Shiyou three came to Feng Yuxiang's hand. At that time, in order to be able to take Feng Yuxiang's Maf, Shiyou three took out all the families to buy this position.

Then, Shiyou San followed Feng Yuxiang's "Nanzheng North War", but for a few years, Shiyou three gradually became the most trusted person Feng Yuxiang. It is called "Feng Yuxiang's big red". This statement is indeed no mistake. If Shiyou Three is not a big red person around Feng Yuxiang, how can Feng Yuxiang still look for him after Shiyou three?

But unfortunately, Shiyou San did not realize how good Feng Yuxiang is. After the Northwest Army soldiers, he decided to betray Feng Yuxiang and turned to Yan Xishan. After returning to the Northwest Army led by Feng Yuxiang, he did not loyal to Feng Yuxiang.

After giving, there is no settlement. Shiyou Third didn't stay in which place last, he is always betrayal. Later, two, he betrayed Jiang and got it on Zhang Xueliang. If you just keep the rebellion, people will not cast asreath of Shiyou.

Third, the brothers of Shiyou Three brothers can't stand the place to be accompanied by him.

The reason why Shiyou Third really spurly is that he is a traitor for the Japanese, it is a spy, it is true that everyone wants to kill. Shiyou Third is not only in the cause, but the personal private life of its individual is also spur. Shiyou three is extremely colorful, and the color is smoke, and its behavior has a fight with the Japanese army.

He is strongly robbed, even women under the war period, ie, a female warrior, its behavior is really disgusting. In addition, Shiyou three returned to the enemy, and a fire has helped his Shaolin Temple, his heart. When Shiyou Three gave the Japanese as a dog, in order to show the Japanese, it is also committed to catching Song Meiling.

At this time, his good brother high tree is really unable to endure his place to decide his hand. So, he designed to catch the stone friend three, and buried it on the edge of the Yellow River. Shi You three defends such an ending, and it is also a sin.