The most powerful ancestral grave in history, there is a 16th emperor before and after

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The most powerful ancestral grave in history, there is a 16th emperor before and after

2022-01-15 00:07:18 23 ℃

In ancient history, if you want to build a grave, you will find some Feng Shui: The position of the ancestral grave is still very important. It determines the fortune of future generations, even involvement in the generation of generations. life.

However, there is such a grand tomb, which is very important in Chinese history. Although historical changes have experienced for so many years, no matter which dynasty, no one dares to move, he is also called the most powerful ancestral grave, affecting 16 emperors, and now the high-speed rail construction must go around, this ancestor is The Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang's Mausoleum of the Tomb.

As everyone knows, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang is in the white hand, after the monk, did it. At the age of ten, a disaster, his brother, and his mother have also died, since then, he is alone. For him, the fight is fatal. It is said that when Zhu Yuanzhang is planning to be buried at the foot of the mountain, the mountain suddenly collapsed, drowning the bones of their loved ones, and it is also an easy to be safe.

Subsequently, Zhu Yuanzhang began to smash alone, and later joined the Junan. After hard and unremitting efforts, he finally called the emperor in 1368. After the emperor, he did not forget his family, and wanted to move the ancestum to the capital, but later was blocked by the Feng Shui Master Liu Bowen. Liu Bowen said that if you have to move to this, you will definitely affect the national transport of the Ming Dynasty. At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang was very superstitious, and it was more sensitive, so he believed Liu Bowen's words, directly built a mausoleum.

Because of this, Zhu's family has a sixteen emperor. Therefore, the country chooses to bypass this path when building high-speed rail. After all, this is also a national cultural relic, which is also to protect the artifact. How do you think about this? Welcome to the next review.