Why did Zhuge Liang have to rise?A plate of Zhuge Liang people trajectory, not the chic ultraphid of film and television

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Why did Zhuge Liang have to rise?A plate of Zhuge Liang people trajectory, not the chic ultraphid of film and television

2022-01-15 00:07:08 43 ℃

Writing | Zhao Guiren

Recently, "High-profile", Linyi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, announced the establishment of Zhuge Liang Culture Research Association, and at the same time, while commemorating Zhuge Liang, it was once again emphasized that Zhuge Liang was born in Tianxing Village, Linyi County. Wang Zhenmin, the retired professor, said, "Now our" Yun City Zhizhi "will be published in Zhuge Liang is a person in Heidong Village, Hedong. And his mother put him in a cave, this kiln hole still exists.

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According to this news, Zhuge Liang is undoubtedly determined by Tianxing Village, Linyi County, Shanxi. So, why did I have a controversial problem that I have been controversial? The reason may still be possible to compete for cultural tourism resources. The one-handed card, where is Zhuge Liang? According to basic logic, the historical figures still have to rely on the historical materials of the first hand.

Zhuge Liang's birthplace should not have any arguments, because "Three Kingdoms - Zhuge Liang Chuan" clearly records "Zhuge Liang, word Kong Ming, Yuyang people also." The same, his brother Zhuge also recorded "Yu Yang people also "The location is roughly the brick town of Linyi City, Linyi City. Previously, the specific birthplace of Zhuge Liang has also happened to the discussion of the academic circles, but there have been arguments for the differences of Zhuge Liang's birthplace, and Zhuge Liang is Linyi, has already reached an academic consensus. According to the "Zhuge Liang Zong Zu", "Zhuge has been after Hanjun Jianji, (because Ge Ying was sealed as a princes, there was Zhuge this surname.)"

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As for the so-called Zhuge Liang, Shanxi, it seems that there is no much meaning worth discussing. Zhuge Liang is a humor, it is a historical test, and it is not broken. For Shanxi, Zhuge Liang was born, using Zhuge Liang in the tongue warfare, the word "insufficient words".

Zhuge Liang moved from the war, how to hide behind?

In 194, only a teenager Zhuge Liang was forced to leave 琊, because of the war. At that time, Cao Cao was killed because of his father Cao Wei. Even if it is "all, the chicken and dogs are also exhausted, the market is unreasonable." "Coordinating" then also sent troops to attack Tao Qian, "略 ​​地 地 琊, Donghai,"

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Therefore, Zhuge Liang's 琊 has been difficult to survive, in order to avoid the war, have to follow his father's Xuannan sanctuary. So in "Zhuge Liang Chuan" appeared in: "Bright early, from the father Xuan as Yuan Shou, the Zhang Taishou, Xuan Xi bright and the brother's official. Han Dynasty is more choice Zhu Yizhang, Xuan Xi and Jingzhou animal husbandry Liu has an old, and it is. "

Xingping Second Year (915) Zhuge Xuan family came to Jingzhou to invest in Liu Tang, Liu Tang received them, Jingzhou social order is relatively stable, "people flow into Jingzhou more than 100,000", the days are restored to calm, so Zhuge Xuan can be Xiangyang City settled, life has a certain guarantee, but Jian'an Second Years (197), Zhuge Xuanxuan, Zhuge Liang only lived for two years in Xiangyang City.

Xiangyang City Wall

During the two years of living in Xiangyang City, Zhuge Liang has got a good opportunity to learn a large number of cultural knowledge, because "Liu Tang loves people raise a rare, nothing in the territory, Kansai, Huanki, the bachelor of Journal of Henan," It is a school, tangible. The school is fully funded, mainly teaching Confucian classics, such as: "The table is comfortable, all are available, and the school will start the school, and I am so confused." Zhuge Liang, only 15 years old, is attending the age, and his uncle Zhuge Xuan is also Liu Tuo, Zhuge Liang enrollment is not a problem. Therefore, "Light in Jingzhou, take the school in Jian'an, Xuzhou Shizuangyuan, Xu Yuanzhi, Yinan Meng Gongwei, three people in the somewhere, and the idea is alone." There is a martial art hall in the middle of the city. "It is the place where Zhuge Liang is reading. But he only reads two years in Fuyang. When he was 17 years old, because uncle was ill, he had difficulty to leave Xiangyang City, Bibang City Xilong In the middle, I farmillized and south acres, I have lived on the days of reading in the hardship.

Why is Zhuge Liang to go to Longzhong? He is neither pessimistic and is not hospitality, but a reason to be a family poverty.

Poverty is the normality of Zhuge Liang in his life. For this reason, it has become a buddy, and finally can only marry the ugly woman.

Zhuge Liang two years in Xiangyang City, because the academic is very hard, soon become a young man, but the days are increasingly falling into poverty.

Why did Zhuge Liang have to go to the remote wilderness, because the family is poverty, unstoppable, only here can find a foothold. It is a very ideal place that is very ideal. However, this is a good land for Pang, Cai, Huang, Yang, Sima, and 蒯 霸. Such as Pang Denong, Chanda Yuan lived in Chengdong Baishazhou; Sima Dehu "洲 阳阳", Cai Yu lived in Caizhou, "Southern, 50", it can be seen that there is a lot of advanced intellectuals here, Improving Zhuge Liang's experience and knowledge have an important improvement.


Although it is a hill village, it is a huge cultural meteorology.