In addition to Yan Liang, who can defeat Xu Huang 20 rounds?There is a fierce, you will kill Xu Huang

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In addition to Yan Liang, who can defeat Xu Huang 20 rounds?There is a fierce, you will kill Xu Huang

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In fact, there are only three people who can defeat Xu Huang in the three countries! One of them claimed to be the first fierce in the world, one person was killed by Guan Yu, another person, I can kill Xu Huang directly!

Xu Huang

If you want to know who can defeat Xu Huang 20 rounds, we must make a positioning of Xu Huang's force, see how high it is in his martial arts?

During the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Xu Huang's first appearance is the first time, but the hand of Yang Feng, when they were responsible for the Han Dynasty to return to Luoyang, and the pursuit of Li Wei Guo's hand, Xu Huang strive, and directly chase it , Defeat the troops. After returning to Luoyang, the Han Dynasty called the princes, and the result was not a few birds. He, only Cao Cao took the soldiers. Because Cao Cao said more respectful, and Luoyang did sinister, so Han Dynasty decided to follow Cao Cao Xuchang stood.

Original Yang Feng et al. Is to protect the army of Han Di, I want to take the opportunity to improve my power, now Han Di wants to follow Cao Cao, then Yang Feng and others lose the chips of the emperor, which is equivalent to a long time, so. They are very unhappy, immediately let Xu Huang take the soldiers to cut Cao Cao, grab it back to the emperor. Note that Xu Huang and Cao Cao are also divided into different camps, Cao Cao is the enemy of Xu Huang! And fight with the enemy, must not be your hand!

Original: Xu Huang Qian first, yell: "Cao Cao wants to hold it!" The knife ax intersects, fights more than 50 rounds, regardless of victory.

Xu Huang shot, and the fifty rounds of fifty rounds, it seems that the martial arts gap between the two people is not big. However, many people think that this war is released, so I can't think that Xu Huang and Xu Wei's fighting power are not big. This statement is actually a bit problem, because Cao Cao at that time is secretly refreshed in his heart, he did not show his idea to Xu Wei, so Xu Wei felt could not be in hand. In addition, Cao Cao only felt Xu Huayuan's wind, secretly refined, and did not decide to accept Xu Huang. He truly decided to take Xu Huang. He saw Xu Huang to resist Xu Wei's fifty round. It is to see Xu Huang so powerful combat power, so Cao Cao is a heart, preparing to make Xu Huang!

To put it bluntly, before Xu Huang and Xu Wei, Cao Cao just felt that Xu Huang was very good, it looked very fierce, but how did the martial arts, have to let Xu Wei to check, if Xu Wei has killed Xu Huang, then explain Xu Huang has a table. If Xu Wei fails to kill Xu Huang, it will show that Xu Huang is really true, it is worth Cao Cao!

So, Xu Huang and Xu Wei 's hand, there is no slight moisture, he is able to fight with Xu Wei's fifty round! This, from the follow-up of Cao Cao, we can also get the confirmation!

In the whole Cao Yingzhong, the most powerful fierce will, when it is Xu Wei and Xiwei, Xu Wei is the first fierce, as for the second fierce of Cao Ying, in fact, for a long time, it is a long time! The battle of the mountain, Cao Cao wants to intercept the Guan Yu, the sentiment will be Xu Wei and Xu Huang; the battle of white horses, the battle of Yan Yan, Cao Cao dispatched Xu Huang. In the face of strong opponents, Cao Cao sent Xu Huang many times, it was visible to Xu Huang, in Cao Yingzhong, is really very powerful, second only to Xu Wei!

Since Xu Huang is so powerful, then the Three Kingdoms will be in the middle, can you beat him twenty rounds? Next, let's analyze it!

Twenty round to defeat Xu Huang

In the original text, it is Yan Liang! At that time, Yuan Shao was attacked to Cao Cao. He lied to the pioneer, the battle of white horses, Yan Liang took the lead in fighting, and Cao Cao sent Song Xian and Wei, and the two people were quickly killed by Yan Liang. In order to save morale, Cao Cao sent a military China No. 2 will fierce Xu Huang, and the results are very bad!

Original: "Operation:" Who is dare to be? "Xu Huai came out, with Yan Liang War twenty round, defeated this. Everyone will be chestnut. Cao Cao returned, and Yan also led the army.

Original article, Yan Yan twenty round defeated Xu Huang! And after this war, Cao Yingzhong will perform very pull, because they are all scared! Cao Yingzhong will be brave, whether in the face of Guan Yu Zhang Fei or Ma Chao Zhao Yun, when did they have seen their collectiveness, did not dare to fight? In this case, it is actually a strong powerful!

I changed my thoughts, I can't defeat Xu Huang in that year, this is enough to prove that Xu Huang's strength is not good. Now Yan Liang twenty batches defeated Xu Wei, which means that, even if Xu Wei personally goes, he is not Yan Liang. opponent! In the event, it is possible to succeed in the chaos, which one is not a human fine? Solitaires don't win Yan Liang, why other people will go to you? In the end, the public will not dare to go, Cao Cao can only announce the dismount, and do it!

Yan Liang is strong, but in the end, he was killed in a trick, which made a big mistake! Since Guan Yu can kill Yan Liang, is Guan Yu to defeat Xu Huang twenty round? Is Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhongquan?

In fact, although Guan Yu can be able to kill Yanliang, he is very difficult to defeat Xu Huang, the reason is very simple, because Yan Liang's death, how strong is the martial arts of Guan Yu! Guan Yu can easily kill Yan Yan, from a misunderstanding!

From the surface, Guan Yu lived in Yanliang army. After the Yan Liang is covered, directly kill Yan Yan, cut down the first level of Yan Liang, and return to the first level. The whole move is a lot of money. If the cloud flows, it is fully highlighted by Guan Yu's mighty, but if Let's analyze these plots carefully and find that many of them have been hidden! First of all, how does Guan Yu rushed to Yan Liang? The lid is that the Lord will rest, and the normal battle should be in front of the array. Why can't Guan Yu can break through the end of Yanliang's block in the array of array, and Yuan Jun does not respond? This kind of unusual, can only have an explanation, that is, Yan Liang will order if it is not allowed to intercept the white feathers, allowing Guan Yu to come down.

Secondly, Guan Yu is rushing over. Why is Yan Liang not to prepare, why will he be played a piece of work, according to his and Xu Huang's communication situation, he is not the kind of wine bag, he is a true thing! When Yu Yu is handed, Yan Liangzhao wants to ask, what do he want to ask?

The above unreasonable, can only be explained in this paragraph in the original text!

Original: Lai Yuliang, Yuan Shao, Liu Xuande once secretly: "I have a brother, it is the Yun Chang, the body is nine foots, the body must be one foot eight inches, the face is as heavy as heavy jujube, Dan Feng Eye, sleeper, Xi Yong Jinhao robe, ride a yellow horse, make Qinglong big knife, must be at Cao Cao. As to see him, you can teach. "So Yan Liang saw Conggong, but he was going to go, so he was not ready to welcome the enemy. Down.

After reading this original explanation, it is estimated that everyone understands that Yan Yan will not fight! At the time, the situation was likely to be like this: Yan Liang saw a one will be killed in Cao Ying. It was originally desirable to play, and the results will look at the appearance of this will be exactly the same as Liu Bei, so I decided to do it first. , Liu Bei is not satisfactory, after all, Liu Bei is now Yuan Shao's seat. So Yan Liang will let go of the hand, let Guan Yu come under his cover, want to confirm the identity of Guan Yu. In Yan Kiang, he lets you don't intercept Yu Yu, let it go into the army, you want to know the meaning of it.

And Yan Liang saw Guan Yu, and did not put the knife to himself. If you want Guan Yu, you can understand the meaning of each, so Yan Liang is more convinced that this person is probably Liu Bei's second brother Guan Yu. From Yan Yan's arrangement and Guan Yu's reaction, Yan Liang believes that Guan Yu should understand Yan Liang as long as it is not stupid, and the two will argue, it is necessary to report each other, so Yan Liang relaxed vigilance, prepare to tell Guan Yu Liu Bei is in Yuan Shaojun. How can Guan Yu suddenly beaten, the name does not report one, do it directly! Guan Yu's Qinglong's moon knife is indeed fell, but this is confused, and Guan Yu is not used by Yan Yan, but the knife holder "tingle".

Original: Yan Liang's catering guard, was taken by the clouds and stabbed on the horse.

In this way, Yan Liang was stunned by the pit. This war is not preparing to fight, so Guan Yu is relaxed to kill Yan Yan, completely, it is, it is not a handle, can't say that Guan Yu is completely stronger than Yan Liang! From the perspective of subsequent combat, Guan Yu is obviously unable to win Xu Huang. As for Zhang Fei, he and Zhang Wei could not win, Zhao Yun defeated Zhang Wei, and used thirty rounds, Ma Chao defeated Zhang Wei used twenty rounds, and Xu Huang Zhang Cao Ying second fierce, fighting power It is stronger than Zhang Wei, so these people are unable to defeat Xu Huang in twenty rounds! If you want to defeat Xu Huang, you have to get three or fifty rounds!

Another twenty round defeated Xu Huang

Another person who can defeat Xu Huang twenty, is actually Lu Bu! This truth is very simple, Lu Bu is a recognized world's first fierce, in the face of Lu Bu, Yuan Shao can't let Yan Liang go, this is enough to prove that Lu Bu's combat power is stronger than Yan Liang. Since Yan Liang can defeat Xu Huang twenty, then Lu Bu must also be able to do it!

Spike Xu Huang

In the original, the spike of Xu Huang is Meng Da! Munda is originally Liu Wei's hand, because Liu Wei's chest is not big, causing a group of talented people to play, so these people have reversed Liu Bei, including Meng Da and Fa Zheng. Meng Da and the law are friends, and after the two people gave Liu Bei, the law was reused by Liu Bei, and Meng Da was idle. The battle of Hanzhong, Meng Da is very different, etc. Although he is not died, it is not a good merit, but it is also devoted. And the friend of the time is positive, I have already done a character of Han Han!

Munda, how so many unlucky things make him stall, depressed! The painful Meng Da, decided to pick up the child, and the results have encountered Guan Yu defeated Mai City. Meng Da has been received by many injustices, naturally, it is unwilling to send off the guardian. As a result, Guan Yu is killed. Guan Yu is dead, Meng Da is not a future in Han, so he can only choose to surrender Cao Wei. At first, Menda was more important in Cao Wei, but after Cao Yu died, Mengda's situation became embarrassed again, so he is planning to return to Han Han, and the conspiracy was broken by Sima.

Sima Yi took people to attack Menda, Xu Huang self-cultivation, I want to grab the first work, I just ride it directly under the wall of Mengda, and the result was taken by Menda arrows, and regret it!

Original: Xu Huang sat down the horse and can't pack it, straight to the side, yang yang: anti-thief Meng Da, early fall early!"Da Angry, urgently opened, and Xu Huangtou, Wei will save ... but said Xu Huang was injected by Meng Dadai, and the army saved it in the village, took the arrow, to prevent medical treatment;Dreaming, fifty-nine years old. Meng Da was a long life, and a traitor in a lifetime, I have been nailed to have a shame, and the results did not expect that before he was dead, it was an arrow shot dead.Xu Huang is too surprising. This kind of second kills Xu Huang's record is also the compensation for Meng Da, enough for him for a long time!


There are only three people who defeated Xu Huang in the three countries.One of them claimed to be the first fierce in the world, one person was killed by Guan Yu, another person, I can kill Xu Huang directly!Do you know who these three people are?