Documentary: Men rape and kill the 79-year-old man, the cause is actually a yellow comic?

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Documentary: Men rape and kill the 79-year-old man, the cause is actually a yellow comic?

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As the saying goes, a knife on the color, since ancient times, how many people have a beautiful beauty, and they have a chromaticism, unpleasant, and the people who love beauty have, how to appreciate it is important. Can't produce a hiring because of the beauty.

In the "Dream of Red Mansions" in one of the four famous functions, Jia Tianxiang is uncomfortable, even if the madman gives him the wind moon treasure, it has not helped him to explore the relationship. The final fall is full of energy, the face is exhausted, and the next place.

Whether it is in the book or reality, it doesn't truly because of a "color" word, it is the first case, the case of the case whose protagonist is said to be the same, the color word is head, was fascinated by the mind, and caused a fire to the devil. Heart is evil, and the crime is recorded.

Wei Guowei was the infamous "color magic" of Henan, because he went to the human evil, the number of crimes was as high as more than 20, and he killed 10 women, even the 79-year-old people did not let, these tragedy came behind the cause. It is a yellow comic.

Whether it is doing, the first experience is very important, many people have changed because of their decisions because of the impulse.

For Wei Guowei, his life is completely reversed in the summer of 1993.

Wei Guowei was born in Henan Linzhou in 1974. He didn't care about learning, balanced, and there is no special good at things.

Because I was tired of school boring learning life, Wei Guowei dropped out of school early, because the qualifications were not high, no skill, very


Find a good job, there is no better development.

Wei Guowei touched the wall many times, tossing, finally found a moving tiled work in a site, there is no skill, just relying on the sale of his own labor.

In this way, there is a hard work site, plus the look of Wei Guowei, and it is difficult to have girls who like, so they will lead to the experience that Wei Guowei has never gone with the opposite sex, and there is no girlfriend.

At that time, Wei Guowei is at the age of blood, there is no opposite sex, and it is inextristic to have some fantasy of the opposite sex. Many-day backlogs are not released in the heart of the heart, Wei Guowei is very depressed.

In 1990, Wei Guowei accidentally got a yellow comic, this comics also became a guide for several cases, completely ignited Wei Guo Wei's wisdom in the body.

Wei Guo Wei Hui Huihuai opened the book, the more you read it, the more you got, and even forgot to eat. This book will have no access to the heterogeneous Wei Guowei's inner, like the mountain, like the mountain car, let Wei Guo Wei will not calmly.

In the end, Wei Guowei finally pressed the inner evil mind, and went to astray.

In 1993, the Wei Guowei passed many days, it was determined that only one single woman lived in a family, I want to do things about this female, but because of the first time I have no experience, add the woman who is infringed. I woke up the neighborhood neighborhood, Wei Guowei's crime did not succeed, and he was still in prison due to rape.

After the Guo Guojin, he did not learn to be honest. He lacks him, he is abnormally rebellious and disappointing. It is obsessed with the law to escape from prison. However, the prison is strictly guarded does not let Wei Guowei's escape plan. Implement success. Instead, after being discovered by the instructor, because the performance is poor, it has been added to the criminal law, and it took more than 5 years.

One lost, I have a long time, because I didn't endure the escape, Wei Guoyi was broken, and the bustling world outside, and he had no relationship with him. After aggravating the penalty, it will generally come to converge. Wei Guowei is back, and it has developed a more embarrassing personality.

After 5 years, I passed the prison, and Wei Guowei not only did not change his face, but also researched people, but fell into a deeper quitside.

In August 1998, Wei Guo Wei was released, and it was reluctant to be free, but after 5 years in prison, it has been accustomed to the rhythm of life inside, and the Wei Guowei after coming out, the Wei Guowei faces this unfamiliar outside world, at a loss.

I originally dropped out of school early, there was no skill, I couldn't find a good job. Now, I have a criminal precedent, not only can't find a decent job, but also the relatives in my family are gradually alienated.

Wei Guowei wants to think about it, it is not a way, and once again, it is a good fortune. It is not good. This Wei Guowei was arrested once again, and the detention center was detained for half a month.

After coming from the detention center, Wei Guowei thought what he had made many people's failure, Wei Guowei conducted anti-provinces, re-established criminal plans to ensure that there was no distinctive situation.

Wei Guowei wants to go to still a single woman, it is best to start, because the female power is small, can't make much harm to him; the second is because of single women, there is no family and friends around, the crime is more easier.

At the beginning, Wei Guowei was only robbed, and later became more and more, and robbed the money and robbed the money.

Once in a hot weather in a summer, he saw a thin woman wearing a thin woman, after killing her, he had insulted her body.

Slowly successful commitment, gradually began to meet the metamorological psychology of Wei Guowei, and he began a criminal case of age, from the 79-year-old old lady to 18 years old, and was harmful.

Wei Guowei gradually lost himself in a crime, destroyed humanity, and those who should have normal life and good life, and finally, the stains of life have even lost their lives.In 2000, we must arrested by the police in the village in Henan. He knew that he had not retired, and all the criminal facts were explained.

Wei Guowei calmly telling a pile case, the number of cases and the cruelty of the crime, let the police in the court feel cold and chestnut.

After all the cases have verified all the cases, Wei Guowei also waited for the court trial.

Without doubt, Wei Guowei who murdered and rape repeatedly was undoubtedly death. The court sentenced Wei Guowei's death penalty, and finally punished, and comforted the soul of the victim of him.