Rest of Danxin as sweating, Wen Tianxiang's last years

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Rest of Danxin as sweating, Wen Tianxiang's last years

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Wen Tianxiang, Word Song Duo, also a good word, Jiangxi Yiling people (now Ji'an, Jiangxi). It is a beautiful man who is a beautiful man who is a beautiful man who is a beautiful man.

At the age of 20, Wen Tianxiang enamed the martial arts, countermeasures the collection of English, with "Fay Tianshi" as a question, Yangyang Wanxiao, a voice. Song Zong Zongqi Qi, Da Hi, Qian Tian Tianxiang is the first, becoming an imperative element.

Soon, because of Ding Father (for his father), Wen Tianxiang returned to his hometown. 25 years old, when the punishment, Lang official's words were in the book, please advocate the eunuch of the Enemy to avoid the enemy. Then, the sea is awesome, because it dares to say, repeatedly being dismissed.

Jia is like the Government, and Wen Tianxiang's words are multi. Jia is like anger, and it means that the Taiwan's death is in the heavens, forcing his "Zhi Shi", only 37 years old.

Deyou first year, Xinjun is like a position, the world is in the middle of the country, and the Wen Tianxiang, who has retired in the township, and finally embarrassed the way to the Yao Wanshi.

Wen Tianxiang's original words, Song Qi Zongqin is a champion, sighing his famous, "Tian Xiang, Na Nai Song Rui also", so Wen Tianxiang also said Song Rui.

After the cliffs wins, Zhang Hong Fan puts a rich celebration feast in the Yuanjun Daxing, and entertains the "Waiting Qigao", including the Western Summer, Female, Qidan, Hui, etc.). At the same time, the soldiers will come to Wen Tianxiang "invitation".

During the seat, Zhang Hongfan wine cellar, for Wen Tian Xiang said: "The country has killed, the literate can be said to be loyal to the filial piety!

Wen Tianxiang, who has never been sneaked, said, "" "

Listening to this words, not only Zhang Hong Fan, the army of all nationality people will be lowered, and they are deeply moving in front of such a great righteous man. Whether it is a Han nationality Zhang Hongfan, there is also Li Heng, which has a Xixia Royal Dragon, and they have received Confucian ethics education since childhood, so, the credit will be big, the owner is also loyal, and they can't cover them deeply. Lord "orthodox doubts. Moreover, for the Make the eagle dog, destroy the country of the corpse, so "Feng Guan's great achievements", add their embarrassment to their own national identity.

In the contradiction, in order to balance the conflict in the heart, their hearts are tribute to Wen Tianxiang and maliciously. On the one hand, I hope that the Han people can continue "guarding", and adhere to Confucian morality; on the other hand, Wen Tianxiang is finally closed. Change the string, and put in the new owner.

If so, the "Sincere" of the Song Dynasty will alleviate the sense of sin in their hearts.

At the end of the battle of the Ya Mountain, Zhang Hongfan sent people to write on the wall of the cliff: "Town of the country Zhang Hongfan destroyed Song this." This line shows the big words, in fact, this Han Yuan will be a psychological poppy I want to offset his killing compatriots and kill the princes of the country with so-called "unwanted"

In the future, Ming Dynasty, Confucianism Chen Xianzhang satiric ironic:

镌 镌 奇 石 张 弘 范, is not that Huer is Han Dare!

Zhang Hongyuan returned to the DPRK, he was given the honorable gift of Kublai, but he shortly died, life is home, and only 43 years old. His death, I don't know if it is a true "瘴疠 作", Kublai's personal doctor can't take this 刽 刽 手 手 手 手 手 门 门 门 门 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 刽 刽 回 刽 刽 刽 刽 刽 刽 刽 医 刽 刽 刽 刽 回 回 回. 回 刽 医 回 刽 刽 刽 刽 回 刽 刽 刽 刽 刽 回 刽 刽 回 回 刽 回 拉 回 回 回 拉 刽 刽 拉 刽 回 回 刽 回 刽 拉 拉 拉 刽 回 回 关 刽 刽 回 拉 刽 刽 刽 回 回 刽 刽 关 关 关 关 关 回 关 关 关 拉 回 关 刽 回. 刽 关 关 关 回. 关 医 医 医 医 刽 关 关 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 关 医

On the talents, martial arts, Zhang Hongfan is much higher than the family of Zhang Shijie, but the name of Qianqiu Wan Shi, although there is a "merit", "Wu Lie" The number, Zhang Hongfan is difficult to take the shoulder of Zhang Shijie in the Song Dynasty.

It is also dead, Zhang Shijie shocked, Zhang Hongfan's sin should be. Dead, it is also big!

After the Song Dynasty, Zhang Hong Fan sent a soldier "escort" Wen Tianxiang. He intended to have two: First, he will send such a high-standard prime minister prisoner to prisoner; the second is to hope that Wen Tianxiang will refer the incident afterwards, this move is to contribute talents for "country".

Direct to Jiizhou, Wen Tianxiang dispels the country's hate, the eight-day does not eat, want to hunger strike near the hometown. Heroes are really extraordinary, hunger strike eight days, still do not die. Wen Tianxiang thought, started to eat again.

In November 1279, Wen Tianxiang finally arrived. At the beginning, the Yuan people showed the highest level of got to him, wearing a greed, but Wen Tianxiang is dangerous, all night. In the meant, he questioned poem:

In the past 100 years, I laughed and watched the Ke Shan Bureau.

Jin Ma Sheng tour into old rain, the copper camel sang to Western Wind.

Head is always in Quan River, and the cold tooth can speak Yan Gong.

Dragon's head is really a dream, and what is dreaming back to Jiangdong.

Here, he understands that it is not easy to say that he is not easy, not surrender.

Yuan people helpless, put Wen Tianxiang in the military and Mission, set up the monks, and began to treat him as prisoner.

The Yuan Dynasty, the prime minister, Lu Luo Da, chartered, and called Wen Tianxiang in the pivot court, I want to be mentally insult to this country's posture, and I want to be a sharpness of this Han Si doctor.

Wen Tianxiang entered the Yuan Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, the Temple of Temple, and saw one person in the Hall. This person wears a big sleeve lead violet dress.

Knowing that Yuan Yizhen is rumored, Wen Tianxiang is very politely pressed against him.

The annoyance of Roton, Wen Tianxiang like this, the minister of the country, dared to fight for the Balance, and it was simply no one.

Yuan Ting Guards saw it, and he was busy drinking Tianxiang order. Wen Tian Xiang is quiet: "The South is rushing, the northerners are kneeling, I am the South, of course, the South is, can you kneel!"

Lu Luoqi, let the left and right, let him kneel in the ground. Guards or remedy, or back.

Wen Tianxiang is always unyielding, looking up height: "The world has a waste, since ancient emperors and will be, destroyed, what is the meaning! I am Wen Tianxiang is loyal to Song, so that this is, willing to die early!"

I can't see hard, I want to overwhelm and Tianxiang in the conversation. He smiled, self-confulmentation, the historical skills were not thin, and the penalty belt rolled: "It is presuppressed to waste, and ask the emperor to today, a few emperors? One is me."

Wen Tianxiang smiled smiled, disdain, I will answer this kind of pediatric issue. "A 17th history, where do you say? I am from knowing the macro word, God SYSTORICA."

孛罗: "If you don't know how to take it, you have an escaping in the ancients, there is a temple, land and people,?"

Wen Tianxiang replied: "Fengguo and people are also the ministers of the selection. The owners will be intended to be, they must not go. People must not sell the country. I worshiped the country before, and the army (referred to Bo Yan Yuan to discuss and have been detained. After there is a thief to present the country, the country will die, I will die, so I will not be the deceased.

Lu Luo said that Wen Tianxiang said the second king, I feel that I finally caught my handle, I'm busy: "Abandon Deyou (Song Gong Emperor) and the second king, is this loyalty?"

Wen Tian Xiang Yi Zheng Word Yan: "At this time, the community is heavy, Jun is light. I don't have a new king. It is from the temple, the community is a big meter. I am in the past, from the Emperor (the second emperor who was captured by the Huns) The north is not loyal, from the Yuan Emperor (Escape Jiangnan to establish the Mei Rui) to Zhongchen. And my big Song, from the emblem, Qin Emperor, the north of the north, from the Gaozong Emperor as a loyal minister. "

This language, there is an artificial, a time, Luo Luo.

It is desirable to say that it is said that "Jin Yuan Di, Song Gaozong will be commanded (Emperor Emperor has the emperor of the emperor, or the second king is inseparable, no life) Therefore, it can be called a tamping. "

Wen Tianxiang: "Jing Yan (referring to Zhao is) the emperor is the Zongzi, De De bless (Song Gong Di) private brother, can not be described as unfair. After the dest, it will not be a good time after the Deya rendered (referring to it), can not be mentioned. Chen Yuxiang (Chen Yizhong) At that time, the second king of the Empress Dowager was in the palace.

Luo et al. Has no words, can only be supported, and the two kings of Tianxiang Li are illegal.

At that time, the situation was very ridiculous, Yuan Yu Xiang Luo yed a bunch of Mongolia, Han and Zhuyuan Chen, you said, I said, it is Mongolian and Han Dynasty, it is half-day, around it around I can't find a reason to convince Wen Tianxiang, I can only argue on the issue of the second king "ignorant".

Wen Tian Xiangxin is flat, and the righteousness is in the chest, nature exports: "Heaven and Zi, people return, although there is no passage, the ministers are putting down, why not!"

Lu Luo said that Wen Tianxiang is still hard, it is big, and it is repelted: "" Jili two king, what is it? "

Wen Tianxiang heard, sad and tears, said: "Li Jun is in a society, and the day will be responsible for the day, why is it successful!"

孛 孛 得: "I know it can't, why bother?"

Wen Tian Xiangxiang is clean: "For example, parents have illness, although they can not beaten, but there is no medicine treatment. I have made my best, the country is dying, but today I Wen Tianxiang, there is death, why bother to say!"

One of the words, the Yuan Zhen Xiang Luo straight turned over and swallowed, and it was straightforward. However, killing Wen Tianxiang is such a high-level person, and there is no such authority.

Dubei and its ministers did not advocate killing Tianxiang. In particular, Zhang Hong Fan, people have to be able to take legs right away, but still don't forget to date, I will not kill Tianxiang. This Mongolian eagle dog is in the name of all-in-Wen Tianxiang Qianqiu World, there is no lack of arrogance.

Rong Luo originally wanted to fight for a big face, and the result was returned. Kill can't, I have to get the conditions of Wen Tianxiang more hapties.

In the meantime, the number of Song Dynasties slaughtered the grade, including the same dream of the prime minister, all of which were imprisoned. Wen Tianxiang or sarcaster, or, these villains are shameful.

Under the helplessness, Kublai even sent the captured Song Dynasty to persuade.

See the little emperor, Wen Tianxiang is still moving, got up, and the mouth is called "Holy driving, holy driving,"

More than two years, Wen Tianxiang was imprisoned in the village room, the state of mind, and wrote the "Zhengfeng Songs", revealing the "three thousand years of not two" of the "three thousand years of not two", Yanzhong Chen's boxing to the country is loyal:

Fujian, sitting in a soil room, 8 foots, deep, four, low, white short, dark. When this summer, the gas is now: rainfall four episodes, floating beds, time for water; semi-toward, steamed, time for rustic; 晴, " Time is the sun; the yin salary, fuel the inflammation, time is the fire; the blem is sent, Chen Chen is moving, the time is rice; shoulders and shoulder, the squat sweat is treated; Or 圊溷, or destroy the dead, or rot, emblem, time is embarrassing. The stack is a number of gas, and when the person is not far. It is weak and pierced, and it is two years old, but fortunately, it is awkward. What is it? Mencius: "I am so angry with martial arts." There is a seven, I have one, I have an enemy, I am suffering! Hao Vever, is the just gas of the sky, and it is a righteous song. There is righteousness in the heavens and the earth, which is unreaculated. It is the Hei Yue, which is the star. The people are Hao Ran, and Pai Shu Ming. Huang Road is a clear, including and Tao Ming. Time pool is seen, one by one, vertical. At Qi Tai Shi Ji, in Jin Donghu pen. In Qin Zhang Liang, in Hanshu Festival. In order to severe the army, it is a bloody blood. For Zhang Yuyang tooth, it is true hill tongue. Or for the Liaodong hat, clear the snow. Or for a teacher, ghosts and gods. Or is a river, generously swallowaccovers. Or for a thief, reverse the boss rupture. It is a magnificent, and it is ambusical. When it runs through the sunset, life and death. Layed Lai Li, Tianzhu Lai is respectful. The three-scale rim, the root of morality.嗟 遘 遘, is also unbelievable. Chu prisoner is crown and passed on the car to send poor north. Ding is as good as you are, you must not have access to it. The yin gangster, the spring garden is dark. The beekeeper is the same soap, and the chicken feast. One facial homogens, the ditch is fine. This is so cold, and you can easily.嗟 嗟 嗟 沮 洳,,,. 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国 国Do you have him, yin and yang can't be thieves. Gu this, look back in the clouds. I am sad, and I have a pole. The philosophora is far from the past, the typion is in the past. The wind is reading, ancient road color.

In the poem, he enumerated the Chinese ancient Chinese loyalist: Spring and Autumn Qi Guo not afraid of death direct writer, the sorrowful brothers; Spring and Autumn Jin State is not afraid of the direct book history of Dong Fox; Qin Dynasty in Po Saxi stab Qin Qin Emperor Zhang Liang; the Western Hand made the Xiongnu have been deducted from Su Wu from the country; the three countries, the righteousness of the righteousness is too strong; the West Jin is shielding the servant of the emperor; the Tang Dynasty "An Shu Zi's chaos" fight against the thief Yang's guard will be patrol; Tang Dynasty Ning is unyielding to death, Hui Mountain, Changshan, so, etc. Then, the pen is turned, and he also listed the number of ancients with Gao Jie's heart: the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty cruces the governor of the Liaodong, and Zhuge Liang, who swearing to demonstrate the thief; Xi Jinzheng Zhongliang, one heart to recover the ancestors of the land; Tang Chen Duan Xi, Tang Chen, who is not willing to share with Zhu Wei - all these benevolent people's morality, aspiration, like supporting the moral giant column that supports the heavens and the earth, is the fundamental between life.

Therefore, although it is a prisoner, although it is a loser, although it is the mission of the country, Wen Tianxiang is a strong loyalty, the millennium is still rushing, so that we have a great nation in this generation of the sad songs, feel our great nation. Tragic, fierce power.

In the order of "Zhengqi Song", we can want to see the winter frozen summer steaming, and the smugglers of the embarrassment, and the beautiful man who is used to a luxurious life can be so safe. This makes the author remembers another person, the big rebels in the Ming Dynasty. When he was just being imprisoned, he also wanted to learn Wen Tianxiang, and the country was dead. However, peeking with him from him to sweeping dust in the cell, sitting in a uncomfortable move, identifying him not to keep his original intention. Sure enough, under the persuasion, the huge people who have "cleansing" have failed to be "loyal". In fact, there is a cleanliness that is not important, the most critical is whether there is "cleansy" in your heart, whether there is "normal" in the sky.

It is also the serious court of the court. It is also a reader, and there is also a young age of luxurious and indulgence.

Wen Tianxiang and Hong Contributes are just the difference in life!

Due to the urgent need of governance talents, Kublai has visited the ministers, most of the Han people still recommend Wen Tianxiang. In fact, this kind of psychology is also very subtle, and it seems that Wen Tianxiang also dropped, and these mating can feel better. Chinese literati, as long as the head is left in the neck, you can't think about the issue of "I'm behind."

As a result, Kublai sent a prison, and advised Wen Tianxiang to the New Dynasty.

Wen Tianxiang said: "After the death, I only owe a dead. If the new DPRK, I can return to my hometown as the Taoist, I can think about it. So, he can also have a consultant. If I am now making the official, the peace of life, all of them, how can the New Dynasty be able to accommodate this repetition! "

Wen Tianxiang At this time, it was actually moving the idea of ​​retreating against the main business with Taoist. But in the form, he insisted on principles and decided not to fade down.

Wang Ji Weng believes that Wen Tianxiang is a saying, and he is in the same party. He is in the same ten Song Dynasty, please ignore the release of Wen Tianxiang to return to the hometown, and allow him to be Taoist.

The dream of the dream is very high, and it is ten taboo to release Tianxiang. He smeared quickly, played: "Wen Tianxiang is released, it must be in Jiangnan to restore the big things in Song Guo, when you come, where is it!"

Kublai is unreasonable, temporarily pressing the release of Wen Tianxiang. After a while, I suddenly felt that Wen Tianxiang was always unyielding, admiring his character, and he wanted to release him. If you want to achieve this, you will not kill the "American name". At the time of the Dao, I have been inherited by the San Mai Mai Jian, who has hit the Jiangxi and Wen Tianxiang, and believes that the text is equal to the mountains.

At the end of 1282, there were 僧 忽 必 烈, said it is "Saturn to disturb". The Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty is a big superstition, and there is a surprise, and some people say that there are people in Zhongshan, the south of the south, claiming to be the emperor of the Song Dynasty, a thousand people, claiming to attack, most, come to rob.

Shortly, in order to knew the power of the power of the power of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty was killed by the Han Dynasty. In this case, in order to prevent the Song Dynasty from being fired, Kublai ordered the captured Song Gong and the guest staff.

Then, he recruited Tianxiang into the palace, and personally did the final persuade.

Looking at the temple under the temple, Wen Tianxiang, a honeycomb, killing, unfortunately, is tribute to the heart, he takes the rare temperate tone, and advises Tianxiang to say: "I am in the Song Dynasty, when I am prime minister "

"I Wen Tianxiang is the Song Dynasty prime minister, and the two surnames! I would like to give me a dead, enough!" Wen Tianxiang Lang said.

Dubei sighs, still can't bear to kill Tianxiang, and give the guards to help.

The Mongolian, the officials of the court, all played, and persuading Lobs, killing Wen Tianxiang, in order to suffer.

Thinking about it again, Dubei finally agreed.

On January 9, 1283, Wen Tianxiang was taken to Damu Chai City, which was reluctant. Before the death penalty, due to years of imprisonment, Wen Tianxiang has lost the direction. So he asked what the south of the south of the country is in the country.

After the indication, Wen Tianxiang Nan will worship again, the gift, and the pen is poem:

Single is a single, Huaiyang, and death escapes the Supreme Song Dynasty.

The world is not in the community, and the family has no main loss.

God returned to the Yue Yun, and gas into the smoke grass.

Where is the nine of the South, where the Guanhe is bleak.

After writing, he said to the scorpion of the knife: "I am bipic."

The smile, the big hero volt is prison. 47 years old.

Most of the people have thousands of people, all touch tears.

After death, the scorpion found that there was a desperate book in Wen Tianxiang clothing:

Death is a benevolent, Meng Shu is relieved, but the benevolence is exhausted. Reading the Sin Said, what do you study? Now, after now, it's a few deserves!

Wen Tianxiang, with his bloody head, draw an exclamation point for the big Song Dynasty!