The Prince is the emperor, why is ancient emperor to change the Prince, it is very difficult

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The Prince is the emperor, why is ancient emperor to change the Prince, it is very difficult

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We all know, the change of the ancient royal father and son are Xiangcheng by the blood, in addition to the usurper has seized power a few rare abdication, the throne does not fall in the hands of any possible outsiders. If you want emperor heir apparent, will determine this person called the crown prince, Prince is.

Prince's status far above other princes, is a person under the people above. Such power status has created a phenomenon, that is, hold the reins of the emperor himself was not at liberty to dismiss replaced. Obviously emperor is the main thing in the world, why replace heirs but also by a variety of restrictions? In fact, it's all about political dynasty.

First, the constitution and institutions

With the changes and development of the times, it is the ancient dynasty for Making Inheritor has its own set of mature and old-fashioned system. For example, long-standing crown prince, the eldest illegitimate heirs than with other young heirs to some of the more opportunity.

Although because of different dynasties and emperors themselves thinking, Making Inheritor of selection methods will be constant changes, but Prince Once candidates, want to change all the more difficult. First of all, if you want to abolish the current emperor, Prince, a separate new Prince, Prince abolish the need to find a convincing world of "serious reasons."

If not justified, or is not important, then, the emperor waste Prince are correct words ring true, even though he insisted the prince taken away, the world will lead to criticism. To know the conduct of the emperor is not only the state and the army, but the people want, if unpopular, he also stepped down from the throne far away.

Secondly, the emperor is also a need to support the new Prince world and a courtier full enough to recognize his reason. If the reason for a separate new Prince insufficient, convincing no one, then the same will lead to fierce opposition and civil courtier people talk, when it is likely to shake the country at all.

Even the emperor changed the constitution to establish a new Prince Heir Appointment of the original, you can not restore this country shaken. Making Inheritor of the old rules, although it is also old-fashioned plot Viagra deep, is the iron law of the people and the hearts of the courtiers. If the emperor hastily change, it is likely to cause irreversible damage to the country, and even attracted some of the scourge.

Second, the forces of Prince

Making Inheritor in addition to the old constitution, the Prince Imperial accumulation of forces is the most difficult thing to replace Prince. Prince can be crown prince, in addition to their outstanding abilities, are bound to have some hardware conditions, either legitimate son, the mother behind the powerful family moving in strength. Either courteous, merit, good win talent, has set up its own forces network.

And they were the crown prince after their forces will continue to grow, the Minister of the DPRK will gradually move closer to the crown prince, declared allegiance to his throne after his promising early plans. If you want to abolish the emperor, Prince, you need to overcome the difficulties in this regard. In real history, the last emperor often choose to compromise, Liu Han Dynasty have experienced such a thing.

We all know that Liu wilderness origin, although the means Henla, but there is no more orthodox royal origin of the emperor rules Shurei, very often because of some selfish desire not to make the right choice. He came out dethronement illegitimate Prince absurd idea, is too spoiled and beautiful Qi Furen due.

Prince Liu Ying but the Queen Lvzhi legitimate son, mother of the family behind Lu sat in the backing of knowledge itself is also quite good, nothing bad moral habits, most justifiably inherited a large system. However, Liu Qi Furen but because of pillow talk, with the Prince wants to abolish, the idea of ​​a separate groundless her youngest son.

Courtier was also noted that the idea of ​​Liu Bang wanted to depose Prince, opposition endless, but Liu heart still did not give up the idea. This shows that Liu and Lu has already done fell out, preparation and courtiers confrontation, we can see how a firm commitment to change Prince.

If not the last Zhang out a coup, let Empress invited "mountain Sihao" coming out his assistant, Liu Bang is likely to last for a true prince. It seems that the forces of Prince is completely about the idea of ​​the emperor. Prince Liu Bang exchange idea has been so strong, but also because of changes in the forces of Prince Edward choose to give up, showing that the emperor is not arbitrary.

Third, the state power

Of course, the history of God's deposed king insists the case is not without prince, the grandson of the emperor in order to pave the way, almost the DPRK hero carcasses are done. Such bloody means can indeed play an immediate effect, means cruel, when the world does not need to change any reason Prince, just kill that.

But we should also know that this means one, will inevitably lead to the occurrence of severe turbulence toward the bureau. Zhu Yuanzhang Zhu Yunwen means does make initial abnormal smooth accession to the throne, but also let him missing his encounter difficulties, a step by step process of growing anti-espionage. Causing him to lack of capacity still ambitious to think cut apart, Zhu Di provoke such a sinister bidding.

If the emperor had given his own space to grow, rather than relying on a bloody purge means Chodo then, Zhu Yunwen maybe not so long ago died of his uncle's hands. Since the foundation of instability, he would not rush to cut apart just ascended the throne. And wait until he grew up, when North Korea Bureau of complete control, Zhu Di is already old, no longer cut apart natural obstacles.

In addition, the emperor hastily replace Prince, it is also likely to lead to disaster for themselves. Heir deposed and selection of the right to appoint the emperor really only rests in the hands of one person, but since Prince became a prince, in a sense, the emperor also stood in opposition. As crown prince, Prince, has become the banner of the new dynasty.

People are always higher than the current control. Even if the empress is still high, the emperor is no longer the only master in their hearts, and the courtiers will start slowly to the Prince. It is equivalent to the power of the Emperor's hands.

If the father is filial piety, the dynasty is more smooth, if the emperor has changed the prince, the Prince him will not agree. Even if you don't choose to force the palace, you will use the emperor emperor. Such an example is in history, and after Li Shimin's Xuanwumen 's coup, Li Yuan, who is almost inversive, almost even intervene.

And replacing the Prince will also result in the internal affair of the country. The replacement of the Prince means the re-washing of the court, and the inner fight is inevitable, and the inner fighting of the court will cause internal unscrupulous, leaving the chaos of the thief to leave the opportunity and handle. You know, most of the Dynasty Dawn in history is caused by internal confusion.

Fourth, summary

In summary, the position of the Prince is an important position of the dynasty. Whether it is a scorpion and a newcomer, the emperor needs to be cautious and careful, and it is absolutely unable to replace the monarchy.

If it is for a while, choose the fast knife to be bungal, it is likely to cause the Jiangshan turmoil, the people will be displaced, and may even bring the danger to the Dynasty. At this point, the relationship between the emperor and the prince is not just a father, and it is even a monarch and an opponent.