Do you regret it after the Soviet Union?

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Do you regret it after the Soviet Union?

2022-01-15 06:04:29 20 ℃

I have had such a question online: Now, what are you thinking in history, but actually surviving people? A answer the highest point of praise is: Gorbachev.


Yes, you have not mistisred the wrong, the last leader of the Soviet Union, personally announced the Soviet Union Gorbach, still still alive, and is also active.

Today, Gorbachev Fund, shoot advertising, filming, out of book, speech, in addition to being active in the political stage, Gorbachev's figure seems to be everywhere. The most interesting thing is that Gorbachev is filming, he only plays a role, that is his own.

Gorbachev is undoubtedly very famous. However, his "name" is half a good. 30 years ago, December 15, 1991, Gorbachev announced the resignation of the President of the Soviet Union.

On the 2nd day of his announcement, the Soviet Soviet Soviet Court held the last meeting and announced that the Soviet Union stopped. This also means that the Soviet Union is officially disintegrated into 15 countries, and has been collapsed with the United States for the Soviet Union in the Super National.

Once in 40 years of Cold War, leading the Soviet Union with the socialist camp and the capitalist camp and driven the drive, why did the Soviet Union disintegrate in 1991?

Soviet disintegration

As the most direct travel, the Soviet disintegration has already been studied by countless people around the world. The article studying the reasons for the Soviet Union is more like smoks, and people have summed up countless Soviet Union and collapse.

Some people blame the corruption and spread of the Soviet privilege; some people believe that the relationship between the joints is alienated, and the masses are from the most important reasons for the Soviet Union; It is considered that the supervision mechanism weakens, and there is a responsibility for the spread of corruption in the Soviet Union.

However, no matter what reason, he has a close relationship with a person, he is the last leader of the Soviet Union - Gorbachev.

After giving a few decades, the leadership of the Soviet Union becomes more and more faster in the later period. Especially after the coming desk, the age of the Soviet leader is larger than one.

In 1982, the 18-year-old Bremeniev died, and the success of the second Soviet leader Andropov is 68 years old. According to political figures, this age is not very big, but the key to the problem is that Andropov's body is very bad. He is going to have a reach of just a year.


The success of the successful Kier's annual course is similar. After the age of 73, after the Soviet leader, only 13 months were died of illness. The leaders' successful passenger will make the Soviet Union become more turbulent.

However, Gorbachev is an exception, Gorbachev is a very rare young man at the Soviet leadership. In 1980, Gorbachev, who was only 49 years old, became a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China. In 1982, he became the Soviet No. 2 figure, serving as an assistant of Andropov.

After the death of the 1985 Terries, Gorbachev, who was only 54 years old, was the President of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Soviet Soviet President, the President of the Soviet Defense Committee, became the 7th of the Soviet Union. And the last highest leader.

So, is Gorbachev's last thing for the Soviet Union? Many people will shout for Gorbachev: Soviet Union and demise are not because Gorbachev alone, he is just that he will catch up with this era. The Soviet Union is because it is difficult to return, a Gorbachev is neither a Soviet Union, and it is impossible to re-rejuvenation of the Soviet sick to the cream. Even if there is no Gorbachev, there will be other people.

Soviet disintegration

This kind of statement is not unreasonable, and the Soviet Union is clearly impossible to be a person that Gorbachev can cause. However, it coincides with this historical node, no matter what to say, Gorbachev has a unbacked responsibility.

Gorbachev as the highest leader of the Soviet party and the country, of course, is the first responsible person who determines the fate of the state. Gorbachev's fate is actually quite similar to the last year of the Ming Dynasty.

Why is the Ming Dynasty die? There are too many reasons, for example, a small ice river climate that lasts for decades leads to an unprecedented nature disaster, so that countless farmers have no income; for example, the fierce party struggle in the Ming Dynasty makes the championships are not divided into black and white, and the court will only know each other. Agent , makes the court almost stopped to help; for example, Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong and other peasant uprising will make a chaos in the hinterland; for example, the rise in the northeast of the Northeast Miracle has emerged in a large number of political eyes. And the leader of military talents, and the luck is invincible.

Therefore, like the Soviet Union, what is the destruction of the Ming Dynasty, which can also write countless monographs. However, there are countless reasons, if they thrown the Emperor of Chongzhen, create it into a innocent person who is destroyed, and the warrior of the loneliness struggle is obviously wrong.

Chongzhen Emperor

Because, as the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the highest leaders, the highest leaders, and the emperor of Chongzhen is very unlucky, and it is also a desired to return. However, he is not innocent, and he can't talk about the warrior.

Because, it is precisely a series of wrong decisions to accelerate the destruction of the Ming Dynasty. Chongzhen Emperor's childish political means, the acting style of just use, including the anxiety of replacement, such as changing clothes, further prompted the DPRK. Gorbachev is of course no exception. Russia has always been a nation that is very advocating hero, but in 1985, the young Gorbachev is obviously not the Hero of the Soviet.

The radical reform of Gorbacheov not only did not save the Soviet Union, but accelerated its destruction and disintegration. Therefore, as the captain of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev is of course significant responsibility.


She has served as the ambassador of Gorbachev's full power, at a seminar after the Soviet Union, I have said that Gorbachev has said:

We used to support you as a leader. We have blindly believe you, but I didn't expect that you seem to have such a huge destructive power in the appearance of the peace. We haven't come back, and you will lose everything that has been proud.

...... While clearing the building is broken, I have forgotten the pillar portion of the reserved to prevent the collapse of the entire building. Everything we have today is You Reform failure. Some people say that a person's power is impossible to destroy the entire country, but if this person is the Central General Secretary, then this may.

Raykov, who has served as a member of the Central Committee of the Central Committee and Chairman of the Soviet Ministerial Conference, has also said:

All events called the country of the Soviet Union mainly associated with the name of Gorbachev. Responsibility for these events and their consequences, the future generations will not find someone else, but only find Gorbacheov.

So, what did Gorbachev think about what you think of in your own Soviet Union? In this regard, Gorbachev said:

Many personnel have used a seemingly scientific ancient basis to describe the inevitability, and all prerequisites for the Soviet Union have been established in 1991. So what is the reason for the Soviet Union? I think that first, "Typo" is because the policy implemented by Yeltsin and its team, after entering the Russian Federal regime in 1990, it promotes the destruction of the Soviet route, declared war to the law, and set off the independent wave of sovereign states. In essence, the signator of the lyrical agreement and those rebel molecules are "Typo> 貉 . Therefore, I am not responsible for the Soviet Union, this is history.


Obviously, Gorbachev believes that the final disintegration of the Soviet Union is because Yeltsin Group implements the implementation of the Mini Soviet policy, Yeltsin Group is the sully disaster of the Soviet Union. He does not recognize the "Gorbachev himself" of the Soviet Union, the first responsible person "of the Soviet Union. Even, he also said "I am not responsible for the Soviet Union."

So, in addition to the parties of the Soviet Union, how do Western countries evaluate Gorbachev? After the Soviet Union was enjoyed, Western countries was naturally not praised to Gorbachev.

Therefore, the US President Nixon has said: "Gorbachev is a great leader in Russian history." Kissinger evaluated Gorbachev as "will be used as one of the" Century .

But it is clear that people who are praised by opponents and enemies will inevitably be disadvantageous, "The wesk the Western countries, the deeper the crack between the people and his leaders."

Soviet Union

On the contrary, people who are jealous by the Western countries and even the big people are worthy of love. The so-called "He Hero, I am", I am not coming to the enemy, how can it become the hero of the nation?

Then, after the Soviet Union, it is no longer the Soviet leader, and it has witnessed the tragic status of Russia and other CIS countries after the Soviet Union, and how does Gorbachev's point of view change, what happens? ?

In fact, Gorbachev caused the Soviet Union and left the Kremlin, his days did not have a pleasant. Although he has already planned, and immediately prepared the Gorbach International Social Economic Political Theory Research Foundation. Gorbachev's fund is used.

However, Gorbachev's days is actually very tap. The reason is also a big relationship with him. At that time, due to the Russian economy, the ruble crazy depreciation, the original Gorbachev's 4000 ruble retired, the purchasing power is even less than one dollar.

In 1998, as the financial crisis set off in Western countries broke out, Gorbachev's economic situation became a bad thing. Especially when there is a bank with his deposits because of this financial crisis, Gorbachev is also implicated.


It is also because of a huge difficulties in the economic situation. In order to maintain livelihoods, in order to solve the problem of insufficient funds of our fund, Gorbachev began to make money with their own reputation. He took the advertisement, speaking everywhere, crazy books And even appear in the movie. However, with the unique status of Gorbacheov and the huge fame, economic issues are easy to solve. However, he once ruled the Russian economy, obviously not so easy to recover, as for the glory of the Soviet super big country, it is not returned.

Therefore, most Russians can't have a cold in this hand, and many people refuse to understand him. For example, Decided Gorbachev, which was selected by the Russian presidential campaign in 1996, only received less than 1% votes.

On many public situations, Gorbachev was roared by Russia, even splashing water, and slamming. Obviously, for most Russian people, he is seen as a culprit of the Soviet Union.


So, do you have any reflection on Gobachev? Of course, in 2006, Gorbachev was in an interview with the "Global Human" magazine, and he stated that he said:

"We have not prepared, so that the Soviet society is open. Under the cruel international competition, domestic industries have been fatal strike. Hundreds of people have grown all over Night, the amount of money is only in the US tycoon, and The number of people in terctian is far more than the Soviet period.

Therefore, for this painful lesson that I have experienced, Gorbachev also gave China an advice:

Don't let the situation confuse, stability is the first. "

Therefore, in our own experience, Gorbachev said:

In this regard, China has been working very well. China's coastal provinces and regions have been fast, and the central and western development is relatively developed. The Chinese leaders now call on the development of the decisions in the western and Northeast China.

And when I talked about the CCA collapsed, he said:

"I deeply understand that the reform period, strengthen the leadership of the party on the country and reform process, is the top priority of all problems. Here, I want to remind Chinese friends through our painful mistakes: if the party lost to society and The leadership of the reform will make chaos, which will be very dangerous. "


Obviously, from this interview, it can be seen that although it has been 75 years old, the spirit of the spirit, the agile Gorbachev is reviewing the history of the Soviet Union, there is regretted the reform of ourselves. .

However, in 2011, in 2011, the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union, in the interview with the German Weekly Mirror Weekly, Gorbach said again: I don't regret the reform of the year.

In other words, Gorbachev's regret is actually a limited, conditional, he regrets some of the reform measures that are too radical in the past, not the negation of your entire reform program. Of course, things are constantly changing, and Gorbachv is certainly no exception.

After another 5 years, in April 2016, Gorbachev held a "Gorbachev" book in Moscow in the Moscow National University. When the Exhibition of the Book of Galbacheov, it is considered to be a college student. When the Soviet Union is disintegrating.


This time, Gorbachev's answer is: no matter what, I can't shirk my responsibility for the Soviet Union. Moreover, he also added: I think I should be responsible for this, not someone else to let me go down, but we don't actively leave, so I have not successfully control the situation at the time.

Nowadays, the Soviet disintegration has been in whole, no matter whether Gorbachev regrets, no matter how to pay attention to the glory of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union of the whole European shiver is not returned, and no more coming back possible. The Soviet Union gave the last class in China with its incomparable fierce endings.