The first world war has a lot of dog blood (1)

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The first world war has a lot of dog blood (1)

2022-01-15 06:05:26 11 ℃

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Everyone is not so deep, although there is no fierce in the World War, it is also a large-scale war in human history, and our history book is basically brought this, so everyone will be more vague. Many things and people are not very clear, then today, we will introduce you to you. In fact, the battle is also very dog ​​blood, the history book is not written, so it is brought by a stroke.

Germany's rise and the formation of two camps

In the first World War, I broke out in 1914, but I want to say that the formation of the two alliances is needed from 150 years ago. Yes, Germany has not yet established 150 years ago, and the German builders at the time were one Calling the country of Prussia. He did a thief's unethical thing. The rise of Prussia has affected France's position in the European continent, so the law war has built in 1870. One year later, the law of the law was over, France defeated, the second imperial collapse of France. Prussia, you said that winning will win, he defeated the establishment of the second empire of German, Germany finally set up, so since it is an empire, then there is an emperor, there is an emperor, there is a scheduled model, then the second empire of Germany It is in the Versailles in Paris, France. My God, that is so bad, so humiliation France, this naturally, this is never dying hatred. So after a war, I signed a contract in a car. This car is very meaningful. This car is the Royal car compartment of the second empire of France, Napoleon III is the emperor who was captured by Prussian in the law of law. Take this humiliation Germany. You say that dogs don't have dog blood, like children fight. I am playing like a happiness. It seems to be far away.

Then the newly established German and French are naturally unsatisfactory realm, so Germany has always wanted to live in France, and do not want France to have an opportunity. However, the world of the world at the time was not these two goods, and the UK. The UK pursues the mainland partnership policy to ensure that there is no forces to threaten the UK. Therefore, the British is not right, and it is interested in helping France. This is something. Germany wants to pull out European strong countries to enclose France. At that time, European strong state:

First line: British, Russia, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Second line: Italy, Osman Empire

The British will lead to the most important reason for the France is that Germany is active to expand. He actually has built the railway into Iraq, cross-border half of Europe, and touched the British in the interests of India and Egypt in the Far East, why not say The Middle East, because the oil has not yet raised it at that time! The British naturally will not let Germany are so arrogant, and Yingde has gradually integrated.

Germany first, is the Tongzong's Austro-Hungar, because Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire want to compete for the interests of the Balkans, so Germany facilitate Russia for the enemy, and Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire are also Russia. The nail in the strategy, so Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Treaty have signed the "Dao Hung Treaty", the remaining two Italy and a half-disabled Osman Empire, the noble German people are naturally tend to be Italy, so, in the late period, I found this is a stupid decision.

Finally, May 20, 1882, Seeing, the United Kingdom pulled up the French and Russia to build an agreement. So the two major camps officially formed opposite.