Yellow Cheap Mountain: Because of a good gun method by Du Yuezi, why is it miserable?

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Yellow Cheap Mountain: Because of a good gun method by Du Yuezi, why is it miserable?

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In the 1930s, the world's situation is complicated, the Shanghai Fengxiao, the dark tide is surging, and the small people can also turn into the big figures of the famous rivers and lakes.

Just like the "Shanghai Beach" of the major film and television dramas, Xu Wenqiang is a hero who has a number of people in the hearts of people, which is the miracle of destiny.

And Xu Wenqiang's prototype Du Yuyu, but also a 14-year-old on the beach, from an apprenticeship of a fruit, pork shop, to the street small confusion, and finally became the Shanghai Ganbang Tycoon, the scenery is unlimited.

Perhaps because of my little person, I climbed up from the world's best step. Therefore, Du Yuexu, who succeeded, so much, and constantly recruits talents, so I will cultivate a lot of small characters.

Today, the little person who has to say from the bottom is one of the four major gods of Du Yue, he is a carrier, after investing in Du Yuezheng, flattening the green cloud, holding straight.

It's just a deficiency of helplessness, but it is endless, and it is not possible to fell in his later years.

So how did Ye Yushan are appreciated by Du Yue, what happened to make him a change in the disobeal, from this?

The counterattack of the yellow bag

The yellow chassis has a pivotal position in the history of the beach. Many stories are related to the Yellow Cheap, they are a group of people who witnessed Shanghai's historical development. Ye Yushan is such a carrier.

At first, the lady of the rich people went out to be a yellow chassis, and their business is also enough to meet the basic life is more than enough.

However, with the arrival of the foreigner, the car has become a trendy product in Shanghai. Many rich people are in the pursuit of with the car.

Gradually , the yellow chassis is getting more and more desirable, and the business of the yellow bag car is getting worse. They have become a difficult thing.

In this case, the days of Ye Yushan are not good, so it is very popular in Ye Yushan, and also likes fresh things.

Seeing the car is very popular, Ye Yushan immediately learned driving skills, soon, I learned to open the car, so he became a driver from a yellow boxer.

Due to the Shanghai beach at this time, the driver is very tight, and the car is something used in the upper society, so the driver's occupation is also one of the important ways to go to the top society.

In order not to, Ye Yushan after the driver has a chance to contact the rich people, Ye Yushan is in the US Consulate as a driver, and later went to Shanghai Fujun Lin Shenglin's public mall as a driver.

After the opportunity is coincidental, Ye Yushan met Du Yueyuan.

Fame and fortune

After the parenteral Ye Yushan knows that Du Yueyi, I understand that I only have a good job in my my my job, in order to get the appreciation of Du Yueyuan.

As a rivers and lakes, Du Yuexi has a special favorite, and Ye Yushan is a person who knows Wu.

Perhaps it is when a yellow checker, in order to strengthen the body and fire, the anti-theft, or maybe it is natural, Ye Yushan has always insisted on practicing the practice, often practicing the punch.

Therefore, when the fate is sent to Ye Yushan to Du Yuemen, the Ye Yushan who has smashed flowers in the flowers of the flowers, and the Heisei chickens were standing out.

Du Yuezi people becomes hundreds of thousands, and they are not in a small number of fists, and they can defeat these roles, and Ye Yushan's work can be seen.

It is said that Ye Yushan can be valued by Du Yue, in addition to his good martial arts, a more important thing is that his gun law is.

In the cold weapons, the flesh war is the key to win, but when the foreigners are coming, the new weapons such as pistols are only between one second, so who can master new weapons, who can be valued.

Ye Yushan, who is good at drilling, is very thorough, and the gun method has to be, it is said that he can play the darts on the vessel where you drift in the water, you can shoot the square hole on the copper money outside of the hundred steps.

In this way, with a good martial art, a good gun method, Ye Yushan has been favored by Du Yue, so Du Yue Lu continued to hand over some important difficult tricks to him.

Ye Yushan always completes the task of giving him, plus his duty, his mouth is very tight, and neversreighted anything, so deep Du Yuezheng's trust, gradually became the heart of Du Yue, became the four gates of the Qing One of God.

In this way, Ye Yushan has become a big person in Shanghai Qingzhu "one person under the one person" from an sale of the Shanghai Qing, "One Hello."


After becoming the red man of Du Yue, Ye Yushan's big tree is so cold, followed by Du Yue, earned a lot of money in the gray industry.

However, it is different from others, and Ye Yushan does not seem to be greedy, and there is no such opportunity to develop its own industries.

For the fashionable song hall cinema, Ye Yushan did not get involved, just purely for personal hobbies opened a horse.

In the Guangda disciples, the development of their own personal forces, Ye Yushan is not in the heart, and there is only a few younger brother, not as everyone else, is the front cluster.

It can be said that Ye Yushan is a striker that does not ask for fame and fortune, but he has a harmful hobby, that is, gambling.Ye Yushan is very enthusiastic about gambling, and each time gambling is very polite, you have to wipe all the tables and chairs, you must wipe it clean.

After entering the seat, you have to flatten your clothes, you can't have a little wrinkle. After all work is done, you can start officially playing.

It really should be the old saying, "It is always necessary to come out," I gave it a powerful, gambling, gambling, and thousands of gold.

Ye Yushan, who has been completely caught in, thinks that the final will go back, and there is a lot of opportunities to win.

However, with Du Yue, Shanghai is going to Hong Kong, and the green tree is scattered, and the Ye Yushan, who is backed by Du Yue, has no opportunity that can be turned on.

Always exhausted all the family wealth, the last poor wash, the old age is poor, it is said that there is no money after the death will leave a funeral.