"Shi Ri Tan" Tuohong: Emperor who is subject to the old man

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"Shi Ri Tan" Tuohong: Emperor who is subject to the old man

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Tuobahong, the seventh highest ruler in the Northern Wei Dynasty. The Emperor of this Fresh Better is a very good emperor in Chinese history. It is not bad in Tang Zong Song Zu and a generation of Tianjiao. Especially his care and compassion on the elderly are more prominent, and it can be said that there are hundreds of emperors in Chinese history.

First, we will lower the trend of the older people in the observation. Too and seventeen years (493) August 24, he drove the state (now North West, the northwest of Shanxi Province) is next, and all the people are almost seventy years old, giving the title level. On September 20, the same year, the big army passed through the Yellow River. He enacted the scriptures to the army of the army, Hui, Hui, and, the people of 4, and the old people over the age of 100 enjoy the treatment of the county, the old man over the age of ninety-year-old, gave it three, the old man over the age of 8 The second level of the title, the old man over the age of 7 gave the title level; the husband, widow, the young and no father, the old and no children, etc. Too and 18 years (494 years) Spring, the first month, the car driving in the South Tour, Yankan, Yusan, the old man over 100 years old people enjoy the treatment of the county, ninety or above, the second level, more than 70 or more Level, lonely, ignor, can self-owner, give two stone, and two. Too and 19 years (495) Summer 13, the old man over the age of 100, the old man, the old man, the top three, more than 80 or above, the second level, more than 70 yuan Level, lonely, old disease, can not live stand, giving valley, 帛. On June 15, Xia Jizhou, Fuyang, and Henan Zhu County, the car driving office passenger, more than a hundred years, the county is treated, more than 90 yuan, the third level, more than 80 or more The Jue is one-level, the elderly life is not self-reliant, giving the valley, 帛. On October 9, a special is implemented in Xiangzhou. The people have been in the age of less than a hundred years old; the treatment of the county; 90 years old, enjoy the treatment of honorary county; 80 years old, give the title level three; 70 years old, give the title 2 Level; life can't stand alone, lonely and suffering from the disease, give grains and cloth. Too and twenty-first (497) squatting on February 8, where the famous clan children, more than 60 years old, enjoy the county-seeking treatment. On March 27, the people of Fanzhou people enjoyed the county treatment in the age of 100, more than 90 or more, eighty, the second level, more than seventy, and the biting. On May 4th, Van Zhenzi's children, hundreds of years old, enjoy the Warquet treatment, more than ninety, more than 80 or more, enjoy the treatment of Huaxian, more than 70, enjoy the Washen County county . The elderly, the rewards of the old man, the age of the old man, the age of 70, gave to the three levels of the title; the departure of the boat, give the title level; orphan, widow, 鳏鳏, poor, Disabled, each gives the fabric two, grain Wuyi. On September 12th, he said: "Symposion, relief poor and old man are the primary mission of monarch, the widow, the disease, especially compassion. Can be announced to the people of Luoyang, where the age is in seventy With years old, there is no descendants, there is no one for the age of 60, and the family poverty cannot survive. It is given to the food, and the age is less than sixty, there is a disability, the disease is entangled. The relatives of a month, and the poverty is unable to treat diseases. They will be treated by doctors in other squares. Passing the doctor four, preparing a variety of drugs, specializing in the treatment of such people. "November, after recovering the north, The decree is more than 90 or more fakes, and six5 or above the county order.

Second, not only to the ordinary people, but also care about the old people who commit crimes. Such as the 12th year (488) on the 15th of the first month, the proclamation of the book: "Where the town is guarded and being exiled from the long-distance area, such as the age of seventy, is lonely, although there is a wife and wife, there is no descendants, such as such They can be reached back to the original. Any prisoner who is sentenced to death, such as parents, grandparents old, there is neither a child of adult, and there is no one year of relatives, should report to the court. "

Third, the place of being paved, mostly visiting the old man, understanding their lives. like,

Too and seventeen years (493) August 30, Xiaowen Emperor caught him. In person with the elderly, ask his suffering. Another example, too, twenty-first (497), February 5, Xiaowen stayed in Taiyuan, personally met the elderly, asked him to suffer.

Fourth, Caring for the old officials who retired from the old age. Such as, too, the 20th day, 20 days: "The past four generations of pension, ask them to ask them to teach, although they are not smart, but very advocated this virtue. Now give them one Set of clothes, pound, five mats. "

Fifth, paying attention to the old people in the capital. For example, the Too and Three Years (479), in the early 19th months, the high-grade of the Beijing-Tianjin's poor is not able to self-containers, and the fabric is equally poor. Too and 16th Year (492) December, the old man in the Kyoto area rewarded the cane.