When Zhuge Liang buried, a scientific difficulty in explaining a scientific thing, scared on the spot

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When Zhuge Liang buried, a scientific difficulty in explaining a scientific thing, scared on the spot

2022-01-15 06:05:39 11 ℃

I believe that many friends are very interesting to the three strange strange things in the Three Kingdoms. Today, the content brought to everyone is a strange thing recorded in the wild history. It is said that the people present at the time. And this strange master, even everyone is very familiar with: Zhuge Liang.

Speaking of Zhuge Liang, many people are very admired, Zhuge Liang is dying for the death of the Han Han, and has set up the sweat work. Liu Bei, the leader of the Han, is also very trust of it, even in the end of the martial arts. Yu Zhu Liang handled, and also paid his son Liu Zen to Zhugeiang, and respecting it as "Pharma", it can be seen that Liu Bei's sincerity is absolutely no doubt, not only, this is also a trust in Zhuge Liang.

After Liu Bei died, Zhuge Liang inherited Liu Bei's levy, and continued to work hard for the ZTE Han Room, and Zhuge Liang did not let Liu Bei disappointed. I personally take the soldiers to conquer the quenching of the soldiers, and in just a few years, they will accumulate military power that can weigh the Northern Cao Cao. But unfortunately, Cao Wei's power is not casual, and the back of Liu Zen is often critical, and the Northern Expedition has failed.

However, the final Zhu Ge Wu also did not overcome the disease and the years. On the sixth spot, the disease was died in the five places, Zhuge Liang, and finally lost his life. It is also possible to scare the Cao Wei army, and I can see Cao Wei's jealous of Zhuge Liang.

However, when Zhuge Liang was buried, there was a incredible thing. After the death of Zhuge, the people of the people were sad. Even the Meng of Zhuge Liangzi seven vertical will be buryed for it, but when Zhuge Liang is buried, the mountain is full of birds and beasts, the sound is more The science, people who are present are very scared.

Not only that, in ancient funeral, it is paying attention to it. Everyone does not dare to delay the time. It can only be built hard to funeralize Zhuge Liang. At this time, the mountain suddenly occurred in the mountain, and Zhuge Liang checked. Several people are still standing unstable, because the cause of the earthquake, suddenly shocked a deep pit next to Zhuge Liang, lifting the husband, because the shake did not grasp, let Zhuge Liang's spiritual slide directly to the whole pit. In the middle, the size of the pit is just just to fits Zhuge Liang's spiritual size. Everyone present is that this is what it is to be buried here, so they have not moved again, just obey the meaning, put Zhuge Liang's spiritual pendulum. In this way, Zhuge Liang's funeral is also ending in a series of strange things.