Zhu Yuanzhang promoted the little wheel Guo Decheng, why did he hurry? I have a problem that I have a problem.

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Zhu Yuanzhang promoted the little wheel Guo Decheng, why did he hurry? I have a problem that I have a problem.

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After the change of dynasties, the new emperor ascended the throne, will conquer the world to help themselves by meritorious reward power lines, and this group from Dragon Hill, the top layer is often a powerful country.

In the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Chinese history as the only emperor of a unified China to the general public the identity of a number of natural and ultimately his side to accompany him to conquer the world of people with lofty ideals.

After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang began large letters the ministers. The face of the emperor raised him, ministers have gladly accepted. However, in this group of people is a man to his sickness do not want this poor excuse for an official rejected the emperor raised him, this person is Guo Decheng.

In a public minister from among the Dragon, Guo Decheng's status is not low. When the emperor's forces still humble, Guode Cheng Kwok will be the emperor's sister as a concubine. Two in the process along, Kuo dedicated service, won the emperor favorite.

Affected sister, three brothers GUO Xing Guo, Guo Ying, Guo Decheng early in life will be joined under the command of the emperor, Civil war, countless exploits.

After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Guo Ning was closed Fei, Guo Decheng two brothers also Monkey worship phase, high positions. With Kuok's identity and Guo Decheng countless exploits, reasonable in the circumstances he should be in high positions, but he ended up with only a small rounding cavalry officer.

This is not the emperor reluctant to office, but Guo Decheng excuse themselves by ill postponed several times, will come to such a minor official.

Later, with the Queen's horse died, Guode Chen Guo's sister in the harem further. Although there is no name of the Queen, the Queen of the real there, in charge of Palaces, mother Miriam world.

In order to express their own value for the '' temple of the Lord '', the emperor who just want a little brother in law cavalry rounding. This time to the emperor raised him more than ever, directly Guo Decheng served is a product of the captaincy, it is for ordinary people, this share can be described as asking for the moon, bit extreme ministers.

However, Guo Decheng but this fear and trepidation, he only nodded repeatedly and said that he could not defective official, said he drunken, instead of to his office, as converted into wine and gold and silver these real thing.

This behavior can outsiders say audacious, the face of the emperor raised him actually dare to bargain, is tantamount to the kiss of death. However, Guo Decheng this attitude not only did not lead to fatal disaster, but can even make under the emperor gave a lot of food and wine.

Under various acts can also let down so the emperor reward, so act, it is cause for worry.

However, if a careful look, you will find that in the face of such temptation Gaoguanhoulu below, Guo Decheng also without blinking an eye. With this self-control he was invincible, give up Gaoguanhoulu intercession food and wine, is a folly in the short term, but focus on the future of this folly, Guo Decheng I have to ensure peace.

Zhu Yuanzhang was born poor, to the paranoid old age feel that their hands are despised him, affected by this inferiority complex, the emperor big kill four in his later years.

And even turquoise, Huwei Yong this and other highly intelligent characters are all mortal, seen at the time of the wind tight. However, even in this situation, Guo Decheng never appear in the list of the death of the emperor, his mind is on the restraint.

Moreover, the emperor in his later years, Guo Decheng for drunk mess made by the emperor touches on the Ni Lin had been a monk, and almost beheaded, distress between Guo Decheng stepping down gracefully, choose hair as a monk.

And such a very firm decision, but it is a step in the eyes of outsiders faint chess, perhaps this is the 'me too insane people laugh, I laugh others see through' 'it.

It Guo Decheng one after another seemingly insane decision, only to the Kwok family from Daughter of the disaster. Guo Decheng body of this unparalleled degree of self-control and to control, it is worth every one of us to learn. Understand the interaction with others is better than a mighty force.