After Xiao Yao, after killing Han Xin, crying and said 12 words

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After Xiao Yao, after killing Han Xin, crying and said 12 words

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Han Xin was originally a unknown child, and then became a hero, and finally died. In this process, Han Xin's fate is closely related to a person. This person is his Bole Xiao.

Han Xin, from the poor family, and then started from the military officer by the peasant uprising from the end of the Qin, I originally went to Xiang Yu, but I did not receive the reuse of Xiang Yu.

At this time, Han Xin ran from Xiang Yu's military camp, met Xiao Yi, Xiao He saw Han Xin, and saw that this person had the generals, so he recommended Han Xin to Liu Bang.

After that, with the support of Han Xin et al., Liu Bang completed the unified great cause, and Han Xin's fate is from now.

When Liu Bang took a soldier, he fell into Xiang Yu's circle, so Liu Bang sent a message to Han Xin, hoping Han Xin speed to bring military to support. Han Xin took the danger of Liu Bang, put forward his own requirements to Liu Bang, and wanted him to send troops, but he must seal him as Qi Wang.

Although Han Xin received a double collection, but at the same time, Liu Bang's heart was also silently alert to Han Xin.

Han Xin's official is getting more smooth, but Xiao He is not the same as him, Xiao He became the prime minister, and he was trusted by Liu Bang and Lu, but Han Xin has been suspicious. Two people gradually.

Later, Han Xin wants to make a retrograde plan, Xiao He didn't hesitate to have a plan for Lu, that is, Han Xinjin Palace, said that Liu Bang has off, let Han Xin come to the palace to welcome Liu Bangkai. Han Xin didn't know that the meter followed Xiao He Jin Palace.

According to the "Historical Record", Xiao He is Lu after the advice, and Wu Xin is killed.

Luhou is a smart person. When Han Xin entered the main hall, it took him that he tied him. At this time, Han Xin said that "Han Wang once made me three do not kill" - see the day does not kill, see the land Kill, see iron and don't kill. "

Luke, of course, knowing this matter, but Xiao Gan has made a policy.

"Come, put Han Xin's head to make a bag." Then two people used the face to use the face of Han Xinjia.

Luhou asked: "Huaiyin Hou, do you still see the day?"

Han Xin said uncomfortable: "As long as I stand on the earth, you have no power to kill me!"

After Lu, he said in accordance with Xiao Hao's explanation: "When I come, I hang Han Xin," I hang hang like hanging big clock. "

Finally, Han Xin also said that the world's soldiers did not take iron, no one can kill me!

But he didn't know, Xiao Hao's policy is really high, Luhou waved, a group of palace female hand-held bamboo poles go to the Han Xin, do not consume a bag of smoke, Han Xin died in a group of women.

In the face of Han Xin's body, Xiao He was crying and said 12 words: "I Xiao Hao Han Xin, is the world!"

And the 12 characters were circulated, and it became "He also Xiao He, the defeat is also Xiao He", and now this sentence has become a proverb, and it is the mantra of modern many people!

Han Xin and Xiao He's story, recorded in "Historical Record", this article is also an opinion of the story of history, in the history of 24th, the most like "Historical Record", because the history is the first of the twenty-four history, is The Chinese nation has never been more than history books in 2000.

The historical stories recorded in it are not just interesting, let you know the history of the past, the key is that there is a dynasty of the dynasty, some people's life, from the glory to death, which contain rich life and social philosophy.

"History" is the masterpiece of literature, but also the great achievements of history.

One thing happened in a lifetime, or a little longer, one of the emperors or established from a family to demise, this is a history. We have the eyes of these fragments, but Sima religes to make us realize that when we treat history as a whole, the history, from the content you have learned, and therefore recognize the world and the truth It is completely different.

"Historical Record", "History Singing, No Rhymes". Sima Qian projected his life in "Historical Record", so he can more observing the changing the chance of humanity and the world. So, in his pen, humanity is interested in the incident, and the key character is more important than the emperor.

At the same time, "Historical Records" also has many articles to select textbooks, but they must read books.

Therefore, we can read "Historical Record", by reading this book, you are alive for 4,000 years (from the five-day period to now). Since ancient times, "History" has been a successful book.

There are also many people to say to the Lao Tao, "Historical Records" is a classical Chinese, and it is difficult to understand, and the history of this version of himself read is very understanding. It is very good to understand. There are also detailed notes, read Can't bother up.

The key is to have a lot of illustrations, even children can read, from small training history!