Shangqiu Celebrity: Question

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Shangqiu Celebrity: Question

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Qi Shi Pu (? - 1642), the word Dan, the Shangqiu people. Wanli forty-year (1613) Jinshi. In the presence of Shanxiquo, the county, the ceremonial department, the university is in the event.

At the time of the articles of the articles, Qingsi is safe, and the sex is just straight, and it is not necessary to disciphe the snake. Party Wei Zhongxian special handle, framed Zuo Zhezhen Gao Zhaolong, Yu Zhou Zong Jian, Yu Defeng period, should have a week, etc. Zhou Shi Pu Yiyi, strive, and the book is rescued, and Wei Zhongxian is avoided, and he will lead to it.

In the first year of Chongzhen (1628), Taishi Shaoqing, the deposit, the right, and the department of the department. Zhang Yunxian Monitor, households, and the second part of the emperor, the name "Prime Minister", the following is long and worship. Qingshang is shameful, the number is not in charge with Zhang Yixian. Zhang Yincian fell into the emperor, Zhou Shi Ji Li Zhuang, often made the emperor. Soon, Shou Ning's princess is 薨, 驸马 都 尉 齐 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 劾 劾 劾 劾 劾 劾 劾 劾. 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 例 上 上 上 朴 朴 上 上 上 上 朴 朴 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上

In the 15th year of Chongzhen (1642), Timichen recommended in the DPRK, Qi Shi is very cold, and the resignation is uncomfortable. In March of the same year, Li Zicheng was trapped in Guide, Zhou Shi Pu and his wife Cao, Zhang, Zi people Zhou Yixi, daughter-in-law Shenshi, died on the same day, buried in the southwest of Zhaokou, 9 kilometers in Shangqiu Ancient Chengnan.