He is Huangpu 1st birth, the autumn harvest, the deputy commander of the autumn harvest, and will be brought to the old people into the national army, and later?

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He is Huangpu 1st birth, the autumn harvest, the deputy commander of the autumn harvest, and will be brought to the old people into the national army, and later?

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The revolution is originally the process of Dahang Shu. Some people have walked down and have achieved brilliant life; some people have been abolished, leaving a regret of life.

The words of the Huangpu Military Academy have participated in the deputy general command of the autumn harvest after the revolution, but the ending is the old Jiang, although once once, the national army will be, but later?

The 1 period of the Huangpu Military Academy is called Han Wei.

Han Wei is Huanggang, Hubei, in 1893, in the early years, in the early years, the Ministry of Middle School, Huanggang County, China Ministry of Transport Management School. As a young talents, Han Wei came to the revolutionary hotspot city, Guangzhou, served as the Guangdong Military Government Finance Department inspector, Guangzhou University Camp, Guangdong, Shan Shengguan Office, Military Department.

After the first cooperation of the country, after the first cooperation of the Whampoa Military Academy, Han Wei was admitted to the first phase of the Xijiang Shan Shengguan Office, and Dmb Dada recommended to study in the first phase of the Huangpu Military Academy and entered the party in the military school. I. Second East Excellence and Unified Guangdong and other battles, soon they were guaranteed to the University of Red Army at the Soviet Red Army. After returning to China in the second year, he served as the central (Huangpu) military school Wuhan division, the second year of the college, the national revolutionary army, the 11th military education camp, the fourth group army second military warfare group staff (Zheng Deputy head Ludder Ming and the remaining degree, respectively.

Knowing the history of China's revolutionary history, Lu Deming and the rest of the ministries were the first military commander and uprising the first army of the First Army of the First Army, and as an old party member, the police group Han Wei was appointed as a group of 1 division of 1 division of the autumn harvest.

The revolution is a hard process, and the autumn harvest of Xiangjiang will soon encounter setbacks. The commander commander commanded Lu Diming. The division of the teacher also rebellious. Han Han had to return to Jiangxi. But on the way back to Jiangxi, I encountered the inspection of the National Party Local Mission. The result of crossfire between the two sides was Han Wei and others were captured.

To be honest, if Han Wei's will of the party is sufficiently firm, as long as it can be around, as Huangpu 1st birth, he is completely people's resources and abilities return to my party, but he chose to invest old Jiang, separated from the organization, Become Chiang Kai-shek is red.

Lao Bei's Whampochou is not thin. Since then, he has served as secretary of Guangdong Beihai Salder Department and General, Nanjing Central Military Academy, Director of the 41st Teacher's Conductor, North China Anti-Japanese Propaganda Corps 8 Brigade, The party and government of the Party and Administration of the Party and Administration of the Party and Administration of the Command of the Command of the Command, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan, and 144th Tourism, the 10th Military Department, and the Minister of Command, Hubei Provincial Military Region, and the Provincial Military Region Military Training Office and Division, Hubei Provincial Local Administrative Cadre Training Group Education, Deputy Director of the National Military Training Committee of Hubei Province. After the explosion of the anti-Japanese war, Han Han has served as a long education in Hubei Province, the 10th Army, the 48th Division of the 73rd Army, Vice Force of the 75th Army, the Vice Force of the 73r - Army, the 73river The military commander is waiting.

Han Wei can be described as a fish in the Chiang Kai-shek National Party Camp, step by step, then later?

The Kuomintang reactionary forces represented by Chiang Kai-shek provoked the civil war after the victory of the anti-Japanese War, and the fate of Han Wei also changed.

At the beginning of 1947, after the victory of the battle of Luzhong, I was in Shandong and Huazhong two wilderness aircraft aircraft to form China Dongyan Army, and launched Laiwu Battle in February of the same year. During this battle, Li Xianzhou led the second Yudi District force almost all the army, and Han Wei's 73 army although killing, he also lost heavy losses. When he rate more than 1,000 people escaped to the mouth town, they will flee in the direction of the new editors, and the 9th column of Xu Shiyou will be lywed in the Qingshuan, the Zhuang area, and the deputy commander of the autumn harvest Han Wei became the prisoner of our army.

Han Han became a good treatment after the prisoner of our army. After the founding of New China, he entered the Warranty Management Institute and the company's colleague Wang Yaowu, Li Xianzhou and others study, transform my thoughts, and was released in December 1961.

As an important backbone of the autumn harvest, finally, he went to the back of the organization that he had worked. Han Dynasty will certainly regret it. It is good to have a lot of precious historical materials in his mentality. Said: "After being a special, I have a personal life and family scene of my personal life in 200 years, so I feel my body and mind." (See "Han Wei's ninety-legged" ("Today China (Chinese version)" 1982 12)))

On September 7, 1989, Han Han was in Wuhan and was 96 years old.