Ancient men can three wives, but also protect the original wife's rights, what is the consideration?

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Ancient men can three wives, but also protect the original wife's rights, what is the consideration?

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The ancient man implemented a husband's system in marriage, and the introduction of this concept from modern men and women relationship. It seems to be betrayal for couples. There is not much woman tolerate husband and other women in the eyelids.

So ancient times seriously hurt the husband's feelings, destroying the basics of marriage, why men must pay great attention to the right to protect the rights of their own wife, protect their status? Why do men boycotten those who are arrogant and arrogant?

In other words, in most cases, who decided that the wife is that the elder is not myself, and the is the decision, the original position is the elders of a large number of husbands and the mother's elders.

At the end of the body, the men enjoy the attentiveness of the family, the fundamental wife is a stable guarantee, and the man guarantees the original rights of the original, indicating the vast majority of men, must be rational in marriage, is a necessary requirement for society.

1. Wife: Political alliance

It is not only a political marriage, and the existence of ancient clan society. He is the two families' politics, in general, the wife's social status is matched with her husband, which is completely different from the situation.


2. Wife: Not a husband but the choice of elders

Wife, is the family's elders after weighing the pros and cons., Represents the family, after the recognition can only marry the door, his entire process is from the wedding book, from the color gift to the divorce, there are two families with the face. Not only my wife, even my husband, for my marriage, in fact, basically only participation rights, no decision.

Such a wife can not love, you can find a reason to find a little wife, the color is a man's genetical decision, most of the family members will not consider the little men's belt, but from the perspective of depriving the wife's rights, threatening the status of the wife It will inevitably bring the interference of elders. When the wife's character is just a bit, when the husband is weak, even if they are strictly managed, the husband is scratched by his wife.

The elders of the family are laughing, which belongs to the contradictions of the people. If you are in the seven-out areas, because of the meaningful relationship, you will shake the political foundation of the most fundamental family, almost inevitably be intervened.

3. Wife: a large number of participants in the family

Handling your marriage, ordinary husbands are certainly impossible to treat them with a good time.

The original match is to worship the existence of the ancestors with the male owner. In the dream of the Red Mansion, the amount of the old lady. Since the life of women is longer than male objective facts, a large number of families in Chinese history have a lot of Jia Lao, who is a real family, and they have to enter the family cemetery, and they are basically there is no such right.

1. A large amount of Natchewan caused by infertility

The reasons of this phenomenon itself, the first is that most of the husband is not the presence of cold blood, the second is the pressure that the wife's mother may cause.

When the man is in this time, the more powerful wife will not stop, but the teachings of the children will be the obligation of the wife. Although the child is deprived from the biological mother, it is cruel, but the importance of child education, the originality of the power is controlled, indicating their great position in the family.

After the child, the child is in the original education right, calling his own mother, the mother, and the kids shouted the child, Miss, this is an objective existence. With the popular words, you are a monk, bring your child to the world. From the perspective of family, they are just a machine.

2.嫡子 and

In the case where there is a child, the child's scorpion is greatly suppressed in the political and economic power of the family, and this rule is the most important criterion for feudal family operation. Yuan Shao Suiqiang, challenge the criteria guidelines have caused the crackers of political basics, and the ancients of the ancients have the importance of the scorpion criteria.

The identity of the heir-apparent of noble status in marriage is the mother caused, imagine the abolition of the status of wife, mistress will be righting, how to treat the heir-apparent and relationships concubines it? This is not to find ourselves uncomfortable, let backyard initiatives fire it?

3. The rights to control his wife's concubine

In most cases, what men want in a room overnight to overnight in which room. But de jure, from the point of view of the emperor, the emperor of the Qing turn sign, the Queen had to end, although not interfere with the wise Queen emperor intercourse, but this rule itself is to raise the status of the behavior of his wife.

A large house, the man of the house to see if the first wife of over-indulgence, too much of what a woman is addicted to sex, there is power to the concubines out of the house, the family and society will be the first wife staunch supporters.

It is too difficult, many men also beat his first wife ass, to get the opportunity and concubines same room.

1. From the ancients to see the siege treatment of women's attitude

The ancients treatment of women is fragmented, he has great respect for his wife's family status, while the ancient man also will play, he will be a lot of extra hormones and energy are poured on the prostitutes Museum and concubinage.

There is ancient Chinese intellectual temperament, treating him thinking that the status is quite a woman. For example, the family's family is not oblique. He believes that it is a blasphemy for friends. But this does not hinder him about the fascination of broth and red dust. The author believes that this is the essence of ancient male marriage concept. He is the social purpose and physiological purpose of the marriage to deal with the family relationship.

. And is the manifestation of men's demand for marriage, and the existence of is completely men's will and preferences decided, and she is pleased to be a woman's own charm.

They are all referred to in the right of royal and even male. Esweeper, and smashed the essential feelings of the smart, he is too rational marriage, but this kind of feelings challenge the sacred marriage, it is very inexpected.

2. Different status and styling essence

I got the hostess of this title, in fact, marriage even received the royal back book, the man wants to unilaterally changing the marriage status, is the offense of the empowerment.

And only can call the bed with the bed, her identity is embarrassing. She is actually just a senior slave. It is almost impossible to have a tough mother's backstage. She only has a good look and exquisite in the family. figure.

A male owner with normal rational thinking, in most cases, will not feel the original match, to go to the family, but anger society, go to the fundamental of the family.

Of course, the ancient men must guarantee the original rights. The fact that the political combination of this right, the recognition of family elders is the foundation of the ancient normal marriage, the original wife is in the end of the family, is the most important part of the family, she It is the family in the American drama.

And just the relationship between the male owner, and to ensure that this relationship has continued to happen, the legal instruments of Nashi and the weddings are completely different, more like a soldiership. The ancient men used a split vision to treat the family's stability and the confused segmentation of the female colors to see their marriage. In any case, the original wife is a solid foundation. Since desire can be satisfied, why do you want to take Lost all dangers, go to challenge the status of the original match?

Men can enjoy the warmth of the family, enjoy the possible political and economic benefits behind the same social status, they can also meet their desires, naturally the constant maintenance of marriage.


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