My father killed my own fathers, my son married her mother!Qiqi Wei Guo

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My father killed my own fathers, my son married her mother!Qiqi Wei Guo

2022-01-15 12:08:23 18 ℃

Wei Xuan Gong pets himself and Xuan Jiang's little son Ji Wei, so I want to remove the original Tai Chi Child, so he thinks a way to let the son make Qi Guo, and then tell his little son Ji Dong once son I will send someone to kill him. It is so much like Wei Xuan Gong, it is so iron, I have to kill an innocent son, maybe I'm going to come to every king in the past now is more heartbeat than usual.

Sure enough, the son took the Wei Guo, Ji Hao bought some robbers to thorns. Fortunately, Ji Wei's brother is very kind, and tells the son with the conspiracy of Wei Xuan Gong and Ji Wei. Knowing the son of the truth collapsed, he felt his sadness, he hated his father Wei Xuan Wang, but in the age of the minister, the son could only choose to die. The son of life, but the personality is very obvious, and he does not listen to the suggestion. Shou knew that he could not persuade the son to listen to his own, so they arranged a banquet to drunk him, secretly took the talents, and he decided to kill. It can be said that the child's life is very different from his brother's character. Later, under the tracking of robbers, the son is asked to cut the head of the head. When the son is drunk, he found that his compass was gone, and he knew that his event was not bad, so he raised his horses to find a son. Later, he encountered him to encounter the robber to chase his robbers. He saw the head of life, his sadness, he made the robber killed him, the robbers were forced to die, the robbers did not have to kill himself I have yourself.

After the enemy's palace, Wei Xuan Gong did not feel sad, but his two ladies and Xuan Jiang knew that their son died, died in his father and brothers, they were sad Desire to almost crash!

After the son and the son life, Ji Yi finally became the Prince. Later, Wei Xuan Gong died, Ji Hao successfully entered the rule of Guojun is Wei Yong. However, there is a problem with Ji Wei people. Many of the enemies have opposed him. In the end he was launched by the coup they launched in China, he had to flee foreign countries, this escape is the eight years of his character has become more and more dark. . Later, after the help of Qi State, he returned to the Guo Guo and took his own throne. He learned that the lesson attracted the people who came to the royal family to stand on their own.

So he decided to find a woman to go to his brother son to monitor the son. He thought of many women, but he was not very satisfied. He suddenly had an evil idea in his brain. He decided to marry his child's life to marry the son. In that traditional social son, it disagreed, but Wang Tui is difficult to marry Xuan Jiang in the end, and then give birth to five children. If we put it today, this is incest. In that week, the social people who are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people are even unacceptable. Only Ji Wei doesn't feel uncomfortable!

The younger brother killed his brother before and after the Wei Guo, his father killed his son, and his son married his mother to your brother. It can be said that all the wonderful guards have all, and the Guo also fell from a big country as a ridiculous small country!