In the three countries, the six beautiful people in the end, one was eaten by Liu Bei, a playing thing

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In the three countries, the six beautiful people in the end, one was eaten by Liu Bei, a playing thing

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After the Han Dynasty, Wei, Yi, Wu San Guo divided the world into three, Cao Yu mastered the political power of Cao Wei, mainly occupying the north of the Yangtze River, the most strong area, the power is also the most powerful in the three countries, then Liu Bei is also I have established a Han Han regime.

However, the forces are the smallest Sun Quan, then establish Dongwu in Jiangdong area. According to historical records, the Three Kingdoms period is from 220 to 280 years, although it is still 60 years, the things happened during this period are quite.

Whether it is a hegemony between the Three Kingdoms, or the anecdote of the anecdote in the country is a topic of people who are talking about by people. Interestingly, some people have statistics on the most miserable beauty in the Three Kingdoms.

Among them, one was directly eaten by Liu Bei, and one was even more unmanned. Today, let's talk about the story inside.

Liu Bei's wife

Liu Bei is a famous one-generation Xiong in the Three Kingdoms. In the support of Zhuge Liang, it is more passing through the road. Although the forces are smaller than Cao Wei and Dongwu, his ambition and strategy can not be underestimated, and Shu Han is developing under Liu Bei's governance Yusheng, has never been caught by the Tiger, Cao Wei and East Wu.

Liu Bei also has some talents in national governance, not only knowing people, and is a humble, the classic three Tang Mao is enough to see Liu Bei's attention to talents, and there is no need to re-use it, and the evaluation in history is more praise. .

However, people talk about the lady of Liu Bei, he has four wives, are Gandami, Lady, Sun, and Wu. During the Three Kingdoms, the two miserables in the next place, Liu Bei's wife occupied three, which was Gandama, Lady and Sun.

Gandami was initially actually Liu Bei Xiao, but she gave birth to Liu Zen, and then he was also chased by Liu Bei as "Royal Mrs.". Although Gandad people are extraordinary, the appearance is extremely gorgeous, the skin is fair, and the posture between walking is more charming, it is a rare beauty.

Liu Bei was attracted by Mrs. Gan, so he was in the beautiful position, so he would be a sorrow, but the Liu Bei's strength is not yet mature, and only the mades of Gan, and Gandad people follow Liu Bei also eat bitter. .

Liu Bei was raided by Cao Cao in Jingzhou. He quickly took the people and his family to escape. He quickly was slowed down by hundreds of thousands of civilians. And young Liu Zen.

In the end, Gandad people were able to escape a robbery under the saving Zhao Yun, but Gandard was a weak woman, and the life had affected the body all the yearnel. It didn't take long time after stinging Jingzhou.

The next field of Gandard is indeed miserable, and another lady of Liu Bei is also very distracted with her. However, he is even more gentle, and it is the sister of the South County.

Her family room is actually quite good, the family is still unmarried, and it has accumulated a small wealth. The brother of the Lady followed Liu Bei, and then the Lady married Liu Bei, and her life began to become bitter.

Because Liu Bei is only accompanied by the war needs to be accompanied by the war, but it is the best proof of being lost by Liu Bei. When the battle of Changchunpo, Gandami was surped, but the lady was killed.

At that time, Zhao Yun came to rescue, but after all, the widowed is not enemy, and the lady worried that he would drag Zhao Yun, so he will handed Xiao Liu Zen to Zhao Yun and his own live. Zhao Yun worried that the corpse of the madman was found by Cao Jun, only to find a stone will be sealed in well, and finally did not leave the body.

Gandard is so buried, but it is a beautiful woman who is called a lot of time, and it is so sad. Sun Affin is Sun Quan's sister, but the poor place is a piece of pair of chess pieces, becoming a tool for brother political marriage.

At that time, Liu Bei had already passed the fifty, and the young and beautiful Sun.

Liu An's wife

Liu An's wife is actually the most miserable place, because he is killed by his husband, and this tragedy is actually related to Liu Bei. At that time, Liu Bei and Lu Buzheng and the battle, and the result was finally lost.

So, he intended to go to Cao Cao, but when Liu Bei did not prepare enough food, it was finally hungry and is difficult to get a farmer's home. This farmer is Liu An. His home is also very poor. I often eat up to dull, I can't get it in a year.

After I heard that Liu Bei's identity, I think this is a good opportunity, and I have to entertain this big person. However, Liu An's family did not have extra silver two to buy meat at all, so I put my mind on the wife of the kitchen.

Liu An's wife is also a colorful, but Liu An is completely soft, directly to kill his wife, then slowly cut the meat on his wife's arm.

Liu Bei did not know this, when he came to Liu'an, he only said that this is a wild wolf, and Liu Bei is happy. As a result, when prepared to deploy, Liu Bei saw a woman who had died in the kitchen, the meat on the arm has not been, and the mind is also understood.

However, the status of ancient women is low. It seems that in the eyes of Liu Bei, it is not a major event at all, and can die for himself. It is also the woman's glory. Cao Yu's scorpion, the first beauty of the Three Kingdoms

As mentioned above, the status of ancient women is very low, and sometimes even from the famous door, it will be difficult to avoid miserable layup, and the rumor is like this, can only attach to others, and finally die.

I was born in the big family. She was a properly famous name, but the trend of the life is not perfect. She was originally Yuan Shao's daughter-in-law, life is also safe and happy. As a result, Yuan Shao was killed, she was directly accounted for Cao Yu because of the beauty.

Cao Yu likes it is just an appearance, it will not last for a long time, followed by Cao Yu. At this time, Guo Queen saw that she had lost his pet, and she began to fall into the rumor, and pour a dirty water in the body, leading to the death.

The last beauty, in fact, the most famous woman in the Three Kingdoms, but unfortunately, the ending is not beautiful, this person is 貂蝉. The birth of the born is also the most limited, and it is not possible to obtain freedom since the urination, because she is just a dance of Wang Yun.

Wang Yun also used the 貂 的,, from it to the benefits, let the 蝉 布 布 and Dong Zhuo. Although Wang Yun said to Dong Zhuo, it has already made it followed by Lu Bu, and he can only be forced Zhou Wei.

Tung Zhuo, Lu Bu, it is reported that the 貂 蝉 is also gotten by Cao Cao, Cao Cao gave the 貂 貂 关 关 关... 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关 关According to the statement of the Yuan Song, I was finally killed by Guan Yu, and the generation of beauty was killed, which would be inevitable.