When the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty deals the Huns, why do you get poor?And Tang Taizong deals with Turk, but the more it is more

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When the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty deals the Huns, why do you get poor?And Tang Taizong deals with Turk, but the more it is more

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From the economic point of view, the Emperor Wu Emperor will become poor, and the reason why Tang Taizong is more rich.

It is said that Han Wudi is a rich three generations, and the treatment of Wen Jing has left a lot of money. In fact, the rule of Wen Jing also left a lot of economic problems to Han Dynasty.

Han Wenmili Liu Heng, is a person with a general man. His mother is a clear and desirable person, holding a "moral pass" reading there, leading to the influence of Han Dynasty, determined to rule .

This is good, due to the indulgence of Han Di, make Wu Guo, Chu State, etc., the small movements are constantly moving. In particular, Wu Guo, not only reserved a lot of death, but also cast fake money in private.

This matter is too bad, the coin casting the court is enough.

Co-casting coins in Wu Guo, the component is severely shrinking, these inferior currencies are circulated into the market, exchanged a large number of tiny castings.

For example, one-piece copper containing a total coin, at least 2 inferior currenches can be found.

In this way, Wu Wang Liu Wei will cast these good currency to cast more inferior currency, and destroy the market and raise yourself.

Han Wenmi knows this, but he still does not treat, he feels that the problem is left to future generations, and he still reads "morality".

This is dragged to Han Jing Emperor Liu Qi period. Liu Qi can't bear it, immediately plan to shake, the result of people Wu Guo, Chu State also put himself to fat, and the sure is against the court.

The chaos of the seven countries have made Han Jing Emperor enough. Although the last thing is flat, it is also a heavy loss in the Hanjing Emperor. Want to restore the economy, how difficult!

Therefore, after the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, in fact, the economic situation of the Han Dynasty was not ahead.

Especially in the problem of coins, the people used the monetary coins that they did not believe in the court, they would rather recover the model of the object, and they refused to use the court of the court!

If this is not properly solved, then there will be one day in the future, and the court has to be object, that is not enough! So don't say that Han Wudi is rich in three generations, and the economic mission pressed in him is too heavy!

In order to solve the trust crisis, Han Dynasty found a big guineah economist. I would like to solve the monetary issue of Han Wenmi, Han Jingmine, and left. Therefore, at least 4 currency reforms were carried out at least 4 times.

For the first time, in the first year of the Emperor Wu Emperor, it began to cast three yuan.

That is, the weight of money and his value are equal. Thoughts have been found, and the four money and three money equivalents of the four money can be used in the past.

The second time, there is no way, Jianyuan five years, Han Wudi gives three money, and uses half of money.

Is this a meritorious version of the Turkish version? It is equivalent to this time and retreat again.

The third time, Han Wu Emperor Yuan sent four years, and began to re-cast three yuan.

Different from this time, the Han Wudi promulgated a decree, and the private coordinates of the folks were to be pulled out. It is equivalent to saying that the three 钱 has been protected by the law, and the people who have been cut out will be more than 10,000 people.

The fourth time, Han Wu Emperor Yuanshi five years, the three money created last year, and was changed by Han Dynasty into five yuan.

why? Because the county is also qualified to cast three yuan. This back to Han Di recovered the qualifications of the county, and the money from all over the country was destroyed. Since this court has completely owned exclusive coin.

The five money has become the mainstream currency in the Han Dynasty. In the past, all kinds of coins casting, the county founded by the country, were banned by the Wu Emperor of the Han Dynasty, which is a timeless.

The weight of the five money is five baht, very good to verify the true and false.

So, people who are private, starting from this moment, no profit map! Since you can't make money, who is willing to Lai? Self?

The four 钱 的, perfectly solved a series of currency issues. Therefore, the five money has also become one of the mainstream currencies in ancient China. From the Western Han Dynasty, they have always been in the Sui Dynasty.

We have to remember the year of "Yuan Hu", why is it called "Yuan Hu"? In fact, it is very simple, that is, the meaning of the Huns, the hunt is the meaning of hunting, the Huns is the prey of Han Dynasty.

In this period, the Wu Emperor of Han Dynasty has just been introduced soon. Prior to this, the heavy economic problem did not be properly solved, and the economic burden of the Emperor of Han Dynasty was very heavy, and it was almost overwhelmed.

Five money is indeed used, but this requires a process.

First of all, Han Di wants to collect the past two money, three 钱, and private money.

Do you want time?

Second, Han Wudi should put the five baht money and gradually circulate in the market.

This should also be a lot of time.

Furthermore, the most critical step, that is, let these five money, produce substantial economic benefits for the Han dynasty.

This requires a long time.

Therefore, Han Wudi attacked the Xiongnu, spending a huge banknote every day, but the amount of accounting of the court, but only slowly increase, do you say that he is anxious?

Why do you want to stop? Because he realized such a problem that did not apply. Don't think that Han Wudi will parse the country later, in fact, Han Emperor is the time when the monetary reform is rising.

It is unfortunate that the early war has put the economy into the bottom of the valley, and it takes a long time to recover.

Many people have compared to Tang Di and Tang Taizong. Think that Tang Taizong worked around the neighbors, and it can also develop the economy. It seems that comprehensive ability is stronger than Han Di. Do not rule out this, but we have to realize that the monetary policy in the Tang Taizong period is quite clear. At this time, the Han Dynasty is five yuan, and it has been used for more than 700 years. Don't slip more.

When I was in the Sui Dynasty, I still cast a five-lying money, no way, this thing is so good, it can be done. But because the Northern Northern Dynasties has been many years, the Sui Dynasty has not been collapsed, so the currency is more chaotic.

Gao Zu is in place, still use the Yugong 5. Wu De 4 years in July, scrapped five yuan, opened Yuan Tongbao money, eight points, heavy baht four, accumulated 10 weeks, one or two, one thousand two catties four two. --- "Old Tang Book"

Therefore, after the Tang Dynasty opened the country, Tang Gausheng Li Yuan was blue in the Han Dynasty, and it created the rigorous Kaifeng Tongbao.

So Dang Taizong period, there is no monetary worries, but Li Yuan has accumulated a lot of economic foundation for him.

Tang Taizong only needs to make certain improvements in the tax system, such as the implementation of average field system, levy modulation, etc., it will be able to smoothly enhance the country.

As for the consumption of the fight, as long as it is controlled within the economic income, at least the balance of payments, then the Tang Taizong does not have an anxiety like Han Dynasty. What I stopo, it's just that it is no money!

This seems to be a set of words, in fact, is a famous saying. Only the economic foundation is solid, a dynasty can have other development.

During the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the economic foundation was quite, and the bunch of mildew in the national treasury was not enough to complete the macro of the Xiongnu, he was fighting in the deficit.

During the Tang Taizong period, the economic foundation is too much!

The predecessors have been very enough. He only needs to concentrate on the neighbors around you in the economic level!

Reference: "Han Shu", "Old Tang Book"