Lecture | Zhang Baoming: "New Youth" and "Spiritual Share System"

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Lecture | Zhang Baoming: "New Youth" and "Spiritual Share System"

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This paper is organized from the lectures of the History and Cultural Academy of History and Culture in Henan University in the Lecture of the Fudan University: "Gong Zhiguk" created by the spiritual shares. The lecture was hosted by Ma Jianbiao, a professor of Fudan University, and Professor Xionghewen, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Dr. Hu Mengying, a Humanities and Communication College of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics participated in the review.

Professor Zhang Bao Ming (Henan University History and Culture):

As a name, "New Youth" magazine is one of the most important pioneers in the history of the 20th century. Some people call it "First Journal". I think that from the scene of the scene of Jin Gao, the thoughts of the drum angle, this is a veritable. I have written an article in 2005, "From the perspective of knowledge economics", "New Youth> Enlightenment", from the perspective of economic and substances, discuss the publication of "new youth", and have written in 2015. "Games": The "Golden Version" - Yao Zhigang "- Yao Yao" of the spiritual shares is "the ideological world", which is the topic of today. Trace history, the operation of this magazine not only has the ingredients of "material shares", but also full of "spiritual shares". The enlightenment rules under the "New Youth" editorial department of "Games", the enlightenment rules under the spiritual shares have made the magazine colleagues in their respective thoughts in modernity development, thus forming a rare learning in the history of thought. Constitution, the complementary situation of thought. After the May Movement of 1919, the editor Chen Duxiu was arrested by the military police, and then he left Beijing south. This "principle" is also reduced. More colleagues have been departed by this "golden signboard", starting a new round of thought disputes. Today, I mainly select this time to discuss the story of the spiritual shares to create a "gold medal sign".

"New Youth" Second Volume 1

First, introduction: a generation of famous journals "new youth"

First of all, I introduced the "new youth" to the dragon. In September 1915, Chen Duxiu returned to Shanghai from Japan. Wang Meng Zou, the general manager of the Yadong Library, introduced that he met the boss of the Group Yireous Site, and Chen Zishou brothers, which founded the "New Youth" magazine, with the main tendency A umbrella, won an independent sky, opened a beautiful landscape of the 19th century Ideological History.

In 1936, the Yadong Library and the Group Yibei Second Affairs were reimbursed "New Youth", and in a "open", it was widely reported: "my country has two major sports in nearly forty years, and its influence is all over the country, the relationship is the country. One is the went of the went, one is the May Fourth Movement. The origin of the two major sports, because of the first two powerful magazines advocated, the former is "New People", the latter is "new youth" magazine. "

Hu Shi has advertised in 1936: "" New Youth "is a journal in the history of Chinese literature and ideological history. In the last twenty years of literature and ideological reform, almost all from this publication "Although Hu Shi is to promote" new youth ", he is not an exaggeration of his words. As early as October 1923, Hu Shi wrote in "Letter to Editorial Department": "For twenty-five magazines, only three magazines can represent three era, can be said to have created three new era. : First, "Time News"; First, "New People"; First, "New Youth". "

Whether it is 是 是 派 学 学 迹. 拍 拍 拍....... 家 家 家.. 家 家. 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家. 家 家 家 家 家 家. 为 创...... Even in today's one hundred years later, the colleagues of the academic colleagues have a "new youth", there is a kind of concealed, from the heart, sincere respect: First, the words of the history of the thoughts have become a combination of words The most magnificent spirit sunrise, swayed and accelerating our heartbeat; Second, when the red miracle can't stop our curiosity. Today, we have been curious, why can the "new youth" can be greatly known from the initial unmanned?

Therefore, we must imitate the historical world of "New Youth Party" knowledge group, the story of the story of the story, open the twists and turns, we dig the most prosperous "colleagues" period as the object of our touched: Editorial Department of "Games" In the "Spiritual Sharehold", the enlightenment rules of the "Spiritual Sharehold" have interpretted the story of the meteor of the ideology and the melodious story. After a century, the family's family's feelings and mission were still a historical memory of humanistic intellectuals.

Second, the door can be said: "The past" "" "

Here, I will tell the story of "New Youth" initial. In September 1915, "New Youth" magazine was founded, and its first name is "Youth Magazine", and after touching the same name publication, it will be changed to later known name. At that time, there was a rural newspaper named "Youth Magazine". Chen Duxiu was interrupted to change its name "new youth."

The "new youth" that has just been born has not been aware of the people who are not known. It is not like the early days of Chen Duxiu, "as long as the kung fu in ten years, eight years will have a lot of impact." At that time, Chen Duxiu, who was positioned by "maincy", was not named by Zhang Shizhao, and the name of "" is far from "new youth". After the second revolution failed, Chen Duxiu fled to Japan and rushed around the livelihood. The Publisher's pressure is not less than publisher in the Internet. Where is the merchant, "hard-selling" is the last word. It is necessary to make the enlightenment of the enlightenment of the business, and several basic elements are imminent: one is the basic operating funds; the second is the high quality manuscript; the third is the editorial team; Among them, both are most important. Therefore, Chen Duxiu took a period in one person, and he did not forget the two development topics: First, capital, the second is talent. The first is the fundraising of the north, and the operation of the magazine is running. Wang Yuan's recalls claimed: "1915, in 1916, there was a 'big bookstore' program. At first, there were three joint battles, the Yadong Library, the Popular Drawing Bureau, and the unregistered. East merger, and there is this trip to Zhongfu, Meng Zoubei. "Chen also funded, from him Hu Shi's Jiji letter to be certified:

"The brother and the Meng Zou brother are the book of the book. At the end of November last November, they came to Beijing, and they went more than ten thousand yuan. There were 20,000 yuan in cash, and the Yandong, and the old property. About more than 30,000 yuan, can also be temporarily established, the big expansion is still necessary to endure it in two or three years. After the establishment of the Book Company, the compilation is still to be inserted, and the monthly fee can at least 100 yuan. ... "Youth" "寅" has a good time. "It can be seen that Chen Duxiu has placed himself from the beginning," new youth ", has become a bundled" shareholder ".

While Chen Duxiu, "Lunar", it is also "recruiting". As mentioned in the letter, the "prosperity" is to delay "column", and "column" can provide a brand support for marketization. Wang Mengzou gave Hu Shi's other letter to the "prosperity" and "recruiting" parallelism: "Chen Junpu said that there is such as the drought of the cloud, and the letter will be given to the New Year. Why is it still a silence to now, please ask my brother to write. "Although it is the language of the conveyor, Chen's Xu Xiangru is anxious and jumped.

The "Open" logic constitutes the "mutual table" logic in the "Notice" on the title page of 2 Volume 1 is exposed. "Notice (1)" Cloud: "The help of justice, such as Wen Zongzhen, Wu Jingheng, Zhang Ji, Ma Junwu, Hu Shi, Su Manshu, Zhu Jun allows youth to publish it by this letter. Subsequent content, when it is more exciting This is not a private fortune of this unique, and the reader is also the edge of the monarch. "This" more exciting after the advertisement "seems simple, in fact it is bundled with" one time famous, "as a selling point. Although these authors are impossible to sign a bought agreement, the "notice" "of the text is published" is given to people. This kind of strategic vision with famous brands is not difficult to see from its gentleman agreement with the big wrist: "If there is no deputy, if there is no depth, it is not necessary to should." Don't be Strangers talk. "

Here, we can touch the pain of the owner Chen Duxiu to meet the elbow: economically bleak, the manuscript is equal to the pot. The double pressure of the money and draft shortage makes "new youth" yellow muscle thin, even flourished, advertising is very good, but it is impossible to pick up the powder. This is the situation in the "main essay" period.

Third, the door of the city: "The Games"

The gorgeous turn of "New Youth" is in the end of 1916 at the end of Chen Duxiu, "prosperity" in Chen Duxiu. Under the bombardment of Cai Yuanpei, in early 1917, Chen Duxiu took a magazine as a long-term science of Peking University, editorial ministry moved to Beijing. Since then, "New Youth" is a reformed of the door, whether it is the author, the reader or the editorial team began to tend to go to the city. From "New Youth" to Peking University to "Turning Editor", from "Hatsune Foreign Words" to "Do not buy", from the author and manuscript "to" to "especially exciting", "new youth" sales Gradually expand, "Most months can be printed on 156 or five or five six thousand (initially printed only one thousand)."

Thus, if the red magazine in the day of the day is also inadvertently in the original shape of "front congings". Exploring the exactly, "new youth" entered the "Gongs" spirituality, which is the "share system" period. The "shareholding system" in the "shareholding system" said, is not the "substance" of the factory, equipment, funds, etc., but with the spiritual products such as their respective knowledge, ideas, ideas, beliefs as the shares, "new youth", this is It is the "spiritual share system" of our title indication. They plan a series of columns, including the Labor Day Memorial, Marx Studies, and so on.

The operation of "New Youth" "shares" is to be a mental signal with the "Gongs" of the Editorial Department. There is a first 4 volumes, "Mr. Chen Duxiu," Mr. Chen Duxiu "is repeated, and then there is a" No. 3 "Book Editorial Department" on the No. 4 No. 3. Cancel, all writings, do not pay attention to the editorial department. It is not yet purchased by the editorial department. It is no recorded by the recorder. Can you return to the book? There is a masterpiece, and it is not allowed. The record is not asked. Or the facts of the public are in the world: the first phase of Chen Duxiu, the second phase of Qian Xuan, the third phase, the fourth phase Hu Shi, the fifth phase Li Dazhao, the sixth phase Shen Yinmer. The fact that turns in Zhuang has changed the "one package" personal will decision mode, and also introduces the "democratic" "and" democracy "journal mechanism of chambers. Although the remaining temperature of "concentrated" is still left here, a federal "public space" with a certain freedom has gradually entered the best.

Its unique is that the process of generating the "public space" in Western "New Youth" is a key factor in the growth of "public space". In the "new youth" community, the position is close to, and the different people, by the "private collection of private collections", in the late Qing Dynasty, in the late Qing Dynasty, the country is inevitably separated, the news media is transmitted as a carrier Quickly constructed a huge radiation park. This criticism of this ideological culture has become the independence of the independence of the branches constructed in the overall national state within a certain historical stage. It should be seen that in modern China, the social foundation of the civil society is lacking only by the "public space" of the priority of the premiere, all kinds of difficult issues are inevitable. Whether the inner tension of the public space of the "New Youth Party" knowledge group can be converted into the open transparent coordination, which is not only the test of the original master, but also a collective copy of each participant. Undoubtedly, this test is derived from public and personal nature. Furthermore, it is the ideological history of the propositional democracy and concentrated tension.

A solid strong author team, is the desire to send people, but it is also the difficulty of integrating the team to "listen to the order". Chen Duxiu is a "sea return", with a good academic basis, but the editor of "Games" is "sea return", and each intellectual has a special characteristic. How to make the author's team "Darkness" is the key to Chen Duxiu's key to chairing this public opinion platform. "Take the same step" "listen to the order", the editor is always the same. At this point, Chen Duxiu's placement is, and the holdings can be seen from Lu Xun's memoirs: "" New Youth "editor, but once again, it is a matter of remindering, I will do it. I have to remember Mr. Chen Duxiu here, he is a one that urges me to say. "

In addition, the uniqueness of "new youth" public space is that literature "public space" is mixed with political "public space". The efforts of the "new youth" group have become the "new youth" that colleagues creating is both literature "public space", but also the "public space", or political "public space". Hu Shi had an unstextual provisions of Chen Duxiu when he was just entering the job, ie 20 years of politics, but in order to keep Hu Shi, Chen Duxiu also agreed to this request. But promised to return, Chen Duxiu has a strong political feeling in his heart, so he still talks about politics.

In the public space of "New Youth", everyone can say all words, but there is no bias: the high and unity of the modernity of the Chinese nation, discuss how should China go to, full of strong home? . In this sense, "new youth" is the "wonderful" of "spiritual shares" watering. Under this "Spiritual Share System" rules, "New Youth" "The Games" editorial colleagues, with the identity of the public opinion as democracy, independence, richness, freedom, harmony and other human core values ​​and ultimate care. "Dang", released his family's feelings. They can see the benevolence in the editorial principle, can be seen in the selection content, and can also fight on the path, but the evolution of modernity in China is the only thing in the problem. In this regard, we can find the goal of struggling with the colleagues from Chen Duxiu's "revolution".

However, for Chen Duxiu's attack has never been broken, the rumors of catching the wind are everywhere, "new youth" is facing the dilemma of four sides, this is a new idea with Chen Duxiu, and new morality is related. Because "new youth" advocates individual freedom, independent marriage, etc. In June 1919, Chen Duxiu opened from the public, and he was unimped to "oppose" and "support" adherence and target height. The most rare "Declaration": "We are now identified, only the two gentlemen can treat Chinese politics, moral, academic, and thinking about all the darkness of everything in the middle. Mr.), all the government's urgent, social attack laughs, it is bleeding, and it does not spend. "

In the evolution of modernity, the "New Youth Party", which is the main body of the editor, has never doubted the direction of his own recognition. All divergence is ultimately focused on a center: "There are two roads in the world: one is the unpopular way to the Republic's science; one is a dark road to the stupid superstition." This is the 20th century " New Youth "A generation of intellectuals on China's road. In this bullish new "question", the colleagues did not have ambiguous, so they also had a cooperation between the same front, and then made China's tacit and commitment. In 1919, although the editorial department has reached the mountain heavy water, the "Bidden Declaration" branched by Chen Duxiu is more rapid, will will determine: "The news is specifically advocated, never fully published. Social staff It is often not the same. Readers are prone to suspect, there is a misunderstanding in the society. The current seventh volume begins, dare to make the common opinion of all members, it is, it is the subsequent members, and they also take together this time The responsibility of the Declaration. "All", "Common" sweep the inside of the inside, and they chase the Chinese dreams in the future. But unfortunately, the Declaration of "New Youth Party" also indicates that a group that is famous is about to "scatter". Cruel is that "the Gongs" "The" Spiritual Sharehold System "era will also become difficult to let go of the colleagues.

Fourth, "Golden Word Signboard": The Power of Spiritual "Shares"

For a "public space" such as "New Youth", "public" is both order and principles. The "Gongshu" "spiritual shares" can form "gold medal sign", two factors cannot be ignored. For new youth group intellectuals, the first is to openly use the freedom and ability to use their own rationality. This is the premise of publicity; the second is to have a consensus reached with each other. This is the bottom line of the enlightenment. This is one-point, two points are missing.

As a result, rationality, order, public, and become the core concept of "Gongshu", which is also a glorious guarantee for "new youth" and its intellectual group. However, this "public space" tacit has gradually decreased over time, and the inside of the enlightenment has no differentiation. Of course, the inevitability of this differentiation can be said to be born. In this regard, we can find conclusive historical basis from Chen Duxiu to the strong interest of politics and the control of magazine's right to control. Chen Duxiu is a man who dares to say dare to do, the wind and fire, and even develop explosives with Cai Yuanpei, but Hu Shi's concept is to build a "public service" "public space", so the two conflicts have been buried. Volt.

"New Youth" Enlightenment Discourse Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Public Watch Inscribe Gene . New youth has different changes in turning the theme, mainly in Hu Shi editor, more philosophical and translated works, such as "home", etc. Therefore, the colleagues are neatly non-ferrous. Once split, it will bring the consequences of the collapse of the building.

"New Youth" tacry is its publicly transparent characteristics, open an inclusive gas, and takes a persistent meteorology. Perhaps, it is "Spiritual Sharehold" watering the enlightenment of the enlightenment to prepare for cherish, so that the different mentality and text flows from love and hate are all complex emotions. In this regard, we are not difficult to get from the horses of the "golden word sign" to the hate from the hate.

Through the people who have to come from Chen Duxiu. On April 8, 1919, Cai Yuanpei announced the abolition of the schoolmaster system. Chen Duxiu was unattime to relieve the duties of the scientific heads, but still retain the professor position. On June 11, 1919, Chen Duxiu was arrested for the dissection of anti-government flyers. At that year, he did not talk about political commitment in the past 20 years, and it also flew to smoke in an instant. Chen Duxiu stopped talking about politics, but in a blunt: I just like to talk about politics, even if you flee politics, politics will also find you; even if you flee from Lao Lin, politics will still find you. We are politiciaries, we are unable to separate.

On September 1, 1920, it was also the beginning of the "New Youth Society", Chen Duxiu issued the article "Talking about Politics". The same is the 8th volume of the public text of "talking about politics". "The New Youth Society" "The" Pre-statement "" Pre-Missed "" "Solver Meet" is at a glance: "The letter from the eight volumes, from The editorial department organizes the new youth society, directly handles all the transactions. "The magazine cover is adjusted by" Shanghai Group Yi Site "," Shanghai New Youth Society ", marked Chen Duxiu and Qishi Bookstore 7 The 42-phase collaboration draws a message.

"New Youth" in 8 Volume 1 shows the "economic" (independent) conflict with "political" (color) conflict, dividing the dual signal, which makes magazines fall into the cutting and horses that are cut into scissors in Chinese. In, it is facing economic and political bismuth. This is a "turning point" that cannot be avoided, and all this is to start around the "golden signboard" that is carefully created.

On May 1, 1920, "New Youth" Seventh Volume No. 6 is "Labor Day Commemorative". In view of the increasing amount of more than 400 pages, the book agency puts forward the price, the two sides can't hold it. Perhaps the "laborer" has risen to the "capitalist", and most of the "new youth" is the undeletarian of the next layer, so although Wang Meng Zou will mediate, Chen Duxiu is still angry and angry "big taking table", and ultimately It is scattered. Chen Duxiu, who consistently likes self-proportion, is still a bamboo: "Self-study Book", and "not" is not available ". Therefore, in the letter of Hu Shi and Li Dazhao on May 7, Chen Duxiu handed it to the colleagues in the original committee of his thoughts and things: "It is not possible to launch a bookstore, and I have paid printed. Send it, please ask the brothers and so on to help, lepons why our readers are suppressed by capitalists in the future ... Now because of the "new youth" six pricing and laundry, I have two conflicts between the group and the group! The businessman wants to send a fortune, and it is afraid of the wind wave. It is really difficult to work, "new youth" or suspension, or independently changed to the Beijing office, or in Shanghai I managed to pick up (I plan to make a book ", brother, etc. How is the opinion, please give a quick speed. "In this" independent "issue, I repeatedly questioned even a little poverty. How much looks like Chen Duxiu's personality. It turns out that "new youth" in the name of "knowledge" and "idea" are exchanged in "knowledge" and "ideas" as the spirit of "Knowledge" and "Thought". Using today's business discourse is: The title of the title is a great number, not to mention its social value and benefits are unable to use money to measure.

In the past, from the fourth volume, the "Thousands of words from binary to five yuan" will be canceled to "All written translations" and the editorial department are also significantly reduced. At that time, although the colleagues were self-caught, "Decoction" entered by "Intelligence" could not say implied with a high level of gold, in a sense, it is also a "real gold and silver" in the spiritual field. At the moment, it is only necessary to face problems such as typography and printing, business issuance after the cost is reduced. Not to mention with "new youth" tacit, the magazine will slowly return to the original road, the content is monotonous, the style is single, space atrophy Can't affect the issue of "new youth". Further, in the "new youth" colleagues and merchants on cost and pricing issues are only a very important factor in the dislocation of historical real, content and their issuance objects.

Wanner helpless, Chen Duxiu came here to think about the approach: "prospects". In addition to the double-tube of the last "Finance" and "Talent", the prospectus has also changed the change in "inside and outside". Chen Duxiu put forward very direct conditions to Beijing Tongren in Shanghai: First, the colleagues are generous; the second is "Non-Beijing colleagues are not more articles." Unfortunately, involving shares, no one responded; arguing that the manuscript, almost all of the speeches of the difference. In the end, "foreign shares" is invalid, "recruiting foreign stocks" is no fruit. Finally, the practice of "calculating the draft fee into the share this" can only have a salary. It is to know that Hu Shi is a "shareholder" of Hu Shi, "Shareholders": "Yesterday, I made a 10,000-word article for" new youth ". This article does not sell money. But because of this It is our own newspaper, can't do it. Yesterday, I have been doing three o'clock after half the night. This text will be very powerful, so I have a little hard, I am also willing. " When Hu Shi, Hu Shi is already in the past, it is no wonder that Chen Si Xiu is long and sigh: "It's so long," new youth "should be invisible. Nai!"

In this regard, the originality of "new youth" is usually attributed to problems and mice, enlightenment and revolutionary, cultural and political differences, and now it is too exclaimed, at least it is not comprehensive enough. In fact, the above arguments can explain the public and freedom of the "public space" of new youth, as long as it limit it in the "Truth Defers". However, when Chen Deliu can't wait to break the "not talking about politics", "Color" accelerates, and it will make the original order, "joint-stock" and "principle-based" patterns will also go.

If the "new youth" is the bottom line, it is nothing more than the results of "spiritual shares". We see that when Chen Duxiu is dominated by "new youth" restructuring this "joint-stock system", the sensitive nervous nervousness of colleagues Woke up. Originally, here, "political" and all the problems, "color" is not equal, but in the nuts, it seems to be the final section of the subordinate festival, no harmful elegance, and can complete "new youth" complete "where to go" return. After all, the political color is a strong sense of old and talking, and it will be upgraded from the beginning. At the same time, the south is still in the north, this is just a space problem, let alone "new youth" is in Beijing. Let who will do, or who master the right to voice is a big big, what is the crux. It is such a tension of the sawing war, clearly reflects colleagues, and the deep psychology of the old feelings.

Since September 1919, Chen Duxiu has experienced three steps from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Every step, it is alienated with the colleagues. This period of Beijing and Shanghai's letter of the letter is basically about "new youth", turn, and all issues. On April 26, 1920, Chen Duxiu wrote 12 people, Li Dazhao, Hu Shi, Zhou Zuiwei and other 12 people, public, extensively solicited opinions, showing democracy and fairness in "buddy". Under the reading, it is not difficult to find that "consultation" is nothing more than a front behind the scene, saying that it is undoubtedly (摆) set (it). From the perspective of Chen Yudong and Shen Yingbing to participate in the "New Youth" editorial work and writing, Chen Duxiu in Shanghai has already set up the mind. As everyone knows, these are the conflict of the Shanghai colleagues in Shanghai. So this is only a paper empty text. When "New Youth" in Beijing, when Shanghai "Two tolerance", Hu Shi repeatedly wrote to Chen Duxiu. On December 16, Chen Duxiu said in the letter of Hu Shihe Gao Yi, "New Youth" editorial department has Chen Wangdao Jun can be responsible, the issuing department has Su Xinyijun can be responsible. "New Youth" is too bright, the younger brother is also Not as good. "Hu Shi is in a hurry, Chen Duxiu is" not "not good", and it is told: "Tongren Multi Articles" is. The practice of leading by the stranger is originally dissatisfied with the colleagues. Moreover, Chen Duxiu also pays a salary such as Shen Yan Bing, Li Da, Li Da, Li Da, Li Da, etc.: Not only the home of the Tongren, but the pockets of the outside, but also the outside The ideological tendency to control "new youth", how can I make Beijing Tongren angries? Open the advice of Feihong shuttle, the "golden word sign" that the spiritual shares made by the spiritual shares is the focus of the discussion of you.

Hu Shi learned that Chen Duxiu heard the news and after the feelings, he quickly issued an emergency letter to the Tongren, boycotted "Color" and "Split" in the name of "Solving Opinions". At this time, the "color" problem has been "divided" or not, and "split" is still "unified" problem is a "name". Hu Shi has comforted the fire of Chen Duxiu, such as Li Dazhao, Lu Xun, Qian Xuan, Zhou Zuo, Wang Xing, and other guys: "New Youth" edited in Beijing or can forced Beijing Tongren to do some articles. Otherwise In Shanghai, it is not easy to pass, let alone in the hands of people who don't meet each other? "This is Hu Shi's true thoughts, and it is also a" compromise "that is worried about rupture:" New Youth "This is a" gold word " Signboard "The deer is dead.

Hu Shi has proposed to move "new youth" to Beijing editor. However, when Chen Duxiu is suffering, Hu Shi quickly recovered the "other stove", and the attitude 180 degrees turned, saying "Our class is not enough to do two magazines." When Chen Duxiu said on the air head "This matter (referring to another stove) and" Nothing "did nothing", Hu Shi had a tone and way: "Is it true?" In addition to the mouth of this question, there is also a kind of Tongren's daily blood is expensive. Here, Hu Shi is reluctant to split the attitude, and he actively moved to Chen Duxiu: "A public purpose, it seems to be more confident, why should we start with another stove?"

Including Hu Shi himself, there are 6 people attitude of Zhang Shui, Gao Yi, Tao Meng and Wang Xing, and other 6 people, and Lu Xun, Zhou Zuo, Qian Xuan, clearly expressed "sology Let him split "," don't have to fight "new youth" this name "," Don't care about "the new youth" three words "; Li Dazhao will" advocate the first method "from the" adjustment "attitude". " As a spiritual shareholder, the "New Youth" Tongren board is conducted in the form of Feihong's book, but they often do not live on-site, but they will read, everyone is responsible, never absent. "Contribution" "Contributation" "Comcast" "Convergence" is a reformaburger drum; the "index" "indecent" "indecent" "do not care" is a sour grapes. This reflects the nostalgia of this gold medal, cherishing and regretting from different sides.

5. Between gathering: from "monologue" to "multiple-tuning" revelation

As a historical philosophical concept, its essence is "awareness of the interaction between different subjects, the conversation of mutualism", and its root source is "the conversation of human life itself." The core semantism of "Multiple Consciousness" is: Confirmation of the rationality and necessity of "multi-acousticity" of the perspective and the idea; confirming that the views and sounds "are neither fused, and they are not divided", each opposite Also related to each other, in complementary, mutual permit, interaction, and mutual distribution. It can be said that the core concept of Chinese traditional culture - "and and different" are precise summary of the core elements of Bakhmour "Comparative Theory".

As a "support" of this study, "new youth" is developed from a general publication from "Chen Duxiu", and the development is "the principle" of Chen Yuxiu, Hu Shi, Qian Xuan, Shen Yinmer " "Tongliu Journal", the transformation of the editorial road "," From 'Snowguide' Go to 'Due "", don't have a taste. "New Youth" Youth Author Mao Zedong's "Wanclass Cream Tianzheng Free" said a trick. "Competitive" is natural, it is inevitable, but the "owner" of "Who is the Lord" of "Who is the" Who of the Lord Save ", it is also necessary. The historical mystery of this is fundamentally depends on the needs of the era logical development. Discussion

Professor of Human Hummer Construction (Fudan University History Department):

I have a long time with Mr. Zhang. As early as the university era, I studied a teacher's work "Enlightenment and Revolution: The two difficulties" (1998 edition). This book is a new, because Zhang Teacher's writing is very aura, Wen Wen is very beautiful, full of thoughts in the line, so I am particularly interested in "new youth". After the 2008 Doctoral graduated, I went to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the first thing to do, the first thing to visit is the site of the "New Youth" Editorial Department. The Research Institute of Modern History is located in the north side of Wangfujing Street, the East Factory Hutong, which is the residential arrow of Chen Duxiu - the address department of "New Youth" editorial department, only one arrow. However, what I saw is just a shabby building, and the door is full of spider webs. Chen Duxiu and his "New Youth" magazine have long been in the history of dust. However, Chen Duxiu is now replacing new color in the end of the arrow alley, is really gratifying.

In the history of modern Chinese ideology, "new youth" has always been research hotspots. If academic breakthroughs need to have bold imagination, that is, Hu Shi, "bold assumption, be careful,", and Zhang teacher can The perspective of the spiritual share system to study "new youth" is clearly very innovative, let us refresh.

I have a question to ask Mr. Zhang. From Chen Duxiu, "New Youth" is developed into Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi, Lu Xun, "Gongshe", and has created a "public space", all of the colleagues abide by the core concept of rationality, order, public, but go to May 4th Then this "public space" broke. Then we can understand this, although "new youth" later is a turning public work, Chen Duxiu has always thought that this publication is he founded, so he should be counted by him. And the awareness of Chen Duxiu, is there any other person notice like Hu Shi?

There is also a problem, and can it be considered that through the intersection of the "New Youth" editorial department, to a certain extent, to a certain extent, the splitting of China's ideological circles before and after the May 4th? Such splits are related to the transformation of complex situation in China and the world in 1919. In 1919, Paris, France held Paris and Will, China Shanghai held Nany-Nei, and both meetings involved in China's fate. Paris and will involve China's international status and national sovereignty, Shanghai's South-South councils and the unity involving China's internal affairs. However, these two and will, in the Chinese public, "failure". Therefore, Chen Duxiu criticized, "two and will be useless". Chen Duxiu is not a truly pure scholar. His interest in politics shows that he is more like a revolutionary, its unique spiritual temperament should be worthy of our concern.

Indeed, Chen Duxiu has such a psychology: "New Youth" is my hosted, I brought Beijing, he has a strong psychology, and Hu Shi and others also realized that Chen Duxiu has such a sense.

Regarding the second question, Chen Duxiu as a intellectual, in the past, he is a person, and then formed a group, a huge contribution to the Chinese New Democratic Revolution, visible Chen Duxiu as the largest spirit of spiritual pillar Important role.

Professor Xiong Yen (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Marxism):

I heard the lecture of Professor Zhang today. I was very inspired. When I first saw the poster, I just wanted why "spiritual shares" rather than "spiritual community"? But I understood after listening to the lecture. Everyone is a partner to do business, Chen Duxiu is the largest shareholder. Teacher Zhang said that Hu Shi believes that three magazines affecting the times are "Time Affairs", "New People" and "New Youth", I personally think that in this "new youth" is the greatest and far-reaching, It not only affects the youth of the time, but also affects our future generations. In the international context of the first battle at the time, the West's scientific and technological civilization understood by our Chinese seems to declare bankruptcy, and at this time, Chen Duxiu can give a scientific banner, I think it is very great. Not only is our Chinese, such as Liang Qichao believes that the Western civilization has been banned, and Westerners, such as Stego, but also think so. Chen Duxiu called this call can be said to be counterflow, and also give us the direction. If we really listen from Westerners, China is no longer advocating, maybe we have no chance to turn over. From Chen Duxiu, the first high scientific banner, today we regard the science and technology as the first productive forces, visible to the greatness of "new youth".

Secondly, I personally be a five-four sports research. What is the relationship between the occurrence of the May 4th Movement and the "new youth" The platform also provides you with a cognitive guarantee for a source of information. We all know that the May Fourth Movement is not because the Chinese delegation and the Chinese government have emerged, which broke out through the spread of the mass media. If there is only a student who can understand, then the vernacular is to understand the public. The third point is about "new youth" advocates nationalism, and then the spread of Marxism later, these have changed our thoughts and also changed our spiritual realm.

So I feel that from the above three perspectives, "new youth" is indeed a famous magazine, and it is a "golden word sign". With this "golden word sign" with the "new youth" suspension, it seems that it has been buried in the sand in history. Today, Professor Zhang's lecture can be described as big waves. So I want to ask the teacher, Chen Duxiu's "new youth" is what kind of "new youth"? Have he achieved his goal?

I think Chen Duxiu has realized his goals to a large extent. In the 1930s, the reporter once asked Chen Duxi today to create a newspaper. In this regard, Chen Duxiu replied that he no longer founded, because every magazine newspaper is willing to send his articles, and he will give him a certain success in this sense. At the same time, Chen Duxiu has evolved in China, whether in thinking or cultural, it has played a role. On the other hand, when Cai Yuanpei died in the 1940s, Chen Duxiu wrote a story to commemorate Cai Yuanpei. In this article, he looked back historical, reviewing new cultural movements and "new youth", so I think in some kind The extent of Chen Duxiu realized his ideals and horses.

I agree with Teacher Zhang's point of view, that is, Chen Duxiu has established "new youth" is generally quite successful. If viewed from the perspective of Russia, it seems to be more confirmed. In June 1920, when Soviet Representatives, Susuki (Wu Tingkang), I noticed Chen Duxiu. In the letter of the Russian Central Far East Bureau, he specializes in Chen Duxiu, thinking that he is "a professor with high prestige and great influence." This also shows that Chen Duxiu's huge influence at the time is of course related to "new youth" he edited.

Dr. Hu Mengying (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics):

I have been engaged in the history of modern Chinese translation history and the history of Chinese and Japanese cultural exchanges in the May 4th Period, and I have been paying attention to Chen Duxiu's activities in Japan. Teacher Zhang has mentioned in many articles that Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi's not talking about political agreement is only a power of an authority. Therefore, if he does not care about the lecturer of the journalism, he is from the beginning. The joint system remains identified, or it is said that it is just because he thinks he believes that the magazine is not good, he thinks that "spiritual shares" is a weight, in other words, Chen Duxiu is denying that this kind of democratic mechanism of this kind of "Chamber to resist", or say he is actually There is still an idea of ​​absolute control of "new youth" in the heart.

Another problem is that Chen Duxiu introduced Chen Wangdao and others, but these people did not rate the colleagues in Beijing, so did Chen Duxiu had a new comrades who have enhanced new comrades with their own "gold medal sign". What is the intent?

Thank you, Dr. Hu. First of all, I summed up Chen Duxiu's "Chamber of Chamber" into a "spiritual share system". This is actually a summary of our future generations on this historical phenomenon. It is a community in the process of collecting, but everyone has their own ideas. He has no subjective consciousness or consciousness. This is actually a summary of our future generations. Chen Duxiu wants to improve the taste and quality of the publication by the gold medal, thus forming a famous magazine, so I think this has the ingredients you are willing to join, and there is also a constant ingredient.