Rahman: How much is the judge who sent Saddam to the snired frame?

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Rahman: How much is the judge who sent Saddam to the snired frame?

2022-01-15 12:08:39 6 ℃

At the beginning of the 21st century, people witnessed the "Century Trial" - Iraqi New Government Organization Special Tribunal, trial Saddam. Although it is an Iraqi new government organization, it is the US.

When Saddam began to ban the dollar settlement oil, he has been in the murder list of the United States. The United States even didn't hesitate to cross the United Nations, the unsatisfactory war, and the Saddam will never let him go in this trial.

The masses of the eyes of the eye know the results of this trial, but Saddam's wife and supporters have lucky to this trial. They think that as long as they work hard, they can fight with the US. So Saddam's wife is busy, please give Saddam. This lawyer group is once up to 2,500 in more than three years of trial of Saddam.

These lawyers who defeted Saddam, some were robbed on the office, and some were headed on the streets of Baghdad, and they were torn after being tied directly, there were not a few good things. Being ahead of these tragedy is easy to guess, but it is doubtful that it is responsible for trial Saddam, and finally giving Saddam's judges, the ending is more sad than Saddam ...

First, two judges, the difference

The first judge of this century trial named Rizgal Aming, Aming is Kurdians, the United States will choose the Kurdeders everyone in an exception. Because Saddam was in more than 30 years, he did not deal with the Kurdians, and the Kurdians who were suppressed by him more than 20,000, and they killed tens of thousands of people in various means. The Kurdians and Saddam are not together.

The United States chooses Amin to do the main reviewer. The purpose is to let Saddam will be able to follow. When I heard the judge is a Kurdians, everyone thinks Saddam is dead.

But Amin is unexpected to everyone. He is very gentle to Saddam's attitude and gives Saddam to defend the time for himself. This has Saddam in court "tongue battle group" A scene. In addition, in order to completely demonstrate Saddam's crime, the United States also puts a lot of Saddam not done, but Amin is all dismissed.

In the process of trial Saddam, he showed his legal literacy. He did not stand in the Americans. Rights.

However, this new government in the United States and Iraq is very dissatisfied with Aming. It will soon force the resignation of Amin, and found the second judge of the Saimin, which is directly sentenced Saddam. Rahman judge. .

Rahman is also a Kurdians, with mild Aming, what he treats Saddam is very tough, or even give Saddam's chance. Saddam is like being "banned" general, can only sit in the court.

No one has the right to self-defending, but Saddam has not even speaking, Rahman is obviously trampling for law. Even if the Kurdians, La Hamman is also obviously too much.

Everyone started the life of La Herman. It turned out that he is not only the Kurdish, or a person in Dujar Village. On the occasion of Saddam, the people of Dujar Village have warned.

Dujar village case occurred in 1982, Saddam took his troops to Dujar Village. This village is the regular regulation area of ​​the Shiite, the Sashi of the Iraqi and Sunni sent a struggle never stopped, but this time Saddam is not looking for, just went to see the elders of the tribe of Dujar Village.

Who knows his team just entered the elders of the tribe of Dujar Village, they attacked by the Shiite's armed elements. Saddam's team's escalation is not. Fortunately, he called the helicopter in time to let himself Drop the tiger.

Dujar Village almost became the death of Saddam, he naturally won't let go, so he sent a soldier to surround the Dujar Village group. 143 suspects in the village were taken by Saddam's army. The remaining Dujar Village has more than 1,500, Saddam will thrown them into prisons and suffer from the miserable torture. At the same time, in order to vent the anger, Saddam will be flatly flat, and then to the original position of Dujar Village, I can't see there in a wood.

Second, fighting the wisdom, still difficult to change the end

In fact, the Kurdish is the historical problem left behind the First World War. At that time, the people of the Osman Turkish empire were torn, scattered around the Middle East, which is now now mixing the Middle East, a Kurdish. Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey and other countries have been suppressing Kurdes, but Saddam's suppression means is the most cruel.

Rahman's family died in the massacre. Saddam is indeed, with Rahman has a blood sea hatred, and it is not allowed to bite him.

Saddam is very worth mentioning. Rahman came up, the style is completely different from A Ming, which is obvious to place Saddam in a dead place. Saddam is not vegetarian, he can speak right, the brain is coming. He directly questioned judges in court:

"Is the law not maintained neutral peace? You don't think about what you do now, is it?"

After this sentence, there is no one dare to say a word, because this established trial, everyone knows that behind the United States is an unfair trial. That is to know that Saddam's ability to speak, Rahman has begun to adopt "ban" for Saddam, ignore Saddam's requirements and protests, and treat him as a transparent person in court. This difference has become more and more intensified, and the development is finally the person who helps Saddam speaks directly from Rahman to find a reason to drive out the court.

Things have developed to this step, Saddam is obedient, Rahman is definitely not letting him. He sat in court every day, but he had lost any life.

In fact, before this, all his methods had tried it. He suffered from unfair treatment, he was protesting with hunger strikes, and contiguously protested for eleventh day, directly putting the stomach, can only be sent to the hospital. He suffered a US military abuse in prison, accused the US military, and even refused to appear in a court to express his dissatisfaction.

But he is not a perfect victim, and he is indeed a lot of crimes. Rahman finally used Saddam's death penalty, which was the personal order of Saddam signed the slaughter Dujar Village. Saddam recognizes this crime, the only requirement is:

"If you really want to be sentenced, I asked the gun to be asked, not to hang."

It turned out that the Middle East and the lion were also afraid that it didn't die inadequately. This kneam made Rahman found a method of retaliation. He sentenced Saddam to the day of Islam. Everyone didn't think that Saddam traditionally been more than 30 years, and finally even had their own death law.

Third, it is refused by the United States and the United Kingdom, desolate

The Gulbang Festival is a major festival in Islam. This suddenly angered the people of Iraq, and there are many Saddam supporters. The former Judge Amin also stood at this time. He thought this date was not human, I hope that Rahman can choose the day, but Rahman stills me. In his opinion, there is nothing than let Saddam are more important.

On the day of the punishment, Saddam took himself very clean, and the death method could not be chosen. He let himself go as much as possible. And he also refused to cover his face, he wanted to let the world remember that he is not humble before. Before you dying, he shouted: "Long live Iraqi people!" It is here, it is destined to La Hman's ending.

He insulted the culture of Islam, committed anger, the people of Iraq were very dissatisfied with him, Saddam's supporters should not hate him to unload him. So they decided to replace Allah to punish Rachman, and heard the residence of Rahman and constantly giving Rahmann, the letter to smear, all the phrases that I can't die.

If it is just a terrorism, the most only causes spiritual injury, but they will soon want Rahman's life. Rahman originally has the protection of the United States, but after the US military withdraws from Iraq, he really became a lamb.

He also applied to the United States to protect, but the United States is obviously a plan to cross the river, do not plan to take this one. Rahman lives every day in fear, he can only pack things, and holders to escape from Iraq.

Rahman's destination is the United Kingdom, a freedom and democratic country. But the British attitude is the same as the United States, don't want to provoke Islam, no, I am afraid that I am not very good, so I will return Rahman to Iraq.

After returning to Iraq, he was scared every day, and he was afraid that he was cut by someone else. He thinks that Iraq can't hold him, can only escape from the Kurdrian's autonomous region to escape a life.

Nowadays, there is still not peaceful, full of all kinds of armed fire, but to Rahman, even if there is a war, it is too much to die than by Saddam's supporters.

So he immediately made a manifestation, escaped from northern Iraq. However, his face appeared too many times, and the world knows him, not to mention the Iraqi people. He quickly found by the Sunni government, they claimed to be Islamic State, this part of the armed elements did not love the truth, and they directly took his arrested.

I don't know if he is dead, it will not regret it. At that time, he did not give Saddam he deserved. If he keeps fairness justice like Amin, it may eventually fall in the end of the body. I can only say that the judge is hard to do, and the judge of Saddam is more difficult!

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Reference: "Trial Saddam: Stretching Justice or a Performance", Wang Weichen