40 famous, first echelon, second echelon, the third echelon

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40 famous, first echelon, second echelon, the third echelon

2022-01-15 12:08:10 7 ℃

History, there is little one between orders, but in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in order to make the plot more fun, vivid, the generals are often tone.

So the famous generals in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, most of them are famous for martial arts. Let's take a look at the 40 names in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and martial arts can be seal as three gears. Which famous groups will enter the first echelon, which is only entered the second echelon, or the third echelon?

First, the first echelon

Lu Bu is the first place in the righteousness. He is weak by the fighting skills, and he is defeated by Guo Wei, Li Taizhen, and Cao Cao. Even if it is Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Xu Wei, Xiwei, Xia Hou, etc., will join hands to deal with him, and have failed Lu Bu, which laid the status of Lu Bu 3 countries, so Lu Bu is the first echelon.

The five tigers on the Han Han will be, and 5 people are the first echelon. Zhang Fei is a general, unbeaten, can be unbeaten from Lu Bu. Ma Chao has been flattened with Zhang Fei. Guan Yu is the best member of the score, Lu Bu, is the first fierce the three countries, but a famous will not kill, the three countries in the three countries, Yan Liang, and the eloquity of the ugly, die in the hands of Guan Yu. Huang Zhong is an old man, but he killed the Cao Wei, Xia Houyuan in the Dingjun Mountain, showing the pole, and he is more unfair.

Zhao Yun is the right, second only to Lu Bu, there is no loss in his life, still in the battle of Lushan, defeating Zhang Wei, killing high views.

Cao Wei's Xu Wei, Xiwei, and the first echelon. Ciwi and Xu Wei, the two of the three countries in the Three Kingdoms, the dental flag of others, Ciwi can easily raise only one hand. The cow of cultivated land, Xu Wei dragged and walked a hundred steps. Xu Wei and Xiwei are also the two members. Although Xu Wei encounters Zhang Fei, I can't get cheap, but he once and Lu Bu, Ma Chao, and also showed his brave side. Ciwi is also a member of the fierce. Both people made them their own bodyguards because of loyalty.

Yuan Shaozhen's Yan Liang, Xin ug, because it was killed by Guan Yu, affected their name, but Yan Liang can defeat Xu Huang twenty rounds, let Cao Jun will fear. Text ugly and Zhao Yunfa, and single-chasing Xu Huang, Zhang Lao 2, indicating that the strength is not good, is the first echelon.

Second, the second echelon

Wei Yan, Jiang Wei, is the two famous names of the second echelon. Wei Yan has the sixth generals of the Han Han, the strength is second only to the five tiger, and it is also a member. Jiang Wei is a wisdom of the wisdom, the famous nature of the Shu Han, and the martial arts can enter the second echelon.

Jiangdong talent generations, there are also many 悍 悍, the strongest martial arts is Xiaobao Wang Ce, Tai Shi, and Gan Ning, they are eligible to enter the second echelon.

On the middle of Wei, Wu San, Cao Wei's talents, the most famous, but Cao Wei's generals, the top-level famous, enter the first echelon, only Cao Wei and Xu Wei, but have the strength to enter the second echelon, up to 6 people, That is, Xia Houzhen, Zhang Liao, Zhang Wei, Xu Huang, Pound, Xia Houyuan. The strongest martial arts in 6 people is Xia Houzhen and Pound, Xia Houzhen Zeng and Lu Bu, Pound Deficient beat Guan Yu.

During Zhang Liao Shi Cao Cao Town, Zhang Dong did not play hands with Jiangdong, but Jiangdong will not fight Zhang Liao. Xu Huang's martial arts and Zhang Liao between Jiefang. Although Xia Houyuan was killed by Huang Zhong, Huang Zhong was the first echelon's name, but it was a strong level than him, so he could not explain that Xia Hou Whawu is very weak. Zhang Wei is not only a good martial art, but the ability to combat it is also good, and Liu Bei and Zhuge are shocked.

Third, the third echelon

Most of the three countries will, the martial arts is slightly weak, and it is the name of the third echelon. First of all, Dong Zhuo's hand is fierce Guo Wei, Li Bazi. Dong Zhuo's strongest martial arts is Lu Bu, Huaxion, who was killed by Guan Yu, is the fourth, Huaxion, who is Guo Wei, Li Bazi. Guo Ji, Li Bazi's martial arts is weak in Lu Bu, which is stronger than Huaxion, can enter the third echelon, Huaxiong, Niu Fu, Zhang Ji and others are slightly weak, not qualified.

Secondly, it is Gao Shun under Lu Bu. There are many generals under Lu Bu, which can be counted, only Zhang Liao, Qi Ba and Gao Shun, Zhang Liao and Qi Lao will return to Cao Cao account, Gao Shun is very loyal, because he is not willing to surrender, he is killed by Cao Cao, he is the first The storm of the three lading.

The general of Yuan Shu's hand. Yuan Shu is the first known as the emperor in the Three Kingdoms, but his strength is not strong, not Jiangdong's Sun Ce, Cheng Pu and others, his famous name, only Ji Ling, Ji Ling, Zigong 30 rounds Drawing, the third echelon's fierce.

Jiang Qin, Zhou Tai and Ling Tong, and Zhang Han, Zhu Xixing, are all kinds of strength, and can enter the third echelon.

Finally, Cao Wei's famous name, Lejin, Li Dian, Cao Hong, Cao Zhang, Zhang Embroidery, in the ban, Deng Ai, Xia Houba, high profit, and Qi Zhuang and other generals. Among these generals, there are soldiers and defending, and the late festival is not guaranteed. If the soldiers are destroyed by the mart, the immortal work is Deng Ai, and there is also the 霸, Lejin, Cao Zhang, Xia Houba, etc. The general strength is very good, you can enter the third echelon.